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Welcome to the United States Handball Association

USHA National Junior 3-Wall in Venice Beach, Final Results

Braulio and Ricardo with proud parents and Coach Esparza.
Iglesias ran out of gas against Bidegain. SCHA's Herrera and Cruz post scores.
Raul Felix spins to return a pass shot on Friday.

USHA National Junior Three-Wall Championships, Venice Beach, CA.

New York’s Victor LoPierre added the 19-and-under three-wall title to his growing stack of championships. Last year’s 17-and-under champ repeated his win over Bryar Bidegain in last year’s semis, this time in convincing fashion, 5, 8.

The big story, other than the sights on Venice Beach, was the Ruiz brothers’ wins in the 17- and 15-and-under finals. Braulio defeated Luis Moreno for the 17 title while Ricardo edged Armando Ortiz for the 15.

Tommy Torres won the 13 over Vincent Gonzales and Abel Campos edged Patrick Sutherland for the 11 title.

Crystal Diaz rebounded from a slow start to defeat Tina Apolinario for the Women’s title.

With the three one-wall courts on the backside of the three-wall courts, a fun singles event was played on Sunday after a Friday night clinic by Mike Watson. Victor Iglesias won the 19, Luis Moreno won the 17, Brant Bidegain won the 13 and Pat Sutherland won the 11.
Special thanks to David Ruiz and the Los Angeles Parks Dept. for the great venue and hospitality. Also to Gary Cruz and Rick Herrera, who served as tournament directors for the SCHA. Full coverage will be in the October issue of Handball Magazine.

First Round: Israel Gayton (Commerce) d. Leonardo Cervantes (Los Angeles), 5, 10; Jonathan Iglesias (New York) d. Jorge Rodriguez (Commerce), default; Miguel Cano (Forest Hills, NY) d. David Hernandez (Commerce), default.
Quarterfinals: Victor LoPierre (New York) d. Gayton, 5, 2; Gustavo Diaz (San Jose) d. Victor Rangel (Ventura) def.; Iglesias d. Luis Diaz (San Jose), 14, 7; Bryer Bidegain (Jamul, CA) d. Cano, 17, 17.
Semifinals: LoPierre d. G. Dias, 2, 0; Bidegain d. Iglesias, (18), 10, 2.
Final: LoPierre d. Bidegain, 5, 8.

Cons.: Luis Diaz d. Gustavo Diaz, 1, 7.

First Rond: Daniel Ramos (Anaheim) d. Daniel Perez (Tucson), 13, 10; Ramiro Leon (San Jose) d. Luis Estrella (Tucson), 7, 3; Raul Felix (Tucson) d. Cody Townsend (Phoenix), 13, 16; Ian Sutherland (Mound City, KS) d. Adam Santos (Los Angeles), 3, 7; Daniel DelaCruz (Venice) d. Adam Roberts (Tucson), (20), 8, 7; Jurell Bastidas (Brooklyn) d. Abraham Montijo (Tucson), 8, 14.
Quarterfinals: Braulio Ruiz (Downey, CA) d. Ramos, 15, (13), 1; R. Felix d. Leon, (18), 11, 6; Sutherland d. DelaCruz, default; Luis Moreno (Tucson) d. J. Bastidas, 7, 3.
Semifinals: B. Ruiz d. Felix, 13, 10; Moreno d. I. Sutherland, 2, 12.
Final: B. Ruiz d. Moreno, 11, (5), 8.

Cons.: Cody Townsend d. Adam Roberts, 19, 15.

First Round Adrian Ortiz (Norwalk) d. Jose Estrella (Tucson), 1, 2; Richie Estrella (Tucson) d. Armando Diaz (San Jose), 1, 1.
Quarterfinals: Ricardo Ruiz (Downey, CA) d. Adrian Ortiz, 4, 9; Chris Maldonado (Tucson) d. Evan Brown (Eugene, OR), 6, 11; Nikolai Nahorniak (Des Plaines, IL) d. Thomas Linnik (San Jose), 10, 3; Armando Ortiz (Norwalk) d. R. Estrella, 2, 1.
Semifinals: R. Ruiz d. Maldonado, 20, 15; Ortiz d. Nahorniak, 6, 13.
Final: R. Ruiz d. A. Ortiz, (13), 19, 5.

Cons.: Evan Brown d. Jose Estrella, 0, 0.

First Round: Tommy Torres (Commerce) d. Jesus Figueroa (Tucson), 2, 8; Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn) d. Freddy Reyes (Los Angeles), default; Vincent Gonzales (Santa Ana) d. Humberto Cardenas (Tucson), 1, 1.
Quarterfinals: Torres d. Brant Bidegain (Jamul), 14, 9; Juan Ruiz (Tucson) d. Miguel Campos (Los Angeles), def.; T. Bastidas d. Ricky Ortiz (Norwalk), 7, 12; Gonzales d. Ryan Sutherland (Mound City, KS), 18, (16), 3.
Semifinals: Torres d. Ruiz, 13, 5; Gonzales d. Bastidas, 12, (18), 2.
Final: Torres d. Gonzales, 10, 14.

Cons.: Ryan Sutherland d. Juan Ruiz, 10, 14.

Round Robin:
First: Abel Campos (Los Angeles) d. Patrick Sutherland (Mound City, KS), (0), 0, 5; Christy Ortiz (Norwalk), 16, 1.
Second: P. Sutherland d Brittyn Bidegain (Jamul), 0, 3; Christy Ortiz (Norwalk), 0, 0;
Third: Brittyn Bidegain (Jamul, CA) d. Abel Campos (Los Angeles), 17, 1.

Women’s 19-and-under:
Round Robin:
First: Crystal Diaz (San Jose) d. Tina Apolinario (Watsonville), (17), 12, 1; Lauren Mendez (Los Angeles), (13), 13, 3; Anabel Mendez, def.
Second: Tina Apolinario (Watsonville) d. Lauren Mendez (Los Angeles), 12, 13; Anabel Mendez (Los Angeles), def.
Third: Lauren Mendez.




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