64th USHA National Junior 4-Wall Championships

TUCSON -- Ray Ure became the first junior under the age of 18 to win the 19-Under in 28 years.  David Chapman accomplished the feat when he won the 19-Under in 1991 (Dallas) at the age of 16. Ure joined an elite list of juniors to win an age title in each division in which they competed (9-Under, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19).

The junior from Des Plaines, Ill. defeated Cian O'Driscoll (Co. Cork, Ireland) in two games, 21-9 and 21-19. 

After a double-digit win in the first game, the two opponents were in a "nip-and-tuck" contest in the second.  A day earlier, O'Driscoll fought off match point and punched his ticket to the final with a tiebreaker win.  O'Driscoll was on the verge of doing it again by getting a timely side out at 20-19.  But Ure delivered a laser from the deep court to get back into the service box where he secured championship point. 

O'Driscoll didn't let disappointment phase him, and after a 45-minute rest, he and doubles partner Conor Walsh snared the Boy's 19-Under Doubles crown by defeating Luis Mendez and Jorge Pimentel, 21-13, 13-21, 11-4.  Experience as a team paid dividends for the Irish pair as they held off a furious late rally from Mendez and Pimentel. 

Sunday's Juniors Banquet recognized Junior Alumni (19-Under players in their final year of eligibility who attended at least four Junior Nationals) with a special gym bag as a parting gift. 

George Mitchell (Los Angeles) was given the Kate Conlon/Kurt Johansson Most Improved Award.  Mitchell won the Boy's 17-Under Singles title after a runner-up finish in the 15s last year. 

The Tom Lynch Newcomer Award was presented to Colon Walsh who attended his first U.S. Junior Nationals.  And finally, Ireland's Saoirse Kelly won the Vince Gabriele Jr. Sportsmanship Award.  Kelly won slammed the Girl's 15-Under divisions and brought home the first junior singles title to Co. Waterford's St. Augustine club. 

Thank you to all the junior players who exhibited tremendous sportsmanship and phenomenal handball for five-straight days in the Old Pueblo!  A Special "Thank You" to Vince San Angelo, Charlie Wicker, John Ross, Belissa Camacho, Sophie Della Croce and everyone who volunteered to make this an outstanding Junior Nationals!!!

See the final results at the tournament's R2sports site HERE.

2019 National Four-Wall Juniors Drop-Down Divisions:

Vince Ford d. Jorge Pimentel, 19, 20 Alex Carew d. Luis Mendez, def.
Final: Carew d. Ford, 14, 2.
First Round: Ben Buckles d. Otto Krueger, 2, 8; Jon Silva d. Mike Madden, 15, 6; Dominic Hamilton d. Max Montgomery, (19), 19, 6.
Quarterfinals: Carlos Castillo d. Buckles, 19, 11; Nicholas Roberts d. James Davis, 19, 19; Collin Peters d. Silva, 11, 9; David Sanchez d. Hamilton, (20), 3, 0.
Semifinals: Castillo d. Roberts, 20, (16), 9; Sanchez d. Peters, 9, 19.
Final: Sanchez d. Castillo, 7, 10.
19 Consolation
Montgomery d. Krueger, 8, 0; Silva d. Madden, def.; Hamilton d. Davis, (12), 12, def.
Semifinals: Buckles d. Montgomery, 8, 14; Silva d. Hamilton, (3), 16, 9.
Final: Buckles d. Silva, 13, (9), 9.

F. Victoria d. A. Sanchez, (19), 11 , 0.
J. Cooke d. M. Sandova, 17, 9; A. Negrete d. J. Lallier, 8(8), 5.
Semifinals: I. Alberg d. J. Cooke, 16, 9; A. Negrete d. O. Bustos, 19, 5.
Final: Alberg d. Negrete, 19, 5.
17 Consolation
Cooke d. Sandoval, 10, 11; Bustos d. Lallier, (17), 10, 4.
Final: Cooke d. Bustos, 9, 20.

