2018 USHA National Masters Doubles & WPH R48Pro 7 #5

HOUSTON -- Dan Zimet was one for two on Sunday, dropping this 40 final to Joe Harris and George Garcia Jr. while paired with his brother after winning the 45s with Andy Schad.

The Munsons stopped powerhouses Mattioni and Piexoto in two games to defend their 35 title.  The teamwork for Mike and Dave was a big factor in the win over the first-time partners.  George Garcia Jr. and Joe Harris are the team to beat in the 40s after beating the Zimet brothers (Adam and Dan).  Andy Schad and Dan Zimet edged cousins Chris and Mike McDonald in the 45s.  Mike Wells and John Stoffel beat Jeff Wall and Brett Cooper for the 50s.  William Cervantes and Mark Zamora edged Marty Clemens and Dave McElwain in the 55s.  Lloyd Garcia earned his 10th Masters Title and Grand Master sweater when he and Gary Scogin beat Tom Fitzwater and Mike Linnik in the 60s. Bob Lohmueller got hot in the 65s, teaming with Vance McInnis to beat Greg Sizemore and Chuck Reeve.  Jay Capell got hot in the first game of the 70s over Dave Hinkleman and Bob Bardwell and then had to hang on to win the second with Alan Sherrill.  Gary Rohrer and Ron Cole were on top of their game in winning the 75s over Don Civerolo and Jim Smith.  And the new 80s pairing of Mike Driscoll and Jerry White turned back Lew Buckingham and Ben Marguglio for the title.

Killian Carroll roared back from a large second-game deficit to win the WPH pro title over Sean Lenning in an overtime finish, 15-1, 16-14.  Carroll wanted this win after falling to Lennning’s dramatic comeback in the most recent stop in Las Vegas.

See the final draws HERE.

See the broadcast schedule below (CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE).

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62nd Annual USHA National Junior 4-Wall Championships

DES PLAINES, Ill. --  Ireland's Sean Kerr (moving into position) earned the 17 title two years ago at Lattof and stepped up to beat countrymate Taidhg O'Neill in a thrilling three-game final for the 19 championship on Saturday.  Megan McCann won the three Girls 19 titles on offer, winning the big and small ball singles and the doubles with the Belisa Camacho of Tucson.  Luis Bustos came up big in the doubles final, teaming with an under-the-weather Anthony Sullivan to beat singles finalists Kerr and O'Neill in two exciting games to close out the great week of play.

Final results of drop downs below and the Championship Draws are on the USHA National Junior r2sports site HERE.

2017 Juniors at Lattof

Girls 19-and-under:

A: Camacho d. Lovie, 19, 11.


First Round: Chloe Roberts d. Emily Wichgers, 12, 2

Semifinals: Irene Hong d. Roberts, 12, 2; Sophia Della Croce d. Riley Frisbie, 6, 3.

Final: Della Croce d. Hong, 0, 11.


First Round: Frisbie d. Wichgers, 10, 6.

Final: Frisbie d. Roberts, 1, 12.


Girls 13-and-under:

A Final: Gantly d. Peters, 9, 6.


Semifinals: Zoe Klicker d. Katie Klicker, 9, (9), 3; Izzi Klicker d. Caitlyn Gillespie, 12, 5.

Final: Z. Klicker d. I. Klicker, 16, (17), 8.

Cons. Final: K. Klicker d. Gillespie, 16, 19.



A Semifinals: Gaulton d.O’Keefe, 20, 6; Burgos d. Bustos, 12, (12), 4.

Final: Gaulton d. Burgos, 12, 9.


First Round: Noe Rios d. Danny Connolly, 0, 4; Rory Rakochey d. A. Sandoval, 12, 5; James Teuber d. Brandon Sanchez, 10, 10; Jon Gutierrez d. Sam Ure,

Quarterfinals: Rios d. Wetzel, inj. def; Devin Peters d. Rakochey, 5, 14; Patrick Cooke d. Tueber, 7, 6; Gutierrez d. E. Camacho, 3, (13), 3.

Semifinals: D. Peters d. N. Rios, 7, 6; P. Cooke d. Gutierrez, 2, 1.

Final: Peters d. Cooke, 7, (18), 1.

