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54th USHA National Three-Wall Nationals

Carlos Gracia won the raffle for the welcome rug. 

Lucas County Rec. Center., Maumee, Ohio - It was an anti-climactic day for many of the fans on Monday. Instead of shooting for titles in the Open Singles and Doubles finals David Chapman spent the Sunday night and Monday morning in a Toledo hospital, likely a victim of dehydration. Fans will be happy to know that David made it on his scheduled flight back to St. Louis late Monday afternoon.

Sean Lenning earned a singles and doubles slam with the defaults, teaming with Marcos Chavez for their second consecutive title.

Jennifer Schmitt won her first national singles title with a convincing final win over Megan Mehilos.

Toledo Highlights included George Miller winning his 10th masters title and becoming the newest Grand Master, while Phil Kirk teamed with Jim Corrigan of Cleveland to win the masters doubles in a tiebreaker in front of the hometown fans and the cameras of Buckey Sports Cable Network.

See for more info on the air times and how to get a copy of the tape.

Open Singles

Preliminary Round: Kevin Greco New Britain, CT) d. Jim Flynn (Akron, OH), 4, 9; Kareem Wilkerson (Brooklyn, NY) d. Ivan Ruiz (Los Angeles, CA), def.; John Ayers (Charles City, IA) d. Jason Morgan (Brooklyn, NY), 19, (20), 9; Alvaro Rebaza (Whitestone, NY) d. Richard Lynch (St. Louis, MO), 10, 6.

First Round: David Chapman (St. Louis, MO) d. Kevin Greco, 3, 1; Steve Dobrash (Austin, TX) d. Jason Meisner (Mt. Prospect, IL), 18, 6; Pete Crouser (Minneapolis, MN) d. Adam Szatkowski (Bloomingdale, IL), (2), 20, 2; Kendell Lewis (Brooklyn, NY) d. Shane Conneely (Chicago, IL), 14, 18; Dane Szatkowski (Itasca, IL) d. Raul Retian (Jersey City, NY), 2, 3; Mike Munson (Buffalo Grove, IL) d. Cesar Sala (Brooklyn, NY), 20, (16), 7; Casey Mayo (Bellbrook, OH) d. Stas' Hammond (Westminster, CO), 8, 8; Paul Brady (Co. Cavan, IRL) d. Wilkerson, 9, 15 ; Marcos Chavez (Fullerton, CA) d. Ayers, 9, 9; David Munson (Buffalo Grove, IL) d. Peter Service (Willowdale, ON), 15, 18; Tommy Little (Mound City, KS) d. Michael Schneider (Richmond Hill, NY), 6, 11; Dan Zimet (Ellicott City MD) d. Mark O'Leary (Cary, IL), 14, 19; Bill Mehilos (Chicago, IL) d. Eric Smith (Brooklyn, NY), 13, 10; Tony Roberts (Woodhaven, NY) d. Keith Vassall (Chicago, IL), (8), 13, 5; Victor LoPierre (Forest Hill, NY) d. Ricardo Diaz (San Jose, CA), def.; Sean Lenning (Shoreline, WA) d. Rebaza, 19, 9.

Round of 16: Chapman d. Dobrash, 15, 6; Lewis d. Crouser, 9, 12; Szatkowski d. Munson, 18, 1; Brady d. Mayo, 4, 15; Chavez d. D. Munson, 20, 7; Little d. Zimet, 16, (15), 0; Mehilos d. T. Roberts, 6, 15; Lenning d. LoPierre, 13, (11), 4.

Quarterfinals: Chapman d. Lewis, 4, 2; Brady d. Szatkowski, (3), 6, 7; Little d. Chavez, 10, 13; Lenning d. Mehilos, 12, 14.

Semifinals: Chapman d. Brady, 12, 9; Lenning d. Little, 4, 14.

Final: Lenning d. Chapman, def.

Cons.: B. Venus d. J. Wall.

Open DoublesStas' Hammond/ Kevin Hill (CO/ IN) d. Alvaro Rebaza/ Jason Morgan (NY), 4, 14; Paul Williams/ Raul Retian (NY) d. Kevin Greco/ Richard Lynch (CT/ MO), 8, 18 ; Adam Zimet/ Eric Smith (VA/ NY) d. Cesar Sala/ Joe Harris (NY/ NV), (18), 7, 2.