A. Sanchez d. J. Power, 14, 7.
P. Eike d. C. Stout, 10, 5; A. Rivera d. J. Dechaine, 6, (12), 5; A. Sandoval d. A. Littman, 6, 6.
Semifinals: S. Callaghan d. Eike, 1, 0; Sandoval d. Rivera, 8, 8.
Final: Callaghan d. Sandoval, 11, 2.
15 Consolation
Littman d. Stout, 9, 5.
Final: Littman d. Dechaine, def.

C. Dean d. S. Magirl, 4, 0.
K. Schelble d. E. Bradshaw, 5, (15), 1; A. Chavez bye.
13 Consolation

Big Ball 13-and-under:
C. Dean d. K. Schelble, 4, 5.
N. Eike d. E. Bradshaw, 1, 0.
Semifinals: Eike d. S. Magirl; Carly Coolidge d. A. Chavez, 6, 15.
Final: Coolidge d. Eike, 13, 12.
13 Big Ball Consolation
Chavez d. Bradshaw, 2, 2.
Final: Chavez d. Magirl, (17), 1, 5.

J. Holquin d. L. Lambert, 15, 11.
A. Duval d. M. Leonard, 0, 7.
9/11 Consolation
M. Leonard d. A. Kandell, 19, 14.

Girls 15:
Cassie Coolidge d. Carly Coolidge, 0, 4.
C. Gillespie d. A. Peters, 5, 16; K. Klicker d. N. Eike, 10, 7.
Semifinals: Peters d. I. Klicker, (4), 18, 10; K. Klicker d. Z. Klicker, (18), 9, 2.
Final: Peters d. K. Klicker, 8, (15), 7.
Girls 15 Consolation
Eike d. Gillespie, 9, 8; I. Klicker d. Z. Klicker, (18), 9, 2.
Final: I. Klicker d. Eike.

TUCSON -- The semifinals of the Boy’s 19-Under matches on Sunday produced everything a handball fan would want:  amazing rallies, incredible kills, unbelievable retrieves, and tiebreakers with dramatic finishes.  The fireworks began between Conor Walsh (Co. Cork, Ireland) and Ray Ure (Des Plaines, IL) in the day’s first semifinal.   Ure defeated Walsh to advance to the final, 19-21, 21-13, 11-5.  

The first game was a back-and-forth affair until Walsh streaked to a 20-16 lead before Ure gained the side out.  Ure pulled within one with three-straight ace serves before serving his fourth attempt into the floor.  Walsh put away game point on the next inning.   

A motivated Ure jumped out to a big lead in the second and held on to force a tiebreaker with a 21-13 win.  

Serving first in the tiebreaker, Ure quickly rolled to a 4-0 advantage.  Walsh responded by scoring five unanswered points.  The two traded exciting rallies but neither player could capitalize on their serve chances to score points.  An exhausted Walsh chased down a shot in the right corner but fell hard into the wall hitting his knee.  Play resumed after an injury time out, but Walsh didn’t have the same energy or the legs to maintain the match’s torrid pace ultimately falling to Ure, 11-5.  

The second semifinal matchup between Ivan Burgos (Fort Erie, Ontario) and Cian O’Driscoll (Co. Cork, Ireland) was truly an international affair.  O’Driscoll showed incredible grit, fighting off match point to prevail in a tiebreaker, 15-21, 21-20, 11-2.  

Burgos played steady and methodical and appeared well on his way to the final in the second game, but Cian produced some of his best handball to snatch the victory away from his opponent’s grasp.  

O’Driscoll will face Ure in the Boy’s 19-Under final Monday at 10 a.m. MST.  

In 19-Under Doubles action, O’Driscoll and Walsh stopped the Canadian team of Burgos and Alex Carew, 21-12, 21-12.  They’ll face Luis Mendez and Jorge Pimentel, who defeated Ray Ure and Collin Peters, 21-16, 21-12.  


See today's results at the tournament's R2sports site HERE.