First Round: A. Sandoval d. D. Connolly, 0, 5; S. Ure d. B. Sanchez, 5, 14; Camacho d. Teuber, (10), 8, 6.

Semifinals: A. Sandoval d. S. Ure, 8, 6; Camacho d. Rakochey, 7, 3.

Final: Camacho d. Sandoval, (20), 8, 8.


A: O. Hallahan d. N. Roberts, 7, 3; J. Pimentel d. C. Peters, 15, 1.

Final: Pimentel d. O’Hallahan, 20, (19), 9.


First Round: Vince Ford d. James O’Donnell, 10, 8; Garret Rose d. Alex Silva, 20, 17.

Quarterfinals: Ford d. S. Richer, (17), 17, 5; Carlos Castillo d. Rose, 3, 6; Dom Hamilton d. Ben Buckles, 19, 12; Jon Silva d. Dom Fisicaro, 4, 5.

Semifinals: Ford d. Castillo, (9), 1, 0; J. Silva d. Hamilton, 19, (20), 7.

Final: Ford d. Silva, 13, (15), 8.


First Round: J. O’Donnell d. Rose, 11, 16; A. Silva d. Buckles, 16, 16.

Semifinals: Richer d. O’Donnell, 12, 2; A. Silva d. Fisicaro, 15, (15), 5.

Final: Richer d. A. Silva, 4, 10.


A Semifinals: Bersford d. Jason O’Donnell, 9, 7; O’Sullivan d. J. Lallier, 19, (13), 6.

Final: Bersford d. O’Sullivan, 3, 4.

First Round: Adam Perez d. Miguel Sandoval, 8, 9; Johnny Cooke d. Isaac Alberg, 16, 9.

Semifinals: A. Perez d. Qualley, 19, 3; J. Cooke d. Hayes, 15, 17.

Final: Perez d. Cooke, 8, 18.

Cons. Final: I. Alberg d. M. Sandoval, 9, 15.


A: A. Sanchez d. R. Asokan, 15, (20), 4.


First Round: Tom Miller d. Sean Coman, 1, 7; Declan Cunningham d. Nick Kerins, (18), 9, 7.

Final: Cunningham d. Miller, 13, 5.

Cons.: Kerins d. Coman, 3, 5.


A: J. Mule d. Dean, 3, 7.


First Round: Lucian Sullivan d. Emmett Kessler, 3, 1.

Semifinals: Aiden Valera d. Sullivan, 13, (20), 1; Kyle Tullo d. Jack Conneely, (16), 10, 9.

Final: Tullo d. Valera, inj.

Cons.: E. Kessler.

Big Ball Playoffs


First: Richer d. Peters, 19, (19), 3.

Third: Rakochey d. Teuber, 17, (17), 8


First: D. Sanchez d. J. Campos, 6, 14.

Third: A. Sanchez d. R. Asokan, 14, (11), 0.

Fifth: Sandoval d. Kerins, def.

11- and-under

First: Wells d. Dean, 4, 4.

Third: Lemus d. Valera, def.

Fifth: Jack Conneely d. Emmett Kessler.


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66th USHA National Collegiate Championships


Combined Scores  Men's Scores Women's Scores



Men's Scores Women's Scores


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- For the first time in modern USHA Collegiate Championships history, a team title was decided on the final day pending the results of the Men's Open Singles final.  Juan Canales (Lake Forest) and Sam Esser (Missouri State) held the fate of the Men's Team title in their hands with the result of their singles final.  The pair displayed the weekend's best handball and pure class through three games.  Splitting the first two games 21-16, Esser held a 3-0 lead in the tiebreaker but couldn't pull away.  Canales kept coming and ultimately took the lead; however, Esser didn't go quietly, forcing long rallies before falling 11-8 in front of a packed house.  With the win (and some help in another division), Lake Forest edged Missouri State for the Men's title.  That result didn't effect the Combined Team title, which Missouri State clinched on Saturday.  

In the Men's Doubles final, Esser and Max Langmack had too much firepower as they cruised to victory, defeating Canales and Ricardo Palmas, 21-8, 21-5.