Round:of 16: Marcos Chavez/Sean Lenning (CA/WA) d. Hammond/Hill, 4, 16; Tommy Little/Tom Disidore (KS) d. Dan Zimet/Jason Meisner (MD), 4, 20; Dave Munson/Mark O'Leary (IL) d. Paul Brady/Tony Roberts (Ire/NY), (16), 3, 5; James Komsthoeft/Mike Munson (IL) d. Jon Iglesias/Matt Krueger (NY/AZ), 1, 1; Dave Chapman/ Dave Dohman (MO/IL) d. Williams/Retian, 4, 5; Kendell Lewis/Casey Mayo (NY/OH) d. Joe Hagen/Keith Vassall (IL), 9, 17; Bill Mehilos/Shane Conneely (IL) d. Norm Dunne/Kareem Wilkerson (CA/NY), 10, 17; Dane Szatkowski/Adam Szatkowski (IL) d. Smith/Zimet, 1, 1.

Quarterfinals: Lenning/Chavez d. Little/Disidore, 4, 6; Komsthoeft/M. Munson d. D. Munson/O'Leary, 3, 7; Chapman/Dohman d. Lewis/Mayo, 9, 19; Szatkowski/Szatkowski d. Mehilos/Conneely, (13), 13, 5.

Semifinals: Lenning/Chavez d. Komsthoeft/Munson, 9, 10; Chapman/ Dohman d. Szatkowski/ Szatkowski, (11), 17, 8.

Final: Lenning/Chavez d. Chapman/Dohman, def.

B Singles

First Round: Tyler Stevens (Toledo, OH) d. Mike Ewing (Lake Forest Park, WA), 4, 8; Will Bardwell (Downington, PA) d. Trey Hiance (St. Thomas, KY), 2, 3; Oliver Boyd (Golden, CO) d. Jurrell Bastidas (Brooklyn, NY), 15, 13; Barry McAndrew (Cleveland, OH) d. Jim London (St. Louis, MO), 1, 2; Dan McNabney (Moro, IL) d. Kevin Pape (Delaware, OH), 5, 0; Cristobal Ramos (Brooklyn, NY) d. Derek Lymond (Monroe, MI), (11), 20, 7; Omar Lemus (Houston, TX) d. Christian Santos (Seattle, WA), 8, 16; Mike Humphreys (Orlando, FL) d. Randy Moll (Orland Park, IL), (17), 14, def; Adam Zimet (Alexandria, VA) d. Ronald Flores (Woodside, NY), 11, 5; Colin Clement (Shoreline, WA) d. Tad Langenderfer (Holland, OH), 9, 11; Pete Dembeck (Detroit, MI) d. Anthony Argen (Mayfield Hts., OH), def.; Garrett Silveira (Lake Forest, IL) d. Jim Flynn (Akron, OH), 14, 8.

Round:of 16: Joshua Ho (Ellicott City, MD) d. Stevens, 7, 9; Bardwell .d Boyd, 10, 11, McAndrew d. McNabney, 15, 4; Rob Humphreys (Culpepper, VA) d. Ramos, 8, 6; Shain Buerk (Maumee) d. Omar Lemus, (18), 16, 7; A. Zimet d. M. Humphreys, 18, 12; Dembeck d. Clement, 18, (18), 2; Joe Harris (Las Vegas) d. Silveira, 17, 8.

Quarterfinals: Ho d. Bardwell, 20, 2; McAndrew d. B. Humphreys, 10, 9; A. Zimet d. Buerk, 9, (10), 9; Harris d. Dembeck, 18, 14.

Semifinals: Ho d. McAndrew (7), 8, 4; Harris d. Zimet, 4, 2.

Final:Ho d. Harris, 18, (17), 10.

