64th USHA National Junior 4-Wall Championships

TUCSON -- Ray Ure became the first junior under the age of 18 to win the 19-Under in 28 years.  David Chapman accomplished the feat when he won the 19-Under in 1991 (Dallas) at the age of 16. Ure joined an elite list of juniors to win an age title in each division in which they competed (9-Under, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19).

The junior from Des Plaines, Ill. defeated Cian O'Driscoll (Co. Cork, Ireland) in two games, 21-9 and 21-19. 

After a double-digit win in the first game, the two opponents were in a "nip-and-tuck" contest in the second.  A day earlier, O'Driscoll fought off match point and punched his ticket to the final with a tiebreaker win.  O'Driscoll was on the verge of doing it again by getting a timely side out at 20-19.  But Ure delivered a laser from the deep court to get back into the service box where he secured championship point. 

O'Driscoll didn't let disappointment phase him, and after a 45-minute rest, he and doubles partner Conor Walsh snared the Boy's 19-Under Doubles crown by defeating Luis Mendez and Jorge Pimentel, 21-13, 13-21, 11-4.  Experience as a team paid dividends for the Irish pair as they held off a furious late rally from Mendez and Pimentel. 

Sunday's Juniors Banquet recognized Junior Alumni (19-Under players in their final year of eligibility who attended at least four Junior Nationals) with a special gym bag as a parting gift. 

George Mitchell (Los Angeles) was given the Kate Conlon/Kurt Johansson Most Improved Award.  Mitchell won the Boy's 17-Under Singles title after a runner-up finish in the 15s last year. 

The Tom Lynch Newcomer Award was presented to Colon Walsh who attended his first U.S. Junior Nationals.  And finally, Ireland's Saoirse Kelly won the Vince Gabriele Jr. Sportsmanship Award.  Kelly won slammed the Girl's 15-Under divisions and brought home the first junior singles title to Co. Waterford's St. Augustine club. 

Thank you to all the junior players who exhibited tremendous sportsmanship and phenomenal handball for five-straight days in the Old Pueblo!  A Special "Thank You" to Vince San Angelo, Charlie Wicker, John Ross, Belissa Camacho, Sophie Della Croce and everyone who volunteered to make this an outstanding Junior Nationals!!!

See the final results at the tournament's R2sports site HERE.

2019 National Four-Wall Juniors Drop-Down Divisions:

Vince Ford d. Jorge Pimentel, 19, 20 Alex Carew d. Luis Mendez, def.
Final: Carew d. Ford, 14, 2.
First Round: Ben Buckles d. Otto Krueger, 2, 8; Jon Silva d. Mike Madden, 15, 6; Dominic Hamilton d. Max Montgomery, (19), 19, 6.
Quarterfinals: Carlos Castillo d. Buckles, 19, 11; Nicholas Roberts d. James Davis, 19, 19; Collin Peters d. Silva, 11, 9; David Sanchez d. Hamilton, (20), 3, 0.
Semifinals: Castillo d. Roberts, 20, (16), 9; Sanchez d. Peters, 9, 19.
Final: Sanchez d. Castillo, 7, 10.
19 Consolation
Montgomery d. Krueger, 8, 0; Silva d. Madden, def.; Hamilton d. Davis, (12), 12, def.
Semifinals: Buckles d. Montgomery, 8, 14; Silva d. Hamilton, (3), 16, 9.
Final: Buckles d. Silva, 13, (9), 9.

F. Victoria d. A. Sanchez, (19), 11 , 0.
J. Cooke d. M. Sandova, 17, 9; A. Negrete d. J. Lallier, 8(8), 5.
Semifinals: I. Alberg d. J. Cooke, 16, 9; A. Negrete d. O. Bustos, 19, 5.
Final: Alberg d. Negrete, 19, 5.
17 Consolation
Cooke d. Sandoval, 10, 11; Bustos d. Lallier, (17), 10, 4.
Final: Cooke d. Bustos, 9, 20.

A. Sanchez d. J. Power, 14, 7.
P. Eike d. C. Stout, 10, 5; A. Rivera d. J. Dechaine, 6, (12), 5; A. Sandoval d. A. Littman, 6, 6.
Semifinals: S. Callaghan d. Eike, 1, 0; Sandoval d. Rivera, 8, 8.
Final: Callaghan d. Sandoval, 11, 2.
15 Consolation
Littman d. Stout, 9, 5.
Final: Littman d. Dechaine, def.

C. Dean d. S. Magirl, 4, 0.
K. Schelble d. E. Bradshaw, 5, (15), 1; A. Chavez bye.
13 Consolation

Big Ball 13-and-under:
C. Dean d. K. Schelble, 4, 5.
N. Eike d. E. Bradshaw, 1, 0.
Semifinals: Eike d. S. Magirl; Carly Coolidge d. A. Chavez, 6, 15.
Final: Coolidge d. Eike, 13, 12.
13 Big Ball Consolation
Chavez d. Bradshaw, 2, 2.
Final: Chavez d. Magirl, (17), 1, 5.

J. Holquin d. L. Lambert, 15, 11.
A. Duval d. M. Leonard, 0, 7.
9/11 Consolation
M. Leonard d. A. Kandell, 19, 14.

Girls 15:
Cassie Coolidge d. Carly Coolidge, 0, 4.
C. Gillespie d. A. Peters, 5, 16; K. Klicker d. N. Eike, 10, 7.
Semifinals: Peters d. I. Klicker, (4), 18, 10; K. Klicker d. Z. Klicker, (18), 9, 2.
Final: Peters d. K. Klicker, 8, (15), 7.
Girls 15 Consolation
Eike d. Gillespie, 9, 8; I. Klicker d. Z. Klicker, (18), 9, 2.
Final: I. Klicker d. Eike.