6th Annual Coney Island Players Championship

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- The 6th Annual Coney Island Players Championship was held In Memory of Michael Schneider Sr. (aka “Papa”), on Sept. 15. In addition to a strong field competing for prize money, many close friends of Papa Schneider were on hand, including Dan Flickstein and Hall of Famers Al Torres and Albert Apuzzi.

Tournament directors Jared Vale and Billy O’Donnell presented Mike Schneider Jr. with a plaque honoring his late father. The short presentation included a huge thank you to event sponsor Elliot Joseph, another close friend of Papa whose generous contributions keep this event as a highlight of the summer and to remember our fallen handball family members. 

After a week of awful weather in NYC, the sun finally came out for a perfect day of handball. The Open Singles division was stacked with 28 of the top one-wall small ball players in the world. The field included current World Champion William Polanco and National Champion Tyree Bastidas.

Once again, Tyree Bastidas proved to be the best in class; however his run to the title was met with several close matches. The most notable was tournament MVP Andres Calle, a NYC police officer, who came within one point of upsetting Bastidas in the semifinals. Yuber “Pee Wee” Castro scored a $100 Bounty by taking out Jurell Bastidas 25-17 in one of the most exciting matches of the day.  Pee Wee was unable to generate enough energy to take out Tyree in the final, no doubt a victim of reaching the final of two divisions. Castro retired in the final with Tyree leading 9-3.

Several open singles competitors also entered the 40+ doubles, making this one of the most competitive Masters divisions in history. Joe Kaplan, Anthony Jones and Eddie Perez joined Pee Wee as competitors in both divisions. It was a hard road to the final, which featured the teams of Jai Ragoo and Cesar Sala against Pee Wee Castro and William Polanco. Ragoo and Sala were able to topple Castro and Polanco after a one-hour match that saw several lead changes. At 14-all, Ragoo stepped up and took control, hitting several rally-ending shots that pushed his team to victory, 25-19.

Next year, The 7th Annual Coney Island Players Championship looks to increase the $5,000 purse and attract players from all over the country and the world!

Photos taken by Kirk Lewis.


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2018 USHA Wallball Nationals

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- The 11th USHA Wallball National Championships concluded on Sunday afternoon on the sunny courts at West 5th and Surf Avenue in Coney Island. (Continued below).

Men's Pro: Kadeem Bush and Timothy Gonzalez.
Women's Pro: Jessenia Gerate and Danielle Daskalakis.

Timothy Gonzalez kept his amazing Nationals winning streak intact, completing his third slam in the Men's Pro Divisions.  Gonzalez (defeated Kadeem Bush 25-18 in the Pro Singles final, and later won the Pro Doubles with partner Migz Mendez over Allan Sanchez and Carlos Pena, 25-18. 

In Women's Pro Singles action, Danielle Daskalakis successfully defended her title against Jessenia Garate, 25-20. 

In the Women's Pro Doubles final, Biridiana Garcia and Ruby Lloyd won their second consecutive championship, defeating Daskalakis and Eifia Leander, 25-20. 

Final Wallball Results:

Pro Singles

First round: Christian Renvill d. Adam Gittlitz 5; Karl Perres d. Johnson Gonzalez 13.

Round of 16: Timbo Gonzalez d. Renvill 15; Carlos Pena d. Carlin Rosa 18; Hector Velez d. Eric Cruz 14; Ignacio Accardo d. Kenneth Hernandez 18; Kadeem Bush d. Alex Mendez 20; Migz Mendez d. Joshua Milian 18; Andres Calle d. Giovanni Vasquez 18; Tywan Cook d. Perres 14.

Quarters: Gonzalez d. Pena 15; Accardo d. Velez 14; Bush d. Mendez 10; Cook d. Calle 12.

Semis: Gonzalez d. Accardo 17; Bush d. Cook 21.

Final: Gonzalez d. Bush 18.


Pro Doubles

First round: Delbert Garnett/Paulie Yagual d. Hector Velez/Chris Show 21; Anthony Morell/Michael Rodriguez d. Andres Calle/Ignacio Accardo 11; Kadeem Bush/Joshua Milian d. Hector Oliver/Miguel Diaz 18; Allan Sanchez/Carlos Pena d. Alex Mendez/Isaac Robinson 5; Kenneth Hernandez/James Aguilera d. Mikey Mendoza/Ardit Bita 22; Mikey Angelo/Giovanoni Vasquez d. William Polanco/Yuber Castro 19; Tywan Cook/Carlin Rosa d. Francisco Lopez/Isaac Rivera 4.

Quarters: Timbo Gonzalez/Migz Mendez d. Garnett/Yagual 15; Bush/Milian d. Morell/Rodriguez 11; Sanchez/Pena d. Hernandez/Aguilera 21; Cook/Rosa d. Angelo/Vasquez 19.