B Doubles

First Round: Mario Villa/ Randy Moll (IL) d.. Peter Bidegain/ Brant Bidegain (CA), 9, 10; Bert Connolly/ Bill Morris (IL) d. Adam Santos/ Tommy Torres (CA), 4, 2; Charlie Lemus/ Omar Lemus (IL/ TX) d. Greg Macklin/ Kevin Pape (OH), 4, 6; Braulio Ruiz/ Ricardo Ruiz (CA) d. Gardner Blizzard/ Eugene Brown (PA/ VA), 10, 6; Cary Dohman/ Larry Dohman (IL) d. Bob Hiance/ Trey Hiance (KY), 6, 8; Garrett Silveira/ Dan McNabney (IL) d. Pat Denman/ Jason Collins (OH), 14, (20), 10; Terry O'Reilly/ Jose Ortega (CA) d. Derek Lymond/ Anthony Volpi (MI), 0, 2; John Early/ Robert Louis-Ferdinand (MI) d. Colm Connolly/ Brian Connolly (IL), 6, 7; Cristobal Ramos/ Ed O'Donnell (NY) d.Alan Viets/ Aaron Veits (MO), 5, 7; William O'Donnell/ Stan Zavoyskiy (NY) d. Brian Hyde/ Mike Loisel (OH), 9, 7; Will Bardwell/ Josh Ho (PA/ MD) d. Jeff Boyd/ Oliver Boyd (CO), 7, 6; Mike Ewing/ Christian Santos (WA) d. Terry Petersen/ Joey Petersen (IA), 20, 6.

Round:of 16: Villa/Moll d. Kyle Anderson/Lee Anderson (MD), 17, 8; Lemus/Lemus d. Connolly/Morris, 11, 14; Ruiz/Ruiz d. Dohman/Dohman, 4, 11; Jack DiGiovanni/Pete Dembeck (MI) d. Silveira/McNabney, 12, 12; O'Reilly/Ortega d. Sam Sattosanti/Barry McAndrew (OH), 16, 15; Early/Louis Ferdinand d. Ramos/O'Donnell, 17, 10; Bardwell/Ho d. O'Donnell/Zavoiyskiy, 17, (18), 7; Jeff Wall/Jon Flynt (TX) d. Ewing/Santos, 15, (19), 9.

Quarterfinals:Villa/Moll d. Lemus/Lemus, 6, 16; Ruiz/Ruiz d. DiGiovanni/Dembeck, 3, 7; O'Reilly/Ortega d. Early/Louis-Ferdinand, (19), 14, 1; Bardwell/Ho d. Wall/Flynt, 6, 9.

Semifinals: Ruiz/ Ruiz d. Villa/ Moll, 5, 20; Bardwell/ Ho d. O'Reilly/ Ortega, 17, 15.

Final:Ruiz/Ruiz d. Bardwell/Ho, 9, 11.

Seniors Singles:

Quarterfinals: John Ayers (Charles City, IA) d. Jeff Wall (Dallas), 1, 10; Kevin Hill (South Bend) d. Bob Venus (Fishers, IN), 5, 5.

Semifinals: Pete Brown (Detroit) d. Ayers, 3, 1; Tom Disidore (Kansas City, KS) d. Hill, 20 (19), 3.

Final: Brown d. Disidore, 13, 18.

Seniors Doubles Round Robin:

First: Murzy Jhabvala/Rick Anderson (MD/PA) d. Mark Gilmer/Jon Flynt (TX), 11, 4; Jim Joyce/Tad Langenderfer (OH), 7, 12.

Second: Gilmer/Flynt d. Joyce/Langenderfer, 7, 12.

Masters Singles:

First Round: Greg Kolerich (Bridgeview, IL) d. Rick Styback (Niagara Falls), (13), 10, 8; Steve Dykes (Columbus) d. Scott Richter (Milwaukee), (18), 9, 0; Paul Williams (NY) d. Jerry Garcia (Houston), 8, 12.

Quarterfinals:Alan Frank (Ellicott City, MD) d. Kolerich, 14, 15; Mark Gilmer (Midland, TX) d. Mark Murphy (Chicago), 6, 7; Marty Clemens (Indianapolis) d. Dykes, 4, 8; P. Williams d. Bruce Frankenfield (Cleveland), 13, 6.

