USHA Board postpones Events through August. Junior 3-Wall in Venice, CA (July) Cancelled.

USHA Board postpones events through August.  Plans are being made for 2020 National Four-Wall Singles and Doubles events in Fall. 

Upon a recommendation from the Southern California Handball Association, we have decided to cancel the USHA Three-Wall Junior Nationals at Venice Beach.  Due to the lack of available future dates to reschedule, potential inability to travel, lack of training options, and site access, the tournament is not being postponed.  It is cancelled.

From USHA President LeaAnn Martin: 

     The University of Minnesota, the site of our 2020 Four-Wall Nationals, will be closed through June.  In addition, travel restrictions and concerns for everyone’s health has now necessitated the postponement of our Four-Wall Nationals scheduled for June 10-14.  We still endeavor to have this event because we do want to crown our 2020 national champions.

     As you know, the National Masters Singles and Doubles Championships were postponed. We’ll be working with the Masters Singles host in Nashville to host the National Singles and the Masters doubles host in Schaumburg to host the National Doubles. The USHA National singles and doubles events are now planned for the Fall of 2020 and would bring handball players two great events to train for, as soon as that’s possible.

     In the past, the USHA board has discussed splitting the Four-Wall Nationals into separate singles and doubles events. That concept had been proposed before and we were prepared to do that if, due to lack of courts, no host site was able to hold the combined event. Because of the pandemic, the time has come to implement the split. This is for several reasons. First, it will be nearly impossible to find a site to host the large combined event this coming fall. Universities are not able to have events during the academic year due to high student use (and funding) of campus recreational spaces. Other non-university facilities are not able to host because of limited courts, local support, and other administrative issues. Where does that leave us? Again, our goal is to be able to crown 2020 national champions. We will be looking at options, but realistically, the singles and doubles will be separate events, whatever we are able to have will be in the fall, and we may need to combine with another smaller event.

An overhead shot during a USHA Nationals on the handball courts at West 5th and Surf Avenue in Coney Island, N.Y.  Protective measures by the NYC Parks & Rec Department has temporarily closed all handball courts.

Other important information:

  •     USHA events through August, the Four-Wall Nationals (Minneapolis), Wallball Nationals (Brooklyn, NY) and One-Wall Nationlas (Brooklyn, NY) are being postponed and the immediate plan is to stay at least two months ahead of event scheduling.

  •     Regarding the state of the USHA, we reduced the four-person staff by one and the upcoming retirement of the executive director is progressing, along with the potential hiring of a new employee.  Rest assured, staff is still on hand to help answer questions, provide updates, print the magazine, and work toward a successful 2020 season.  Staff has also applied for some of the government help.
  •     As you might have read in the minutes of the January board meeting and what is printed in the next issue of the Handball Magazine (already at press) is that we planned on a small increase in membership dues on June 1.  This increase has been postponed.

     While the USHA continues to serve and promote its mission during this challenging time, please know that when handball is able to be played again, we will be even more ready To Organize, Promote and Spread the Joy of Handball: The Perfect Game.

     In the meantime, please stay safe, stay healthy and please keep up your membership and consider making a gift to help support the association and the game we love.
Yours in Handball,

LeaAnn Martin
USHA President

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