Semis: Gonzalez/Mendez d. Bush/Milian ; Sanchez/Pena d. Cook/Rosa.

Final: Gonzalez/Mendez d. Sanchez/Pena 18.


Women’s Pro Singles

First round: Crystal Ruiz d. Veronica Figueroa 2; Lina Ariza d. Biridiana Garcia 13; Jessenia Garate d. Joanne Ly 0.

Semis: Danielle Daskalakis d. Ruiz 16; Garate d. Ariza 9.

Final: Daskalakis d. Garate 20.


Women’s Pro Doubles

First round: Melissa Sky/Christina Aguilera d. Veronica Figueroa/Tina Johnson 19; Danielle Daskalakis/Eifia Leander d. Desiree Torres/Crystal Ruiz 16.

Semis: Biridiana Garcia/Ruby Lloyd d. Sky/Aguilera 20; Daskalakis/Leander d. McConney/Acevedo 22.

Final: Garcia/Lloyd d. Daskalakis/Leander 20.



First round: Diego Ortega d. Chris Irons 7; Mohamad Mansi d. Michael Carrone 5; Christian Renvill d. Eric Cossio 12.

Semis: Ortega d. Johnson Gonzalez 8; Renvill d. Mansi 14.

Final: Renvill d. Ortega 21.



First round: Adam Gittlitz d. Teodoro Garcia 6; Isaac Robinson d. Matthew Marcus 6.

Quarters: Chantz Delgado d. Gittlitz 7; Michael Carrone d. Noel Rodriquez 10; Isaac Robinson d. Manuel Sanchez; Jasheed Peterson d. Robert Goffner 20.

Semis: Delgado d. Carrone 10; Robinson d. Peterson 23.

Final: Robinson d. Delgado 17.


C Final: Sanchez d. Garcia 1.


B/C Doubles

First Round: Jasheed Peterson/Perres d. Robert Goffner/Jason Samuels 12; Diego Ortega/Anthony Lugo 16.

Semis: Peterson/Perres d. Mohammad Mansi/Manuel Sanchez 19; Cory Palmer/Cory Vadala d. Ortega/Lugo, 19.

Final: Palmer/Vadala d. Peterson/Perres, def.


40+ Singles

First round: Chris Irons d. Teodoro Garcia 8.

Quarters: George Figueroa d. Irons 4; Jesus Ayala d. Darwin Lee 16; Michael Falcis d. Juanberto Martinez 18; Ray Lopez d. Jason Samuels 6.

Semis: Figueroa d. Ayala 0; Lopez d. Fazal 17.

Final: Figueroa d. Lopez, def.


40+ Doubles

Quarters: George Figueroa/Ray Lopez d. Rich Vera/David Rodriguez 8; Robert Sostre/Ervin Irrizarry  d. James Fazal/Falcis 20; Francisco Lopez/Isaac Rivera d. Herman Mendez/Eric Crespo  0; William Polanco/Yuber Castro d. Juanberto Martinez/Darwin Lee  10.

Semis: Figueroa/Lopez d. Sostre/Irrizarry 6; Polanco/Castro d. Lopez/Rivera 6.

Final: Polanco/Castro d. Figueroa/Lopez 10.


On the first day of competition, defending Women's Pro champ Danielle Daskalakis and One-Wall Committee Member Sophia Murphy-Barnes conducted a successful Junior Clinic this afternoon with an obstacle course drill.



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68th USHA National Three-Wall Championships

MAUMEE, Ohio -- The Labor Day Holiday brought warmer temps creating brutal conditions for players on the Lucas County Rec Center Courts.  Temperatures were already reaching the high 80s for the 9 a.m. finals that began the day.  The steamy courts didn't slow down the elite players who battled to reach the championship matches on the event's last day. 

Hillary Rushe won her third consecutive Women's Open Singles championship, defeating Kristen Hughes from Austin, TX in two games, 21-7, 21-12.  Rushe would pair with Carly Munson to win the Women's Doubles crown over Hughes and Leah Kirk, 21-15, 21-10. 

In an all-brother Men's Open Doubles final, Daniel and Luis Cordova, making their first final appearance as partners, outlasted Dane and Adam Szatkowski 21-15, 21-15.  No team could match the consistency and fire power of the Cordova duo the entire weekend en route to their doubles crown. 

In other action, Mark Zamora once again took two titles home on Monday, winning the 55s with Alan Frank and the 50s with Tommy Valenzuela. 

Richard Solomon won the 65 Singles before taking a 10-year hiatus.  This year, Solomon slammed the 75 division, winning with Norm Young on the final day.

Once again, the Toledo Handball Club delivered an exceptional event for all the players and families who attended the 68th USHA National Three-Wall Championships.  Thank you to all the exceptional volunteers who make this the best overall handball experience each year! 

See final results HERE.