 Semifinals: Frank d. Gilmer, 3, 3; Clemens d. Williams, 17, 18.

Final: Frank d. Clemens, 11, 4.

Cons.: K. Nealis d. M. Gore.

Veteran Masters Singles

First Round: Don Snider (Grnaville, OH) d. Leo Havener (Lompoc, CA), 6, 5; Jack Prather (Cincinnati) d. Michael Gore (Tarpon Springs, FL), 8, 5; Stan Jocz (Syracuse) d. Duane Costanzo (Lapeer, MI), 1, 6; Kurt Meis (Lewiston, ID) d. Peter Bidegain (Jamul, CA), 11, (14), 6; Jerry Garcia (Houston) d. John Egbert (Houston), 3, 16.

Quarterfinals:Dave Dohman (Munster, IN) d. Snider, 13, 5; Jocz d. Prather, 6, 18; Matheny d. Meis, def.; Peter Service (Toronto) d. Garcia, 12, 10.

Semifinals: Dohman d. Jocz, 17, 8; Service d. Matheny, 11, 6.

Final: Dohman d. Service, 13 ,13.

Masters B Singles (40+)

First Round: Louis Jarvis (Lansing, IL) d. Greg Macklin (Columbus, OH), (19), 20, 8; John Friedrich (Powell, OH) d. Dale Chimenti (Troy, MI), 5, 4; Eugene Brown (Springfield, VA) d. John Egbert (Houston, TX), def.; Dan Ho (Columbia, MD) d. Charles Girkin (Houston, TX), 5, 15; Gary Pezzi (Watsonville, CA) d. Tom Clemens (Saginaw, MI), (20), 20, 5.; Gardner Blizzard (Murrysville, PA) d. Scott Richter (Milwakee, WI), def.; Patrick Lowery (Centreville, VA) d. Jim London (St. Louis, MO) 0, 2; Mike Stock (East Lansing, MI) d. Richard McCartney (Richland, WA), 4, 13; Ernie McGarry (Seattle, WA) d. Bob Hiance (Ft. Thomas, KY), 18, 2; Mark McCoy (Columbus, OH) d. Colm Connolly (Lemont, IL), 10, 10; Chris Monsour (St. Clair Shores, MI) d. Steve Cirino (Aurora, OH), 5, 6; Mario Dolciato (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) d. Ed O'Donnell (Bayside, NY), 6, 6; Jim Kreger (Sylvania, OH) d. Terry Petersen (Des Moines, IA), 14, (14), 10.

Round:of 16: Jack DiGiovanni (Clinton Township, MI) d. Jarvis, Friedrich d. Brown, 4, 10; Wohl d. Ho, (15), 20, 8; Pezzi d. Blizzard, 1, (18), 3; Lowery d. Stock, def.: McGarry d. McCoy, 7-5, defl.; Monsour d. Dolciato, 12, 8; Wes Humphreys (Orlando, Fl) d. Kreger, 18, (4), 4.

Quarterfinals: Friedrich d. DiGiovanni, 9, 3; Pezzi d. Wohl, (14), 10, 9; Lowery d. McGarry, 16, 2; Monsour d. W. Humphreys, 9, 15.

Semifinals: Friedrich d. Pezzi, 6, 10; Monsour d. Lowery, 9, 13.

Final:Friedrich d. Mounsour, 6, 10.

 Masters Doubles (40+)

Preliminary Round: Jeff Gauch/ Joey Rivas (MO) d. Mike Stock/ Jim Wohl (MI/OH), 8, 17.

Round of 16: Alan Frank/Tony Winter (MD/PA) d. Gauch/Rivas, 10, 4; Marty Clemens/Bruce Frankenfield (IN/OH) d. Rick Jackiw/Rick Styback (CAN), 7, 7; Rick Anderson/Ken Greco (PA/CT) d. Tom Clemens/Pat Denman (MI/OH), 13, 6; Kurt Meis/Steve Matheny (ID/IL) d. Paul Meyer/Richard McCartney (NJ/WA), 6, 2; Phil Kirk/Jim Corrigan (OH) d. Bert Connolly/Bill Morris (IL); Jack Prather/Bob Bardeau (OH) d. Jim Tamagni/Leo Havener (CA), 5, (19), 4; Mark Murphy/Greg Kolerich (IL) d. John Fridriech/Steve Dykes (OH), 5, 11; Chris Roberts/Tim Sterrett (IL), def..

