69th USHA National Three-Wall Championships

SEAN LENNING wins record-breaking 11th singles title and slams in the doubles...

MAUMEE, Ohio -- New York’s cross over superstar Danielle Daskalakis decisively announced herself as the Women’s Pro 3-Wall Singles national champion, ending Hilary Rushe’s reign in Maumee with a convincing two-game sweep. Daskalakis took control of the match from the outset, keeping Rushe off-balance with the best power hop serve in women’s handball and controlling the front court with fly kills and paddle re kills.  Daskalakis won her first three-wall singles title by the score of 21-5, 21-9.

In the Women's Open Doubles, Hilary Rushe and Carly Munson made a bid to deny Daskalakis the Women’s Pro slam, as they won the first game handily, 21-12.  Daskalakis and Jenny Schmitt regrouped nicely in the second to win 21-15.  In the tiebreaker, Daskalakis and Schmitt continued to control the action as they won their first title as a team, 11-5.  

"They were just so consistent," said Rushe in a post-match interview.  "It didn't matter who you'd try to pick on, they always got the ball back."

Men’s Pro Small Ball Doubles

Sean Lenning and Marcos Chavez captured the rare 4-Wall/3-Wall double for the second time in three years, capturing the 4-Wall pro national doubles title in June and the 3-Wall pro national title today in a dominating performance against the Olympic Club’s Loren Collado and Erik Torres. “Sean just found “it” after winning the first game against Erik (Torres) in the singles semifinals and from there just completelominated the court in singles and doubles,” stated WPH/USHA reporter Danos Cordova. The combination of Lenning’s serving and deep game and Chavez’ doubles wizardry was too much for the field, as the Olympic Club’s top team could barley score in the final.

Final: Lenning/Chavez d. L. Collado/Torres, 21-8, 21-2.

Men’s 3-Wall Big Ball Pro Doubles

Allan Sanchez joined Sean Lenning and Marcos Chavez in completing the national doubles “double,” as Sanchez won the 1-Wall small ball doubles in July and the 3-Wall big ball doubles in Toledo. Sanchez and Camacho entered the final against Dave and Mike Munson as the favorites based on their big ball experience, but Team Munson fought off match point in game two before falling in the tiebreaker.

Final: Sanchez/Camacho d. Munson, 21-6, 20-21, 11-3.

Master’s Singles

Josh Ho captured the 40+ singles, Dr. “Wrap Around” Dan Zimet captured another 3-Wall title in the 45+ singles, Jim Karner became a “Grand Master” by winning the 50+ singles, Tom Valenzuela won the 55+ singles, Phil Kirk defended his home court in the 60+ singles, Bob Dyke was the Cinderella Story in the 65+ singles, winning the title as the seventh seed, Ed Cambell continued to dominate in the 70+, Michigan’s Rick Graham captured the 75+ singles, and Norm Young won the 80+.

Junior Singles

Michigan’s Payton Allaire won the most exciting final of the event in the 13-and-under singles, defeating Cleveland’s Carlos Vazquez, Jr. in a thrilling 11-9 tiebreaker.

Nicholas Roberts won the 19-and-under singles (using the round robin tiebreaker rules), overcoming Johnny Cooke, Brian Thompson, and Cameron Lowe is a closely contested four-player round robin.  

Skill Level Singles

Mid America regional champion Joe Frankenfield added another title to his trophy case, defeating Ryan Inman to win the A singles.

New Jersey’s Sam Worchesky defeated John Mantilla to punch his ticket to the A’s, winning the B in a tiebreaker.

Master’s Doubles

Joe Harris and Marcos Chavez won the 40/45 doubles, adding the 3-Wall title to the 4-Wall title they won together in June. Tom Valenzuela slammed the 50’s, teaming with Mark Zamora to win the 50+ doubles. Ohio’s Phil Kirk slammed the 60+, winning the 60+ doubles with Bob Bardeau to go with his singles title. Ed Cambell became another “slammer,” teaming with Bob Bardwell to win the 70+ doubles.  

We'd like to issue a THANK YOU to all of Toledo Handball and the incredible army of volunteers assembled to make this tournament the best ever!  See the final results and draws HERE.

David Fink
WPH Senior Writer/USHA Correspondent 

Sunday: Day 4: Lenning Breaks the Record!

MAUMEE, Ohio -- Sean Lenning entered Sunday’s final aiming to become the most winning 3-Wall singles champion in history, while Abraham Montijo was seeking his first pro singles major title. To eclipse Vince Munoz’s ten 3-Wall national titles, Lenning would need to serve well and defend Montijo’s deep power hop serve.