MAUMEE, Ohio -- It's getting crowded at the top of the all-time list for Three-Wall Nationals titles.  On a September Sunday morning, Sean Lenning tied Vince Munoz by winning his tenth singles crown, defeating Daniel Cordova, 21-15, 21-2. 

This year's final was vintage Lenning:  shoot out to a big lead, then demoralize opponents with serves.  In the first game, Lenning strung out a strong 15-1 lead before Cordova could answer.  Cordova went on a 15-6 run, but couldn't secure game point.  The second game started the same way, but this time Cordova didn't answer.  Lenning continued to pile on points until he reached match point for this 10th title. 

The joy was short-lived as the Cordovas ousted defending champions Marcos Chavez and Lenning in doubles later the same afternoon.  The Cordovas play the Szatkowski brothers in an all-sibling final.  The doubles final will be played at 9 a.m. local time. 

In Women's action, Hillary Rushe looks to complete the three-peat bid in the Women's Open.  She'll face University of Texas' Kristen Hughes in tomorrow's final.

See Sunday's results HERE.


MAUMEE, Ohio -- A late summer heat wave brought higher temperatures to the courts followed by a brief rain delay in the afternoon on Saturday.  Play was suspended for a few minutes as the Toledo Handball Grounds Crew sprung into action, drying the courts with a team of propane blowers to continue play. 

In Men's Open Singles action, Sean Lenning battled Luis Cordova Jr. for a spot in Sunday's final.  Lenning was crushing the ball against Cordova, clearly focused on making the final, but his opponent made him work through two tough games before conceding 21-15 and 21-16. 

Three-wall fans braced for the second semifinal, a match-up between the always exciting Dane Szatkowski and young star Daniel Cordova.  Cordova jumped to a quick lead in the first game only to see Szatkowski come back to take a small lead.  While Szatkowski looked like the more experienced three-waller, Cordova's youth combined with a nasty serve which hopped out the back of the court, helped him prevail, winning 21-16, 21-12. 

Sean Lenning defends his title against Daniel Cordova in the Men's Open Singles final at 11 p.m.  Watch the Men's Singles Final LIVE HERE:

In other action, Marty Clemens (shown swinging) defeated Mike Fagan for the Veteran's Golden (55-plus) title, 21-12, 21-18.  Dr. Dan Zimet cruised to another singles crown, defeating Jim Karner in the Veteran Masters (45-plus) final, 21-6, 21-5. 

Other title winners include:  Mike Driscoll (80-plus), Richard Solomon (75-plus), John Friedrich (65-plus), Casey Mayo (40-plus), and Fernando Alvarez (40B).

See Saturday's results HERE.


MAUMEE, Ohio -- The second day of action at the 68th USHA Three-Wall Nationals brought more intense matches in singles divisions and first round play for doubles.  In Men's Open Singles quarterfinal action, Luis Cordova Jr. stopped Bill Mehilos in two games, 21-11, 21-15.  Cordova plays defending champion Sean Lenning in tomorrow's semifinal at 11 a.m. 

Daniel Cordova plays Dane Szatkowski in the other Men's Open semifinal at 12 p.m.

See Friday's results HERE.


MAUMEE, Ohio -- The Toledo Handball Club proudly hosts the 68th USHA Three-Wall Nationals.  The draws and start times are now "live" for the event.  Action starts Thursday afternoon at the Lucas County Rec Center's eight regulation courts.

Handball fans will be following the results to see if defending champion Sean Lenning will continue to add to his amazing run in the singles, while teaming with Marcos Chavez to gun for another doubles crown.

Tournament registration and check-in begins on Thursday at 11 a.m.  Please note:  Draws and times may change.  Remember to check draws on the day of the event for any updates.  See draws on the R2sports tournament page HERE.

UPDATE:  USHA Board Member and Game Committee Chair Tom Sove will provide a Referee Clinic at the Lucas County Rec Center, Thursday (Aug. 30) at 6:30 p.m.  Everyone in attendance will become a Certified Handball Referee (and learn some in-depth insight to the rules!).

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2018 Armed Forces Memorial Day Handball Tournament

TUCSON -- The top pro players delivered another incredible final to wrap up the final day of action in the 2018 Armed Forces Memorial Day Handball Tournament.  Killian Carroll came away with a slam, defeating Sean Lenning 21-17, 21-15 in the singles, then teaming with Abe Montijo to drop Armando Ortiz and Braulio Ruiz in the doubles, 21-1, 21-20. 

Both Carroll and Lenning dazzled the Tucson Racquet Club gallery, delighting the glass-pounding fans with a fast-paced two-game slug fest.  While Lenning kept pace with Carroll through each game, he couldn't break away with big enough runs to stop his opponent's momentum.  See the finals video courtesy of the WPH HERE.

In the Women's Open final, Ashley Moler looked solid against an improving Beth Blackstone, winning the title, 21-8, 21-5.