Quarterfinals: Frank/Winter d. Clemens/Frankenfield, 2, 16; Anderson/Greco d. Meis/Matheny, 11, 19; Kirk/Corrigan d. Prather/Bardeau, 5, 10; Roberts/Sterrett d. Murphy/Kolerich, 9 (19), 10

Semifinals: Frank/Winter d. Anderson/Greco, 7, 11; Kirk/ Corrigan d. Roberts/ Sterrett, 18, 20.

Final: Kirk/Corrigan d. Frank/Winter, 12 (6), 7.

Golden Singles

Preliminary Round: Duane Costanzo (Lapeer, MI) d. Alan Veits (Excelsior Springs, MO), (8), 20, 3.

Round:of 16: Roger Berry (Rockville, MD) d. Costanzo, 3, 3; Lance Huegi (Aurora, CO) d. Ed Green (Troy, MI), 13, 20; Octavio Lemus (Chicago) d. Michael Frank (Wilmington, NC), 13, 17; Jim Krailler (Cincinnati) d. Rick Jackiw (Ont. Can.), 9, 12; Murzy Jhabvala (Clarksville, MD) d. Tom Myers (Davison, MI), 3, 2; Ed Stead (Orlando) d. Larry Lenning (Seattle), 16, 4; Mike Tanner (Columbus) d. Roger Casuso (New York), 9, 12; Vance McInnis (Dunlap, IL) d. Kevin Nealis (Chicago), 3, 6.

Quarterfinals: Berry d. Huegi, 7, 9; O. Lemus d. Krailler, 17, inj. def.; Jhabvala d. Stead, 17, 8; McInnis d. Tanner, 5, 3.

Semifinals: Berry d. Lemus, 8, 2; McInnis d. Jhabvala, 11, 8.

Final: McInnis d. Berry, 7, 5.

Veteran Golden Singles:

First Round: Tom Myers (Davison, MI) d. Rick Stevens (Toledo), def.; Angus McIntyre (Washington, MI) d. Mike Quinn (Cleveland, OH), (19), 8, 0; James Lowe (Temperence, MI) d. John Sutkus (Oriinda, CA), 4, 7.

Quarterfinals: Alan Sherrill (Watsonville) d. Myers, 0, 2; Ray Mayo (Columbus) d. Ed Campbell (Salinas, CA), 3, 15; Tom Michael (Detroit) d. McIntyre, 4, 12; Bob Bardwell (PA) d. Lowe, 13, 19.

 Semifinals: Sherrill d. Mayo, 9, 12; Michael d. Bardwell, (8), 18, 6.

Final: Sherrill d. Michael, 16, 5.

Golden Doubles

First Round: Angus McIntyre/Roy Wiseman (MI) d. Skeeter Blizzard/Eugene Brown (PA/VA), 6, 5; Joe Hensler/Bob Bardeau (OH) d. Ken Greco/Dan Ho (CT/MD), 14, (6), 3.

Round of 16: Vance Mc Innis/Alan Sherrill (CA) d. McIntyre/Wiseman, 8, 4; Kelly Russell/Mike Frank (CA/NC) d. Lance Huegi/Jim Starr (CO), (11), 4, 7; Bruce Greene/Stan Wolpoff (CO) d. Bob Tutlewski/Kevin Nealis (IL), 13, 4; Roger Berry/Bob Dyke (MD/VA) d. Octavio Lemus/Lou Jarvis (IL), 8, 15; Gary Pezzi/Ed Campbell (CA) d. Ted Pritchard/John Philips (CAN), 14, 7; Ray Estevez/Kevin Jarvis (IL) d. Jim Krailler/Will Straw (OH), 7, 11; Joe Ivy/Ed Stead (MI/FL) d. Richard Compton/Bob Humphreys (MD/VA), (17), 10, 2; Sean Conneely/John Sanford (IL) d. Hensler/Bardeau, def.