Lenning brought a different intensity from the previous day to the rain-soaked courts on Sunday morning, blasting every serve and shot with ferocious and devastating power and covering the court with cat-like quickness. Lenning clinched game one after a two-hour rain delay, 21-6, and was ever more dominating in game two, clinching the 3-Wall record emphatically, 21-0. “That’s the record,” screamed Lenning’s best friend and doubles partner Marcos Chavez in the Ohio rain.

“That was the best I’ve ever seen Sean play,” stated finals referee Jim Smith. “Every shot was simply outstanding.”

“Sean simply took over in the second game, hardly leaving the service box or the front court,” stated USHA Development Director Matthew Krueger.

Final: Lenning d. Montijo, 21-6, 21-0

Women’s Pro Singles

Hilary Rushe was aiming to continue her 3-Wall dominance, having won the women’s singles in Maumee in her last two Maumee outings. Rushe faced Texas’ surging Kristen Hughes, who has proven she belongs on the court with the best in the sport. Rushe cruised in game one and held off a spirited charge from the Longhorns’ Hughes to advance to the final in two games.

Megan Dorneker entered the bottom bracket semifinal against New York’s cross over star Danielle Daskalakis seeking to add to her sparkling 3-Wall resume. The greatest women’s 3-Waller of the 21st century was unable to fend off the sharp-shooting, sweet-swinging southpaw from Brooklyn, as DD escaped a close first game and cruised in game two to meet the Chicago by-way-of-Ireland’s Rushe in Monday’s final.

Women’s Pro Singles Semifinals

Rushe d. Hughes, 21-7, 21-13; Daskalakis d. Dorneker, 21-18, 21-3.

Final (Monday): Rushe vs. Daskalakis

Men’s Pro Doubles


Lenning/Chavez d. C. Lemus/M. Lemus, 21-8, 21-11; L. Collado/Torres d. Montijo/D. Cordova,  21-20, 9-21, 11-3.

Final (Monday):  Lenning/Chavez vs. L. Collado/Torres

Men’s 3-Wall Big Ball Pro Doubles

Sanchez/Camacho d. Vale/Kaplan 21-16, 21-6; D. Munson/M. Munson d. D. Szatkowski/Dorneker,  21-10, 21-11.

Final (Monday): Sanchez/Camacho vs. D. Munson/M. Munson

Monday will feature the Men’s Pro Small Ball and Big Ball Doubles finals, the Women’s Pro Singles and Doubles finals, as well as the master’s, junior, and skill level stars in action.

Stay tuned to this thread throughout the weekend for updates from the best Labor Day Party in handball.

Watch the matches on the Team Cleveland Handball Facebook page HERE

Follow all of the brackets and results from the 69th USHA National Three-Wall Championships HERE.

For more information on the United States Handball Association, go to ushandball.org.

David Fink
WPH Senior Writer/USHA Correspondent


MAUMEE, Ohio -- The Men’s Open field staged its semifinals on Saturday.  Erik Torres sought to end Lenning’s streak in the upper bracket, while the bottom bracket was assured of a first-time 3-Wall National finalist with the match between Abraham Montijo and Leo Canales, Jr.

Torres had played Lenning close in previous 3-Wall tournament matches, pushing the 10-time 3-Wall national champion to tiebreakers in three of their 3-Wall encounters. Torres played even with the defending champion in game one, overcoming Lenning’s devastating serve to serve for the game three times at 20. Lenning escaped a game one deficit after Torres squandered three chances to take a one-game lead at 20 and seized control of the match in game two. “Sean’s serve gives him such a huge advantage,” stated WPH/USHA reporter and R48 #3 Danos Cordova. “Sean gets about eight aces per game and that’s what enabled him to get back into game one and dominate game two. You could see that Sean found his game and his groove in game two, not only serving well but hitting a lot of great kills and drives.”

Montijo and Canales met in a battle of Southwest stars in the bottom bracket, with the winner punching his ticket to the biggest match of his life. Montijo cruised in game one and used his 10+ years of pro experience to advance to his biggest final in game two. “I think I played well,” stated a thrilled Montijo. “Leo ran me around pretty good but I was able to get all of his deep shots back. My back court game was stronger than his and that was a big advantage. I’m sore but excited for tomorrow!”

Women's Open

The Women’s Pro singles quarterfinals featured a mix of champions and newcomers on the 3-Wall scene. The four women’s winners on Saturday dominated, with none of Maumee’s “Fab 4” allowing more than six points in any game, setting up a scintillating Sunday of women’s 3-Wall handball.

Sunday will feature the Men’s Pro Singles final (Sunday, 10 a.m. Eastern), as well as the Men’s Open Doubles semifinals, the Women’s Pro Singles semifinals, as well as the master’s, junior, and skill level stars in action.

Congratulations to Jim Karner on winning his 10th Masters title and becoming the latest USHA Grand Master.  Also, Terry McGuire won his first national title in the 60B singles.