Before the Saturday night banquet began, the United States Marine Corp Color Guard presented the flag while the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag was recited. The Marine Corps Color Guard is four-member formation – consisting of the senior Marine and Color Sergeant carrying the National Colors, a Marine carrying the Marine Corps Colors, and two rifle bearers.  After dinner Fred Lewis and Vince San Angelo presented awards to division winners, thanked the players and paid tribute to our Armed Forces and the service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending our country.  University of Arizona Police Sergeant Alex Garcia played "Taps" to close the banquet and ceremonies.  

Players from 11 states and Mexico came to compete in the 2018 Armed Forces Memorial Day Handball Tournament at Tucson Racquet Club.  The event pays tribute to service members who have given their lives defending our country as well as honors veterans who have served.  Six WPH R48Pro players entered a stellar Open Singles draw of 16.  After two days of exciting play, Killian Carroll and Sean Lenning will meet in Sunday's championship match. 

There were no upsets leading up to the final, although Lenning survived a close game one loss to win a tiebreaker against the Collegiate champion Leo Canales, (19-21), 21-5, 11-5.  In other quarterfinal action, Armando Ortiz stopped Abe Montijo (16-21), 21-17, 11-5. 

In the semifinals, Carroll and Ortiz battled closely in game one before the two-time defending champion closed out the match, 21-16, 21-3. In the other semifinal, Lenning jumped up early on Dave Fink in order to hold off any comeback hope, winning 21-10, 21-16.

In Women's Open action, Ashley Moler will face Beth Blackstone in tomorrow's Women's Open singles final. 

See draws and results HERE.

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2018 USHA National Junior 3-Wall Championships

VENICE BEACH, Calif. -- The 2018 USHA National Junior 3-Wall Championships wrapped four-straight days of small ball and big ball singles and doubles at the Venice Beach Rec Center late Sunday afternoon.  Many of the top seeds advanced to finals in four divisions, giving them a huge workload on the final day. 

Jesus Mendez of Los Angeles made a huge splash at last year's juniors, winning the 15-Under Big Ball and Small Ball crowns.  This year, Mendez topped his previous feat, winning the Boys 17-Under Small and Big Ball singles and the Boys 19-Under Small and Big Ball doubles (hauling in four first-place medals!). 

Andrew Garcia (pictured swinging against Luis Mendez in the small ball final) came close, winning three divisions before narrowly losing in the 19-Under Big Ball Doubles final to Mendez and Eddie "Toro" Rocha, 15-3, 12-15, 15-13.  Garcia, playing in six matches on Sunday won the Boys 19-Under Small Ball singles, Big Ball singles and Small Ball doubles. 

After winning 15-Under One-Wall titles in New York last month, David Sanchez slammed 15-Under Small Ball crowns on Sunday, defeating Fermin Victoria, 15-4, 15-0 in the singles.  Sanchez teamed with Joahann Campos of Kansas City to take the doubles crown over George Mitchell and Anthony Sanchez, 15-9, 15-11.

In the 13-Under Small Ball final, Luis Fernandez of Santa Barbara's TGOP program edged Andres Cordova of Juarez, Mexico, 15-9, 10-15, 15-7.  In the 13-Under Doubles Small Ball final, the TGOP team Osby Perez and Daniel Mora outlasted Tucson's Ayden Brule and Rene Sosa, 15-8, 15-7.  

It was another tremendous National Junior 3-Wall Championships, hosted by the Southern California Handball Association.  Kids were treated with amazing backpacks, shirts and hats as well as a BBQ lunch each day at the beach.  A special "thank you" to the volunteers who braved the beach traffic and hot sun throughout the event:  Marcus Hough, Mark Zamora, Roy Harvey and the many others. 

Thanks to the First Ace & Presidents Club contributors, 43 of the 81 participants who traveled from out of town received travel fund assistance from the USHA!  Want to support First Ace or Join the Presidents Club?  Donate through our secure online store HEREThe United States Handball Association is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  Thank you for your support!

See the updated draws and results HERE.



VENICE BEACH, Calif. -- Big ball singles and doubles set the table for the day's matches at the Venice Beach Rec Center on Saturday in the 2018 USHA National Junior 3-Wall Championships.  

All four top seeds advanced to the semifinals in the Boy's 19-Under Singles.  The top seeds in the younger 13-Under bracket didn't fair the same.  Top-seeded Abraham Sanchez made a valiant effort but came up just short to Moises Barrientos, losing 0-15, 15-14, 15-7.  On the other side of the draw, Fernando Estrella stopped Luis Fernandez, 9-15, 15-8. 15-6. 

The 11-Under division provided the most thrilling match of the day as Jose "JJ" Arellano outlasted Christopher Reyes of Sun Valley, CA (shown swinging) 15-13, 13-15, 15-11.  

See the updated draws and results HERE.