Quarterfinals: McInnis/Sherrill d. Russell/Frank, 9, 10; Berry/Dyke d. Greene/Wolpoff, 6, 7; Estevez/Jarvis d. Pezzi/Campbell, 9, 4; Conneely/Sanford d. Ivy/Stead, 19, 20.

Semifinals: McInnis/Sherrill d. Berry/Dyke, 15, 3; Estevez/ Jarvis d. Conneely/ Sanford, 16, 6.

Final: Estevez/Jarvis d. McInnis/Sherrill, 8, (13), 8.

Super Singles

Preliminary Round: Charles Girkin (Houston, TX) d. Fred Weidinger (Ridgeway, ON), def.; George Beattie (Powell, OH) d. Robert Colles (Burton, MI), 2, 6.

Round:of 16: Jim Smith (Watsonville, CA) d. Girkin, 7, 6; Don Moll (Chicago) default; Steve Kraft (Grand Forks, ND) d. Carl Valentino (Mason, MI), 5, 7; Kent Fusselman (Cortland, OH) d. Tony Truman (Ormond Beach, FL), 8, 9; Rick Graham (Ann Arbor, MI) d. Jim Cosentino (Mission, KS), (14), 13, 10; Jim Starr (Boulder) d. Joe Cassidy (Jersey City), 19, 17; Denny Fehr (Melbourne, FL) d. Jim Prendergast (Saco, ME), 14, 6; Dennis Uffer (Syracuse) d. Beattie, 14, 6.

Quarterfinals:Smith d. Moll, 3, 3; Fusselman d. Kraft, (7), 19, 10; Graham d. Starr, 10, (12), 1; Fehr d. Uffer, 7, 14.

Semifinals: Smith d. Fusselman, 12, 5; Fehr d. Graham, 9, 11.

Final: Fehr d. Smith, (20), 13, 5. Cons. Truman d. Jennings.

Veteran Super Singles:

First Round: Mort Frank (Columbia, MD) d. Michael Jennings (Ont., Can), 20, (20), 9; Dale Zeigler (Rocklidge, FL) d. John Marks (Ont., CAN), 7, 3; Dave Dodds (Fenton, MI) d. Derrell Jones (Peoria, IL), 4, 5.

Quarterfinals:Norm Young (E. Lansing) d. Frank, 4, 6; Mike Driscoll (Dallas) d. Tom Vitale (NY), 4, 6; Ed Grossenbacher (Portland) d. Zeigler, 5, 14; Don Dobrash (Detroit) d. Dodds, 5, 5.

Semifinals: Young d. Driscoll, 17, 2; Dobrash d. Grossenbacher, 13, 5.

Final: Young d. Dobrash, 11, 3.

Super Doubles:

First Round: Dale Zeigler/Denny Fehr (FL) d. Harold Foote/Pete Wilson (OH), 5, 2; Joe Flores/John Dawson (IL) d. Dennis Uffer/Jack Stebbins (NY/WI), 12, 16; Bob Hilsinger/Bill Sidebottom (MI) d. Mike Jennings/John Marks (CAN), 3, 3; Kent Fusselman/Mike Driscoll (OH/TX) d. Tony Truman/Derrell Jones (FL/IL), 1, 7; Steve Kraft/Mort Frank (ND/MD) d. Dave Dodds/Robt. Colles (MI), 20, 6; Keith Thode/Carl Valentino (MI) d. James Prendergast/Leo Kilcoyne (ME/FL), 16, 18.

Quarterfinals: George Miller/Ed Grossenbacher (OH/OR) d. Fehr/Zeigler, 3, 10; Hilsinger/Sidebottom d. Flores/Dawson, 3, 16; Fusselman/Driscoll d. Kraft/Frank, (9), 5, 10; Don Moll/Jim Cosentino (IL/KS) d. Thode/Valentino, 8, 11.

Semifinals: Miller/Grossenbacher d. Hilsinger/Sidebottom, 15, 8; Fusselman/ Driscoll d. Moll/Cosentino, 16, 16.

Final: Miller/Grossenbacher d. Fusselman/Driscoll, 5, 4.