Dublin City's Fiona Tully slammed the Women's Open events, defeating DCU teammate Meadhbh Ni Dhalaigh in the singles final, 21-8, 21-7.  The Open finalists teamed together to defeat Missouri State's Taylor Rumping and Christina Pecaut in the Women's Open Doubles final, 21-7, 21-2.

USHA President LeaAnn Martin with USHA Coach of the Year Tommy Burnett.

At the Collegiate Championship Banquet on Saturday, Tommy Burnett was honored with the USHA Coach of the Year Award.  USHA President LeaAnn Martin presented the award to Burnett who thanked his family, fellow coaches, volunteers and the handball players who helped make his program a success.    

The USHA also awarded John C. Sabo Sr. Scholarships to Julie Huestis of Pacific University and Chandler Straw of Lake Forest.

Martin with Sabo Scholarship recipients Chandler Straw and Julie Huestis with USHA's Matt Krueger.

This is the first National Collegiates hosted on the courts since they were dedicated as the Dr. Thomas Burnett Handball Courts back in November.   The refinished courts named for the Hall of Fame coach looked pristine as they were refinished and ready for the tournament.  

The USHA Collegiate National Championships offer a unique format where each player is guaranteed three matches.  The first two matches determine final division placement (Open, A, B, etc.).  The third match (and beyond if player advances)  determine points scored for their team.  See the updated draws and results below.  Team results will be posted once scores are confirmed.

Please Note:  Draws updated Feb. 25 (12:30 p.m. Central)

Men's Singles (Friday Matches/Results)

Open (9-16)


Women's Singles (Friday Matches/Results)

Open (9-16)

Men's Doubles


Women's Doubles


Men's Singles (First Matches)

Men 1-16
Men 17-32
Men 33-48
Men 49-64
Men 65-80
Men 81-96
Men 97-112
Men 113-128

Men's Singles (Thursday Matches/Results)



Women's Singles (First Matches)

Women 1-16
Women 17-32
Women 33-48
Women 49-64
Women 65-80

Women's Singles (Thursday Matches/Results)


B1/B2 (cont.)
B1/B2 X

2017 Results (65th USHA Collegiate Handball Championships) HERE.

Rules, Eligibility and Code of Conduct


  • Monday, February 19 - Starting Times and Draws Posted
  • February 21 (12 pm) - Play may begin
  • February 25-(12 pm) - Play ends
  • March 5 - All American Bios and Championship Articles due

Division names

The new naming conventions will be broken into Open, A, B, and C Divisions for the men and women draws. Each Division will contain a number of brackets based upon the number of players in a division.


  • Open Division – Open Bracket
  • A Division – A1, A2, A3 Brackets
  • B Division – B1, B2, B3, Brackets
  • C Division – C1, C2, C3 Brackets


  • Open Division– Open Bracket
  • A Division – A1, A2 Brackets
  • B Division – B1, B2 Brackets
  • C Division - C Bracket

To categorize teams for Open, A, or B team titles, you would take the AVERAGE of the players’ seeds. For the 2017 men’s draw, to find the three Divisions you would divide the total number of entrants by 3, e.g. 162 entrants / 3 = 54.

  • Open Division up to 54
  • A Division 55 – 108
  • B Division 109 - 162

To qualify for a team title, a school would still need to have a minimum of three players in a gender. Points would be calculated exactly how they were in 2017. The schools would have been divided as follows in the Men’s 2017 tournament using this method.


Point Distribution



  • Wall chart-Draws will be posted on the wall in a diamond shape to reflect where players move to as the players either win or lose in the first two rounds.
  • Women's Divisions (template)
  • Men's Divisions (template)



  • Location-TBD
  • Times- Thursday (TBD), Friday (TBD), Saturday (TBD)


  • Location-TBD
  • Times-TBD

Coaches meetings

    • Welcome Meeting - Room 248 (Above Lobby) 11 a.m.
    • Times - TBD
    • Agendas - TBD


    • All Tournament -(semi and finalist Open division both genders)
    • All American-top 4 (or more in case of tie) American players in top 16 Singles or finalists of Open Doubles
    • Sportsmanship (both genders)
    • Most Improved Player (both genders based on 2017 finish/2018 finish)
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2017 Milwaukee Handball Classic