VENICE BEACH, Calif. -- The afternoon sun finally broke through the marine layer that provided relief to players up to that point.  This also came at a time when quarterfinal and semifinal matches became more competitive and heated on the second day of the 2018 USHA National Junior 3-Wall Championships

This year's first national title went to Tucson's Team 520 player Sophia Della Croce in Girls 17-Under division, 15-14, 15-6.  Della Croce and teammate Belisa Camacho played to a 14-14 stalemate in the first game before Della Croce took the final point.  In the second, Della Croce's serve dictated the pace, and she used an ace to secure championship point.  Della Croce and Camacho paired to win the Girls 17-Under doubles later on Friday. 

In Boy's 19-Under action, Andrew Garcia earned a return to the final with a 15-11, 15-10 win over Jonathan Gutierrez in the semifinals.  Gutierrez kept each game close and wowed the Venice crowd with some amazing shots, showing tremendous poise to run down and return deep shots.  Garcia answered, showing off amazing hand control with fly-kills and soft paddle shots in the front court that landed beyond his opponent's reach.  

In the other 19-Under semifinal, Luis Mendez, last year's 17-Under champ looked unstoppable, stopping Brandon Ramirez (shown right) 15-8, 15-4.  Mendez and Garcia will face off in the Sunday morning final. 

The best match of the day was in the 19-Under semifinals.  Luis Mendez and David Ruiz gave Brandon Ramirez and Jon Gutierrez a tough first game but looked overwhelmed, losing the first game, 15-12.  In the second, Ruiz caught fire, delivering timely rekills and keeping rallies alive to take pressure off his teammate.  They held a comfortable 14-10 lead and appeared to be heading into a tiebreaker before Ramirez and Gutierrez scored three unanswered points to keep things close.  Facing a possible collapse, Ruiz again made another amazing front-court diving shot to help force the tiebreaker.  In the tiebreaker, Mendez and Ruiz cruised to a 15-3 win.  They'll face Andrew Garcia and Jesus Mendez in Sunday's final. 

Big Ball singles and doubles divisions kickoff on Saturday morning.  

See the updated draws and results HERE.



. -- The Venice Beach Boardwalk was crowded with the usual summer tourist traffic. Many of the visitors stopped to watch and marveled at the talented athleticism of the juniors playing at the 2018 USHA National Junior 3-Wall Championships.  Banners hung across the event's canopy tents and on the bleachers indicating that National Championships were in progress, and many curious onlookers stayed to ask questions about handball and pulled out camera phones to film the action.

The day's biggest upset belonged to Los Angeles' Fermin Victoria (shown with coach Patrick Saito) who upset No. 1 seed Bryan Trejo of Santa Barbara in the Boy's 15-Under singles.  Victoria has been one of the most improved players in Patrick Saito's program out of Washington Irving Middle School. 

All junior players were given the royal treatment, getting a backpack, three shirts and a hat as part of their tournament swag bag.  Quarterfinal and semifinal play continues tomorrow.  (Intro image is of Michael Madden from Ft. Collins in first round action).

This year's Junior 3-Wall Championships, hosted and supported by the Southern California Handball Association and the Los Angeles Fire Department Handball, is packed with 80 players, traveling from Colorado, Mexico, Arizona and all over California.  Small ball competition started the event on Thursday, July 26, with Big Ball divisions beginning on Saturday. 

See the event's draws and start time at the official site HERE.

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Lake Forest Fetes 50 years of Dau and Handball

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Lake Forest College Handball Coach Mike Dau told the 180 former players and supporters assembled how the 50 years of handball and 51 national titles started. The crowd had assembled from far and wide, from Suhn Lee coming from South Korea, Mike Bargman from Israel and inaugural team member Steve Jamron flying in from the Virgin Islands.  Coach, as he’s affectionately and respectfully called said: “In 1964, Athletic Director Nick Wasylick came to me and said the college would be building a new sports center. I went out on a limb and told him if he built a couple of handball courts, I’d field a handball team. Nick put three courts in, so I had to deliver.”

Dau had already done his homework, and knew he needed to recruit handball players to get off to a good start since it’s a longer road to bring non-players to a competitive level right from the start. Mike brought in the Yee brothers, Wes and Willie, from New York and Dave Smith and Steve Jamron from St. Louis. Those four started a great tradition of headlines for “tiny Lake Forest College” taking on the likes of The University of Texas, Memphis State, and other big-name institutions.

Since those early days of just four players, the team has grown and everyone is welcome. Coach still travels to the national junior tournaments and recruits but he also invites LFC students who didn’t know of handball before Lake Forest. When women were included in the collegiate program and scoring in the ‘80s, scores counted for the top 6 men and the top 6 women. LFC’s team size is about double that these days to encourage participation and improvement over the four-years of collegiate eligibility.

As that first group of four earned LFC’s first title (a tie with University of Texas), Dau had some clout as he recruited and his next recruiting class grew to a group of 10 with new members coming every year and not waiting for the four-year turnovers to occur. That’s the same time that team sizes grew to new scoring that counted more players.