Diamond Singles:

First Round: Dick Sleeper (Chicago) d. Sonny Schaefer (New York), 8, 3; Lew Buckingham (Greencastle, PA) d. Ray Kunkel (Detroit), 9, 12; Herm Kiewiet (Three Rivers, MI) d. Leo Kilcoyne (Clearwater, FL), 18, (6), 0; Ben Marguglio (Cold Spring, NY) d. Ed Novak (Las Vegas), 0, 10.

Semifinals: Sleeper d. Buckingham, 17, 3; Marguglio d. Kiewiet, 18, (9), 8.

Final: Sleeper d. Marguglio, 20, (20), 3.

Diamond Doubles:

First Round: Ben Marguglio/Mike Gutierrez (NY/MI) d. John Barr/Leo Kilcoyne (OH/FL), 10, 7; Dave Rott/Ray Doucet (MI) d. Herm Kiewiet/Dick Sleeper (MI/IL), (20), 18, 8.

Semifinals: Sonny Schaefer/Lew Buckingham (NY/PA) d. Marguglio/Gutierrez, 2, 8; Rott/Doucet d. Ed Novak/Don June (NV/FL), (12), 9, 2.

Final: Schaefer/Buckingham d. Rott/Doucet, 10, (12), 4.

Juniors 19-and-Under:

First Round: Joey Petersen (Des Moines) d. Ron Flores (NY), (18), 12, 8; Bill O'Donnell (NY) d. Colin Clement (Seattle), (11), 12, 2.

Quarterfinals: Victor LoPierre (Forest Hills, NY) d. Petersen, 4, 11; Jonathan Iglesias (Elmhurst, NY) d. Chalrie Lemus (Chicago, IL), 14, 14; O'Donnell d. Michael Schneider (Richmond Hill, NY), 19, (6), 10; Braulio Ruiz (Downey, CA) d. Jurrell Bastidas (Brooklyn, NY), 13, 8.

Semifinals: LoPierre d. Iglesias, 7, (12), 1; Ruiz d. O'Donnell, 20, 9.

Final: LoPierre d. Ruiz, (5), 20, 4.

Juniors 16-and-Under:

First Round: Ricardo Ruiz (Downey, CA) d. Dan Sterrett (Oak Park, IL), 0, 0; Nikolai Nahorniak (Des Plaines, IL) d. Kale Weidinger (Ridgeway, ON), 3, 14; Stan Zavoyskiy (Brooklyn, NY) d. Adam Santos (Commerce, CA), 10, 7; Brian Connolly (Lemont, IL) d. Aaron Viets (Excelsior Springs, MO), 1, 17.

Semifinals: Ruiz d. Nahorniak, 16, 20; Zavoyskiy d. Connolly, 5, 11.

Final: Ruiz d. Zavoyskiy, 11, 4.

Cons.: Santos d. Viets.

Juniors 13-and-Under:

First Round: Luis Estevez (DE) d. Sam Frank (Wilmington, NC), 5, 3.

Quarterfinals: Tommy Torres (Commerce, CA) d. Estevez, 3, 4; Neil Connolly (Hickory Hills, IL) d. Jeffery Kuelling (Aurora, IL), 15, (19), 10; Brant Bidegain (Jamul, CA) d. Gregory Healy (Palos Hts., IL), 5, 5; Tyree Bastidas (Brooklyn, NY) d. Brendan Healy (Palos Hts., IL), 0, 1.

Semifinals: Torres d. Connolly, 2, 4; Bastidas d. Bidegain, 5, 9.

Final: Torres d. Bastidas (9), 18, 5.

Cons. Final: Brendan Healy d. Greg Healy.

Women's Open:

First Round: Alethia Mendez (NY) d. Debra June (Stuart, FL), (18), 18, 9.

Quarterfinals: Jennifer Schmitt (Tucson) d. Mendez, 9, 17; Anna Calderon (NY) d. Tracy Davis (NY), 17, 12; Yvonne August (Castro Vally, CA) d. Brenda Pares (NY), 7, 3; Megan Mehilos (Chicago) d. Bernice Torres (NY), 1, 4.

