64th USHA National Collegiate Championships

MINNEAPOLIS -- Peter Funchion and Ciana NiChurraoin will be taking the men's and women's titles back to Ireland (on the shoulders of their teammates).  Ni Churraoin slammed in the women's with Niamh Dunne .  Funchion turned back Minnesota favorite Tyler Stoffel in a great final to a great tournament. In one of the most competitive Collegiates ever, University of Limerick won its first Men's Title and the University of Texas grabbed the Women's.  Lake Forest held the Overall Championships with second-place finishes in both men's and women's.

See the Final Team Standings:  COMBINED SCORES     MEN'S SCORES     WOMEN'S SCORES

See the Final Individual Player Results:

Men by Name
Men by School
Men by Points
Women by Name
Women by School
Women by Points

The photo below features the Univ. of West Florida Argonauts striking a pose--very Argonaut-like! See the BRACKET ROUND draws at the bottom for most up to date scores and match times.  #NATLCOLLEGIATEHANDBALL16.  








Men's Seeds

(Brackets and times available)

(Brackets and times available)

Women's seeds

FIRST ROUND (Brackets and times available)

SECOND ROUND (Brackets and times available)

Contact Information

University of Minnesota
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(612) 626-7591
(612) 626-7708

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(520) 795-0434


Time lines

  • February 22-Draws posted
  • February 24 12 noon-registration opens
  • February 24 1:30 pm-coaches meeting
  • February 24 3:00 pm-play begins
  • February 25 8:00 am-play continues
  • February 26 8:00 am-play continues
  • February 27 9:00 am-semifinals
  • February 27 3:30 pm-coaches meeting
  • February 27 7:00 pm-banquet
  • February 28 9:00 am-finals



  • Days Inn. Call (612-623-3999) by Jan. 24 of $99/night. Mention US Handball. Parking and continental breakfast is included. U.S. Handball
  • Commons  Call (612-379-8888) or reserve online by Feb. 3 to for $129/night,



Metro Transit website

  • Light rail to and from airport-The train runs from both airport terminals. Take the Blue Line north (towards Target Field) to Downtown East station. Transfer to the Green Line east (towards St Paul). Exit at Eastbank station for the Commons and the UM Recreation Center. Exit at Stadium Village for Days Inn.
  • Walking from Commons to Rec Center Right on Harvard, 2 minutes walk
  • Walking from Days Inn to Rec Center-Southeast on Washington, to Harvard, turn right. 10 minutes walk.

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  • A great event held at an amazing facility! Thank you to the good people at the University of Minnesota's Recreation and Wellness Center.

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