While Dau also served as Athletic Director and football coach throughout his tenure at LFC, he’s been the only mainstay for the handball team that meets at different times to accommodate the large numbers on the three courts.

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58th USHA National One-Wall Championships

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- It was a big day for the Bastidas Brothers (with Dad Jose) as Tyree (right) edged Jurell to regain his singles title and then teamed together win the doubles over Alvaro Rebaza and Victor Lopierre.  The Yee brothers earned the same honors in the 65 bracket as Jerry took an injury default win over Daniel before outlasting Richard Kocher and Ron Frisina in the doubles final.

It was a beautiful day at the beach on Sunday, especially for the fans who got to see some of the best play ever on Court 1.  More titles were won on Saturday as Jai Ragoo won the seniors, Juan Martinez took the masters, Ray Lu earned the A and then lost the B final to Arnold Lee.

Final results are HERE

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2018 World Championships & USHA Four-Wall Nationals

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- It was "Martina Mania" at the 2018 World Handball Championships & USHA Four-Wall Nationals.  Championship Sunday is the most anticipated day of any World Championships or Nationals, and Ireland's Martina McMahon has put the world on notice.  Just five days after winning the Women's Wallball Singles Open, McMahon took home two more titles by slamming the Women's Open Four-Wall Singles and Doubles. 

In her first match of the day, McMahon found herself in a battle against top-seeded Catriona Casey.  The two were locked in a heated game one, where McMahon held game point at 20-16.  It appeared Casey would catch McMahon as she put together an array of shots that dazzled the spectators in the stands.  Ultimately, McMahon took the final point to put an end to the rally, 21-18.

Casey was determined to force a tiebreaker, and once the second game started, she applied tremendous pressure by establishing a furious pace against McMahon.  Casey's challenge was answered with equal fervor with McMahon unleashing her powerful left to end many of the rallies.  The two played to a 12-12 tie before McMahon would pull away, sealing championship point with a left-handed kill from the right corner. 

In the doubles, McMahon and partner Aisling Reilly jumped on their opponents, Casey and Aishling O'Keefe, dominating the first game, 21-5.  In the second, Casey and O'Keefe jelled much better and made a push for a third game, but the firepower of McMahon and Reilly proved to be the difference as they clinched the 21-16 victory. 

In the Men's Open Doubles final, Ireland's Robbie McCarthy and Diarmaid Nash defended their Worlds Crown with a dominating performance over top U.S. team Marcos Chavez and Sean Lenning, 21-7, 21-14.  The Irish team was just too strong and didn't show any weakness as they picked apart the Americans.  

Sunday's finals capped an amazing event in Minnesota.  Special thanks to:  Steve Johnson, John Wilinski, the WPH, the MHSA, Keith Thode, the army of volunteers who were either scheduled or just simply stepped up when and where they saw a need to help.  Thank you to the players who traveled and put on an amazing 10 days of handball.  Full coverage of the event will be featured in the November issue of Handball Magazine. 

See the 2018 World Handball Championships & USHA Four-Wall Nationals draws HERE.

Watch Sunday's Matches Here:

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Killian Carroll is a three-time USHA National Champion and first-time World Champion after defeating Martin Mulkerrins 21-16, 21-18.  The finalists and doubles partners put on an amazing show for the gallery through two hard-fought games.  In the first game, Carroll never completely pulled away, leaving the outcome in doubt until securing a five-point win.  Although he looked good to spectators, the defending champion was none too pleased with his play.  

"I was leaving too many setups for Martin," Carroll said.  "That was going to be trouble if it continued."

The intensity picked up for the second game as Mulkerrins made a push to force a tiebreaker.  With the score knotted at 18-18, Carroll pulled away for the final three points. 

"At 18-18, someone had to get a break," Mulkerrins commented.  "And Killian got it."  

The win marked the third consecutive National singles crown for Carroll along with his first World Title.   

Watch the Men's Open Final at 11:00 a.m. Central between Martin Mulkerrins and Killian Carroll here: 

You can watch Saturday's matches LIVE on the following YouTube linkl:

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- The buzz surrounding the Men's Open Semifinals reached a fever-pitch on Friday morning.  The day's first contest between Killian Carroll and Robbie McCarthy was a marquee match-up many had waited to see:  Carroll, the two-time defending USHA Nationals champion against a confident McCarthy who looked dominant throughout these World Championships.  

McCarthy jumped all over Carroll to start, building a 8-0 lead before Carroll could even get on the scoreboard.  Carroll would answer with his own 8-1 run, tailing 8-9.  McCarthy seemed unfazed and would pull away and take the first game 21-13. 

In the second game, Carroll dictated the pace and forced the tiebreaker by the identical score, 21-13.  

A coin toss decided who would get the serve in the tiebreaker, and Carroll capitalized on this chance, winning 11-3.  