Semifinals: Schmitt d. Calderon, 12, 7; Mehilos d. August, 20, 8.

 Final: Schmitt d. Mehilos, 10, 12.

Cons.: Pares d. R. Sterrett.

Women's Seniors:

First Round: Dori Ten (NY) d. Robin Sterrett (Oak Park, IL), 9, 2; Debra June (Stuart, FL) d. Andra Torrence (Memphis), 7, inj. def.), Allison Roberts (Lake Forest, IL) d. Barbara Canton-Jackson (NY), 9, 7.

Semifinals: Sydell Smith (NY) d. Ten, 6, 5; Roberts d. June, 4, 17.

Final: Smith d. Roberts, 15, 6.

Women's Doubles:

First Round: Jenny Schmitt/Allison Roberts (AZ/IL) d. Katie Sedgwick/Rosemary Bellini (IL/NY), 4, 9; Dori Ten/Barbara Canton-Jackson (NY) d. Brenda Pares/Bernice Torres (NY), 11, 15; Anna Calderon/Alethia Mendez (NY) d. Sarah Roberts/Danielle White (IL), 3, 7; Tracy Davis/Sydell Smith (NY) d. Terry Mehilos/Robin Sterrett (IL), 7, 1.

Semifinals: Schmitt/Roberts d. Ten/Canton-Jackson, 17, 7; Davis/ Smith d. Calderon/ Mendez, 6, 18.

Final: Davis/Smith d. Roberts/Schmitt, 14, 17.

 Women's B Singles Round Robin:

Day One: Sarah Roberts (La Grange, IL) d. Amy Viets (Excelsior Springs, MO), 4, 4; Katie Sedgwick (Lake Forest, IL) d. Terry Mehilos (Addison, IL), (8), 16, 2.

Day Two: Roberts d. Mehilos, 9, 12; Sedgwick d. Viets, 12, 6.

First: Roberts d. Sedgwick, 2, 18.

Third: Mehilos d. Viets, 9, 9.

Saturday's Results

Tommy Little gets twisted up in his win over Marcos Chavez.  Paul Brady chases a Casey Mayo blast.

Lucas County Rec. Center., Maumee, Ohio -  Daivd Chapman will have the chance to slam in the Open Singles and Doubles on Labor Day. After winning the first game against Paul Brady, Chapman was down 9-6 in the second before slamming the door on Brady's offense, winning 21-9.

Later in the doubles, Chapman and partner Dave Dohman ousted last year's finalists, Adam and Dane Szatkowski in an exciting tiebreaker match, 11-21, 21-17, 11-8. They'll meet the defending champions, Marcos Chavez and Sean Lenning in tomorrow's final.

In the Diamond Singles (70+), Dick Sleeper had a 20-9 advantage at match point over Ben Marguglio. Marguglio fought off nine match points to force the tiebreaker before falling 21-20, 20-21, 11-3.

Pete Brown defeated Tom Disidore for the Senior Singles Title (35+).

Friday's Results

Lucas County Rec. Center., Maumee, Ohio -  It was the biggest day of the event with the most matches to contest. The rain waited unitl the last two hours of play to stop the action and only for a half hour.

David Chapman and Paul Brady will square off in the semis of the Open on Sunday. In the bottom bracket, Tommy Little emerged to face No. 2 seed Sean Lenning.

Play will continue through Labor Day.

Thursday's Results

Pete Crouser rallied to defeat Adam Szatkowski.

Lucas County Rec. Center., Maumee, Ohio -  Storms surrounded the Lucas County area but stayed away from the outdoor courts where the national three-wall handball championships took place on Friday.

Dick Sleeper returned from two shoulder surgeries to manhandle the Sonny Schaefer, the defending champ in the 70 plus.

Wednesday's Results

Lucas County Rec. Center., Maumee, Ohio -  Action got underway on Wednesday under beautiful, sunny skies. "It's the nicest day we've had all summer," Steve Cirino of Cleveland said.

With Vince Munoz dropping out due to an injured shoulder, the Open is up for grabs. Former champ Dave Chapman is back to make a run at the title, along with last year's runner-up Sean Lenning.


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