WEST ALLIS, Wisc. -- The Cordova Brothers had a big tournament in Milwaukee, winning the doubles over Marcos Chavez (chasing a backwall shot in the photo) and Armando Ortiz.  Luis pushed Killian Carroll to the end of the first game before running out of steam.  Carroll was attacking his serve and every other shot to dominate the singles field.  Hilary Rushe upset Aimee Tuohey for the Women's singles title.
   There was great energy during the long day of play on Saturday with the Wisconsin Athletic Club packed with over 200 players for the 2017 Milwaukee Classic (of the 220 players, 87 are from regional colleges or high schools!).
    Draws and final results can be viewed on the tournament's r2sports page [HERE].
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2018 USHA National Masters Singles


SAN DIEGO -- Tommy Hynes of Wexford brought raw power and determination to the 45 singles final against Chris Watkins.  Watkins had beaten Hynes the last time they met but Hynes' was on top of his game on Sunday, racing to the title. George Garcia Jr. showed up healthy on Sunday and ready to play two finals. Kevin Price had a rough night and didn't know if he could take the court after tough wins on Saturday.  Garcia eased his way to the 35 title and Price wasn't able to take the court for the 40s.  Mike McDonald earned the 50 title over Ryan Grossenbacher in a tiebreaker.  Bobby Nicholas overcame a determined Marty Clemens and a sore left arm to win the 55s.  Lloyd Garcia earned his 9th title in his quest for the Grand Master sweater over Dave Streibig in three games.  Billy Wyrsch turned back Bob Lohmueller in yet another tiebreaker for the 65s.  In the 70s, Greg Raya showed he's still the one to beat, taking Greg Stansbury in two games.  Jim Smith won the battle of the dentists over Gary Rohrer in the 75s.  Mike Driscoll moved into the 80s for his first win in that group, beating Jerry White in the final.


See the final results of the 2018 USHA National Masters Singles Draws on r2sports HERE.

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David Chapman Memorial Collegiate Scholarship

David Chapman grew up as a junior handball phenom in California before attending school at Missouri State University, winning four open singles, three open doubles titles and All-America honors during his time there.  Thanks to the generosity of contributor Kevan Del Grande, a David Chapman Memorial Scholarship has been established for collegiate players from California and/or Missouri or attend schools in either state. 

Eligibility:  Any full-time collegiate handball players who are either attending school in California or Missouri or grew up in either state and is an active handball player or playing in a college program.  The intent is to reward students with good academic records that demonstrate financial need.

Award:  $1,000 scholarship payable to students or paid direct to student's school.  Winner will be announced by Dec. 15. 

How to Apply: Applications may be submitted by individuals.  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a letter outlining current academic status and course work, GPA,  handball experience, and how the money would help further the applicant's education.  Any letters of recommendation from a handball or scholastic mentor are recommended. 

Application Deadline:  October 15th of each year


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Mardak Scholarships

The Mardak Scholarships will be awarded in the Fall semester this year. 

Eligibility:  Mardak Scholarships will be awarded to full-time college applicants who have taught handball through their community handball program anytime during 2020.  The Mardak Scholarships are available to any students teaching handball, not just handball players.  As an example, Kinesiology Majors (who will teach Physical Education) and are involved in teaching at one school.  Requirement:  Applicants must be USHA Certified Level I instructors.

Award:  This year, six $2,000 scholarships are available through the Mardak Scholarship program.  

How to apply: Please send an essay outlining current academic status and course work, handball experience and/or teaching handball experience.  Please include unofficial transcripts and how the money would help further the applicant’s education.

Applications will be reviewed with the intent to reward students in good academic standing.  Of course, good character and financial need are other considerations.

Email Applications to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Please include "Mardak Scholarship" in the Subject Line).

2020 Application Deadline: Sept. 15

Mardak Scholarships Awarded will be awarded in October one month after the deadline. 

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Tucson Memorial & WPH R48Pro VII Stop #2

TUCSON -- Handball is often defined as a fraternity of players, a tight-knit population.  When we lose someone, the effect ripples through the community, whether we played regular matches with that person, watched them at tournaments or were intertwined through the many tournaments and leagues across the country.  When there's a loss, the community comes together.  Players, fans and friends turned the Tucson Racquet Club into a three-day handball gala, remembering and honoring those who passed while the top players battled it out in the WPH R48Pro VII Stop #2. 