All the excitement from the first match was soon quelled by the stunning news from the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA):  Paul Brady could not play due to the ankle injury suffered the day before.  There would be no 2013 Des Moines USHA National Finals rematch, as the forfeit would move Martin Mulkerrins into the final.  This was truly a devastating blow to the five-time champion who looked flawless up to Friday's semifinal.  

Killian Carroll and Martin Mulkerrins will play in tomorrow's Men's Open Singles Four-Wall final (11 a.m. Central).  

All top-4 Women's seeds advanced to the semifinals on Friday.  See Saturday's broadcast details for more information.  

You can watch Saturday's matches LIVE on the following YouTube linkl:

You can also watch on Facebook LIVE: 

Please Like, Share and Subscribe! All Times Local Central Time. 

Saturday, August 18

11:00 a.m. - Men’s Open Singles Final: Martin Mulkerrins (IRE) vs Killian Carroll (IRE)

12:00 p.m. - Women’s Open Singles Semifinal:  Martina McMahon (IRE) vs Aisling Reilly (North of IRE)

1:00 p.m.  - Women’s Open Singles Semifinal: Catriona Casey (IRE) vs Ciana Ni Churraoin (IRE)

2:00 p.m. - Men’s Doubles Semifinals: Ortiz/Perez vs Nash/McCarthy

3:00 p.m. - Men’s Doubles Semifinals: Mulkerrins/Carroll vs Lenning/Chavez

Watch LIVE matches from the WPH broadcast HERE.

See the day's results and draws HERE.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- The quarterfinals of the Men's Open singles brought incredible drama to 2018 World Championships and USHA Four-Wall Nationals.  Team USA's Sean Lenning (pictured stretching for a return) pushed Ireland's Robbie McCarthy to a 19-19 tie in the first game, but the lengthy American ultimately couldn't break through, falling 21-19, 21-14. 

Killian Carroll stopped countryman Diarmaid Nash in their two-game contest, 21-14, 21-8.  Carroll faces McCarthy in Friday's first semifinal. 

Five-time defending champion Paul Brady found himself in an all-out brawl against Mexico's Luis Cordova Jr.  During a an early rally, Brady landed awkwardly and turned his ankle after taking a shot.  Things looked bleak as Brady left the court and nearly exhausted his injury time out.  After a 13-minute break, Brady returned to the court, but it was doubtful if he could continue.  Cordova seized the opportunity and built a small lead before Brady stormed back to steal the game, 21-17.  In the second, Cordova jumped to a 10-0 lead as the match appeared ready to go to a third game.  Brady responded with a 21-5 run to secure his place in the semifinal.  

He'll face Martin Mulkerrins who outlasted Colin Crehan in two tightly contested games, 21-13, 21-17. 

See the day's results, draws & future match times HERE.



See the day's results, draws & future match times HERE.

Schedule for Thursday, August 16th, 2018
(All times CDT)
Men's Quarterfinals 4 Wall Open
10:00am               Martin Mulkerrins (IRE) vs Colin Crehan (IRE)
11:00am               Killian Carroll (IRE) vs Diarmaid Nash (IRE)
12:00pm               Robbie McCarthy (IRE) vs Sean Lenning (USA)
1:00pm                 Luis Cordova (MEX) vs Paul Brady (IRE)
#Bonus Coverage Subject to change after 1pm
2:00pm                 Women's Singles, Men's Open Doubles or Other TBD


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- The final day of one-wall competition brought unprecedented drama and incredible play to the courts determining the first 2018 World Championships Open Titles.  Danielle Daskalakis and Martina McMahon produced the first amazing show for handball fans.  McMahon surprised Daskalakis in the first game, 21-15 only to see the American force a tiebreaker with a dramatic 21-18 win in the second.  In the tiebreaker, McMahon played solidly down the stretch to win, 11-4.  

In the Men's Open Wallball Singles final, Conor McElduff was too strong for Vlad Klym, winning the first Men's Open Wallball crown for his country, 21-8, 21-6.  

William Polanco and Joe Kaplan battled for the Small Ball One-Wall Open crown with Polanco winning 21-18, 21-18.  

The best match was saved to the last, featuring USA's Vlad Klym and Igmar McKenzie against Irealnd's top-seeded Paudi Quish and Conor McElduff.  Team Ireland was looking for a clean sweep in the wallball events, but Klym and McKenzie played inspired handball out of the gate, storming to a 21-17 first game win.  In the second, the Irish team, fueled by the cheering gallery, fought off match point to force the tiebreaker, 21-20.  In the tiebreaker, McKenzie and Klym took over, winning the Worlds title, 11-6.    

Watch the WPH Broadcast replay HERE: 

See the day's results, draws & future match times HERE.

Please Note:  Times & Draws are TENTATIVE and may change up to the day of the event.  Remember to double-check match times on the day of the event. 