See the day's results and draws HERE.

-David Fink
WPH Senior Writer/USHA Correspondent 



The Men’s Pro singles quarterfinals headlined Friday’s play on a beautiful 80 degree day in Maumee, as the top four men’s stars advanced to the weekend’s semifinals.

Sean Lenning needed less than 30 minutes to fly past Loren Collado in his quest for #11, overwhelming the Olympic Club star with power serves and first-strike offense.

Erik Torres showcased his exceptional 3-Wall power game, downing the resurgent Bill Mehilos in two games. “Erik was just in better shape,” stated WPH Toledo reporter Abraham Montijo. “Erik’s play from the deep court made a big difference.”

“I’m feeling good,” barked Torres. “I gotta stay focused and play better handball (tomorrow). I know I can do better.”

Second-seeded Danos Cordova was stunned by Leo Canales, Jr., losing in two games to his El Paso protégé. “Daniel looked rusty while Leo was sharp and really pumped up,” stated Montijo. “

Tucson’s FLF Executive Director Abraham Montijo added a second upset in the bottom bracket, ousting 3-Wall veteran Dane Szatkowski in two games. “Dane and I went back and forth until 16-all in the first game,” stated Montijo. “I pulled away with some good serves and shots after the serve. I jumped out to a 20-6 lead in game two. Dane chipped away to 13 but I was able to close out the game by digging his shots and finally scoring the final point.”

Master’s and skill level brackets continued on Friday, as Master’s stars Dr. Dan Zimet, Joe Harris, Ryan Grossenbacher, Casey Mayo, Kirk Rys, Adam Zimet, Josh Ho, Jared Vale, Jim Karner, Rick Leonard, Dave Dohman, Phil Kirk, Dan Ho, Ed Cambell and many more battled at the Lucas County Rec Center.

The Women’s pro singles preliminary matches will kickoff late on Friday night, with the women’s quarterfinals starting on Saturday morning.

Stay tuned to this thread throughout the weekend for updates from the best Labor Day Party in handball.

See the day's results and draws HERE.

David Fink
WPH Senior Writer/USHA Correspondent 


MAUMEE, Ohio -- The 69th edition of the USHA National Three-Wall Championships kicked off under sunny skies and warm temps on Thursday at the Lucas County Rec Center.  While most first-round and preliminary matches can be one-sided, there were multiple tiebreakers on the first day.  

Loren Collado stopped Ricardo Palma's bid to advance in the Open Singles with a (16), 18, 7 victory.  He'll face 10-time singles champion Sean Lenning tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. (Eastern).  

Elsewhere in the 50B Singles, Dennis Pinigis and Dan Emmandorfer went the distance with Pinigis getting the 16, (7), 10 tiebreaker win.  

To wrap up the day, Toledo Handball's Jim "Smitty" Smith conducted a USHA Certified Referee Clinic, helping players become more familiar with the while and earning their first or second level of Referee Certification (shown above).


Open Day Wrap-up by David Fink, WPH Senior Writer/USHA Correspondent

The 69th annual USHA National Three-Wall Championships kicked off on Thursday in Maumee, OH, featuring more than 200 Three-Wall crazed men’s, women’s, and junior stars. Sean Lenning’s quest for a record-breaking 11th Men’s Pro Singles title takes center stage in Maumee, as just three wins stands between Lenning and history. Joining Lenning in Maumee are the top men’s, women’s, master’s, skill level, and junior players from across the country, all seeking national titles in one of the best outdoor events in the sport.

Men’s Pro Singles

The Men’s Pro Singles kicked off on Thursday in Maumee, with 12 of the 14 players in action.

The Olympic Club’s R48 #18 Loren Collado stood three points from a first round exit against 2019 USHA Four-Wall National A finalist Ricardo Palma before turning the table on the LAAC star to win a close tiebreaker.

Chicago 3-Wall specialists Dane Szatkowski and Bill Mehilos outscored their opponents by a combined 84-11 to advance to Friday’s quarterfinals. Chicago’s Carlos Lemus was not as fortunate as his Windy City comrades, losing to the Olympic Club’s Erik Torres in two games.

Tucson’s R48 #16 Abraham Montijo handed the Olympic Club’s head handball coach Anthony Collado a straight sets loss, while former USHA collegiate national champion and R48 #15 Juan Canales, Jr. overcame rising star Ray Ure to advance to Friday’s quarterfinals.

Master’s and skill level brackets also commenced on Thursday, while the Women’s pro singles will start on Friday evening.

Stay tuned to this thread throughout the weekend for updates from the best Labor Day Party in handball.

Follow all of the brackets and results from the 69th USHA National Three-Wall Championships HERE.

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