Setting the table for Sunday’s action, Samzon Hernandez (Los Angeles) defeated Timbo Gonzalez (New York) 15-14, 15-9 in a thrilling Big Ball 4 Wall Singles final.  It was a classic battle between the top-two big ball stars from opposite coasts.  After trailing for much of the match, Hernandez caught Gonzalez at 13-13 and was able to take away the first game.  In the second, Gonzalez never fully recovered from a 6-0 deficit and played catch-up the rest of the way until Hernandez sealed match point.      

In the Women’s R48Pro final, Martina McMahon (Limerick, Ireland) won her first WPH event defeating Catriona Casey (Ballydesmond, Ireland), 14-16, 15-9, 15-3.  With a commanding serve and showing amazing two-handed power and versatility, the Southpaw McMahon held game point in the first game at 14-11 only to see Casey claw back to win by two.  Although she fell behind 6-1 in the second game, McMahon’s resolve didn’t waiver as she continued her brilliant play to outscore Casey 14-3 to force the tiebreaker.  McMahon’s momentum continued to roll in the tiebreaker as she won handily by a 12-point margin. 

“To beat [Casey] in 40X20 is something special.” McMahon said during the trophy presentation.  “She shouldn’t have gotten that first game and she did, but that’s Catriona, she fights to the end.  She went up 6-1 in the second.  I usually I lose the head, but I’ve been trying working on that.  I have the hands and just need to work on the thoughts in my head.”  McMahon credited her brother, coach and mother for support and helping her reach the next level of mental toughness.  

Immediately following that barn-burner was the highly anticipated R48Pro final between Robbie McCarthy (Westmeath, Ireland) and current two-time USHA champion Killian Carroll (Boston).  McCarthy started the match with the hot hand and in control, leading 5-0 before Carroll could counter.  But once Carroll got onto the scoreboard, he didn’t look back, showing off tremendous athleticism, out-hustling, out-shooting and outscoring McCarthy 30-5 to claim his second R48Pro final victory of the young season winning 15-9 and 15-1. 

“Robbie doesn’t come to the pro tour very often, and he’s number one in Ireland right now.  To show that I can, not just play American players, but play Irish players, too.” Said Carroll.  “It’s a very important win for me.” 

As a qualifier, McCarthy played a few extra matches leading up to the round of 16, and against Sean Lenning (Tucson) in the semifinal, he was looking up at match point at a 14-1 deficit.  Showing intense grit and desire, McCarthy made the remarkable comeback, winning 5-15, 16-14 and 15-4 to reach the final. 

To wrap up the Tucson Memorial, Braulio Ruiz and Timbo Gonzalez won the Men’s Big Ball Doubles, defeating Alfredo Morales and Esteban Erazo. 

The Tucson Memorial completed an unbelievable weekend of handball.  Congratulations to the WPH for hosting a tremendous event and bringing live handball to the airwaves at ESPN 3 and the WatchESPN App. 

Watch the replay HERE (Click on the "Schdule & Replays" tab, choose "Replay," then choose "Handball" under the "All Sports" drop-down button.  Check with your provider to see if you have access to WatchESPN). 

See the final results on the tournament R2sports page HERE.


TUCSON -- Scott Cleveland and Kara Mack talk about the names added to the Memorial Trophy this year during the Saturday evening memorial service. Ben Manning (WPH Film Crew) and David Chapman (nine-time USHA National Four-Wall Singles Champion). 

On the court, Robbie McCarthy rallied from a 14-1 deficit in the second after losing the first to Sean Lenning to advance to Sunday's final against Killian Carroll.  Catriona Casey and Martina McMahon have been on a collision course to face each other on Sunday.  

In the Big Ball, it's a showdown of outdoor stars from opposite coasts and disciplines.  California's three-wall star Samzon Hernandez squares off against New York's Timbo Gonzalez.  Follow the results and watch the acton from the Tucson Racquet Club, live.

See the draws, times and results on the tournament R2sports page HERE.

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