The USHA and WPH are thrilled to announce a partnership in supporting Team USA Handball and broadcasting the 2018 World Handball Championships & USHA Four-Wall Nationals from Minneapolis, MN.  

Watch LIVE coverage at 11 a.m. local Minnesota time (Central), beginning Tuesday, August 14, 2018.  Get more information and each day's links HERE.

What's happening in Minneapolis off the courts???  See the the latest "Things to Do" page made exclusively for our 2018 World Handball Championships [HERE]!  

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Monday was the first day of four-wall competition started on Monday, but all eyes were fixed on the Wallball and One-Wall semifinals.  The Men's Open Small Ball One-Wall final proves that 40 is the new 30.  William Polanco will face Joe Kaplan in the title match on Tuesday.  In wallball action, Conor McElduff and Vlad Klym will meet in the Men's Open Singles Wallball final on Tuesday.  McElduff hopes to bring the first Wallball World Title back to Ireland.  

See the day's results, draws & future match times HERE.


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Ecuador's William Coello saves his best game for the World's stage.  Coello collected another World Championship on Sunday, defeating Patrick Sullivan of Ireland in the Men's 50-Plus Wallball Division 21-13, 21-15. 

In the other Sunday final, Jamie Kelly of Ireland made an incredible game two comeback to stop New York's Isaiah Hong for the Men's B Singles One-Wall Small Ball crown, 21-3 and 21-17.   

A large crowd gathered for the Parade of Nations as teams and representatives proudly showed their countries flags during the ceremony.  Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey delivered a warm welcome to players and marveled at how handball can bring together so many people from different places and backgrounds together for one event.  

See the day's results, draws & future match times HERE.






MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- Minnesota's own Mike Gustafson brought the first 2018 World Title to his home state by winning the Masters Singles 1-Wall Small Ball title over Ireland's James Doyle on Saturday, 21-13, 12-0 injury default.  What started as a spirited match, ended anticlimactically with Doyle's injury default.  

Gustafson survived a strong start by Doyle in the first before finding his own groove.  Trailing 5-1, Gustafson settled comfortably to first take the lead and the first game.  

"I didn't get much small ball practice before," admitted Gustafson.  "But it was like going for a crack-serve in four-wall, but making sure [the ball] stayed in.  Once that happens, you can hook the serve off the court.  It was too bad he was hurt.  It would have been a great match to finish."  

Unfortunately, this wasn't the first finals forfeiture for Doyle.  Earlier in the day, he pulled up with a hamstring injury and couldn't finish the Masters Singles Wallball final against Ecuador's Carlos Lalama, (losing 21-9 before stopping play). 

Doyle didn't let the setback prevent him from "making a go of it" in the small ball final.  Doyle's skill, mixed with grit and determination pushed Gustafson early.   

Congrats to the many others who won World titles on Saturday.  See results, draws & future match times HERE.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- The second full day of action set the table for many of first one-wall and wall ball finals for the 2018 World Handball Championships. 

Ireland's James Doyle, the top seed in the Masters Wallball and One-Wall Small Ball Singles survived two semifinals tiebreakers to reach the final in both divisions.  In the Wallball semifinal, Jack Safros of New York came back big and dominated Doyle in the second game for force a third set, but Doyle recovered nicely to win easily, 21-12, 6-21, 11-3.  

It didn't look like Doyle had much left in the small ball seminal against fellow countryman, John O'Connor.  The lefty from Munster had Doyle on the ropes in the tiebreaker with a commanding 9-6 advantage.  The deficit and pressure didn't effect Doyle who calmly regained the serve and proceeded to attack the right side of the court, forcing O'Connor to chase returns with his off-hand.  Doyle scored four unanswered points to reach match point and delivered a driving ace serve to the right to secure a spot in Saturday's final.  

"Small ball can be strange," said Doyle.  "It can go fast.  You can control a big ball a bit more, but fortunately, I made some shots and was able to get a few hooks in."  

Doyle faces Minnesota's Mike Gustafson in tomorrow's Small Ball final.  He'll first go up against Ecuador's Carlos Lalama in the Wallball final at 2:00 p.m. (Central).

See today's results along with other draws & start times HERE.


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- The 2018 World Handball Championships and USHA Four-Wall Nationals kicked off with wallball and one-wall singles competition in the North Gym at the University of Minnesota Recreation and Wellness Center.  Many of the matches on the inaugural day of the tournament were one-sided, but not the Men's 23-Under contest between Ben Devlin and Jamie Kelly (Photo: Kelly swinging - Keith Thode)

Kelly simply dominated Devlin early on, holding his opponent to singles digits in the first game.  But in the second, a more determined Devlin kept pace and pulled out a narrow three-point win to force the third deciding game.  The two battled to a near standstill in the tiebreaker, but Devlin pulled away late for an improbably victory.  The two resume play in their Round Robin division tomorrow.  

See today's results along with other draws & start times HERE.









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