TUCSON -- The first national title of the tournament was won by Colorado’s Abraham Sanchez who defeated Josh Dechaine of Sherwood Park, Alberta, 21-11, 21-8 for the Boy’s 15-Under Big Ball crown.

Sanchez mixed up a perfect blend of passes and deep lobs to keep Dechaine on the defensive. 

n other big ball singles action, Xavier Duval of Portland, Ore. proved to be too tough for his bracket in the 11-Under singles, but Colorado’s Eliseo Guetierrez certainly kept the outcome in doubt until the end.  The two youngsters met in the final, which ended up being who could best return the other’s serve. 

While Gutierrez found early success with his serves, Duval continuously attacked his opponent’s non-dominant hand on serves, scoring points in bunches by “keeping the serve deep to his left.” 

The Duval Bros. certainly made a splash in their first Junior Nationals as younger brother Alexander captured the 11-Under B Title after his older brother’s match was complete. 

<p">David Sanchez, playing up a division in the 19-Under dropped his quarterfinal Small Ball contest to Cian O’Driscoll 21-11, 21-8.  The junior from Co. Cork, Ireland looks equally impressive in the next round stopping Tucson’s Jorge Pimentel, 21-2, 21-3. 

Sanchez didn’t let his disappointing loss linger.  Despite a slow start, he stormed back to stop San Jose’s  Dominic Neri, 21-15, 21-12 for the Boy’s 19-Under Big Ball crown.  

See today's results at the tournament's R2sports site HERE.



TUCSON -- An exciting tiebreaker finish is what capped the day’s first action in the 64th USHA National Junior Four-Wall Championships on Thursday at the Tucson Racquet Club.

Playing in the last match of the day, Alexander Duval of Vancouver (Wash.) had split the first two games with Tucson’s Luke Lambert in the first round of the 11-Under Big Ball singles.  Lambert had forced the tiebreaker with a close two-point win in the second game but now faced a 4-9 deficit in the tiebreaker.  

Duval had been playing with a tough two-handed arsenal and showed no signs of slowing.  Lambert made a frenzied effort, chasing down each shot and putting pressure on Duval to finish.  He finally got the break he was looking for when Duval hit himself with his own shot.  

With the serve back, a confident Lambert pulled out an improbable win.  Lambert’s home crowd applauded the win but also congratulated Duval’s effort, good play and sportsmanship.  It was the perfect ending to the first day of the tournament.   

Earlier, handball pro and WPH Development Director David Fink held a junior clinic.  Nearly 20 juniors filed onto the court to listen to Fink’s advice and practice technique for hitting the ball.   

“I know how much it meant to me as a junior when I could learn from one of the pros.  Those are memories that I have always cherished.”  Fink shared.  

“It’s an honor to be asked to teach these great young handballers.” He added.  

Fink also played some pick-up games with some of the juniors after the clinic.  

“Having a chance to play against some of these great young players was a huge thrill—I’m sharing the court with the next generation, and hoping to inspire them, too.”  

Big Ball continues on Friday while Small Ball Singles and Doubles begin first round matches. 

See today's results at the tournament's R2sports site HERE.



TUCSON -- The 64th USHA National Junior Four-Wall Championships will be hosted at the Tucson Racquet Club (TRC), December 26-30.  The top junior handball players from all over the country, Ireland, Canada will compete for U.S. National singles and doubles titles over the tournament's five-day duration. 

Registration and player check-in begins Thursday Dec. 26 at 3 p.m. (MST) outside the Handball Lobby at the TRC.  Big Ball matches begin at 4 p.m.  Each entrant will get a Performance Hoodie upon checking in! 

WPH R48Pro and WPH Player Development Director David Fink will be hosting a FREE Junior Handball Clinic Thursday evening beginning at 6 p.m.  After the clinic, Fink has offered to play games up to 11 for the first eight players to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Draws and start times will be posted December 23 at the tournament's R2sports site HERE.

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