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Welcome to the United States Handball Association

David Chapman gets hit by his own shot when he tried to remain stationary against Pee Wee Castro.  David Chapman hits in losing doubles effort on Friday. 

USHA National One-Wall Championships

Both open champions rallied from first-game losses on Sunday. Satish Jagnandan serve and shot his way past Rookie Wright while Brenda Pares overcame a slow start to defeat Veronica Figueroa in the women’s final.

Joe Agosto and Steve Kraft slammed in the 50 and 60-plus events, respectively.

Defending champs didn’t fare well across the board with the exception of Anver Suleiman (70), Pete Pellegrini (40 Doubles) and Pee Wee Castro (Open Doubles) were the only players to win titles two years in a row.

Results through Saturday:

Open Singles:

First Round: Milton Jones (New York) d. Paul Williams (New York), 15, 13; Joe Durso (New York) d. Michael Schneider (New York), 8, 20; Kendell Lewis (New York) d. Carlos Lopez (New York), 17, 9; David Rojas (New York) d. Phong Nguyen (New York), 1, 8; Emmett Peixoto (Watsonville, CA) d. Paul Angel (New York), 12, (10), 3; Willie Polanco (New York) d. David Sheldon (New York), 6 ,1; John Wright (New York) d. Victor LoPierre (New York), 9, 17; David Chapman (St. Louis) d. Stan Zavoyskiy (New York), 5, 3; Fred Torres (New York) d. Raul Retian (New York), 11, (19), 3.
Round of 16:   Tony Roberts (New York) d, Jones, 3, 11; Lewis d. Durso, 15, 5; Rojas d. Robert Sostre (New York), 14, 16; Satish Jagnandan (New York) d. Peixoto, 8, 3; Polanco d. Joe Kaplan (New York), 18, 20; Wright d. Andy Rousseau (New York), 9, (10), 6; Pee Wee Castro (New York) d. Chapman (18), 6, 2; Cesar Sala (New York) d. Torres, (13), 1, 2.
Quarterfinals: Roberts d. Lewis, 10, (12), 3; Jagnandan d. Rojas, 7, 18; Wright d. Polanco, 11, 20; Sala d Castro, 12, (17), 3.
Semifinals: Jagnandan d. Roberts, 6, 10; Wright d. Sala (11), 15, 1.
Final: Jagnandan d. Wright, (17), 8, 2.

Open Doubles:

First Round: Andy Rousseau/Jonathan Lee (New York) d. Michael Schneider/Kareem Wilkerson (New York), 12, 18; Pete Pellegrini/Paul Lonergan (New York) d. Carlos Lopez/Michael Lopez (New York), 7, 4; David Chapman/Emmett Peixoto (MO/CA) d. Victor LoPierre/Carlos Espinal (New York), 13, 19.
Quarterfinals: Pee Wee Castro/Willie Polanco (New York) d. Rousseau/Lee, 14, 15; Tony Roberts/ George Figueroa (New York) d. Cesar Sala/Joe Kaplan (New York), (10), 17, 9; Kendell Lewis/Robt. Sostre (NY) d. Pellegrini/Lonergan, 8, 19; Rookie Wright/Dave Rojas (NY) d. Chapman/Peixoto, 15, (14), 5.
Semifinals: Castro/Polanco d. Figueroa/Roberts, 15, (18), 3; Wright/Rojas d. Lewis/Sostre, 20, 15.
Final: Castro/Polanco d. Rojas/Wright, (14), 13, 7.

Women’s Open Singles:

First Round: Lori Acevido (New York) d. Barbara Canton-Jackson (New York), 13, 10; Theresa McCourt (New York) d. Bernice Torres (New York), 18, 9; Veronica Figueroa (New York) d. Tali Elfassy (New York), 5, 2; Brenda Pares (New York) d. Kim Johnson (New York), 4, 4; Dori Ten d. Courtney Peixoto (Watsonville, CA), 5, 17; Karen McConney (New York) d. Alethia Mendez (New York), 9, 5.
Quarterfinals: Tracy Davis (New York) d. Acevido, 14, 6; Figueroa d. McCourt, 9, 15; Pares d. Ten, 5, 7; McConney d. Anna Calderon (New York), 16, 16.
Semifinals: Figueroa d. Davis, 12, 17; Pares d. McConney, 9, 14.
Final: Pares d. Figueroa, (20), 15, 2.

Women’s Drop-Down: Bernice Torres d. Alethia Mendez, 16, 6.

Women’s Open Doubles:

First Round: Karen McConney/Adrian Floyd (New York) d. Barbara Canton-Jackson/Dori Ten (New York), (11), 13, 3; Brenda Pares/Lori Acevedo (New York) d. Veronica Figueroa//Bernice Torres (New York), 10, 20; Anna Calderon/Theresa McCourt (New York) d. Alethia Mendez/Courtney Peixoto (NY/CA), 7, 16.
Semifinals: McConney/Floyd d. Tracy Davis/Sydell Smith (NY), 10, 19; Calderon/McCourt d. Pares/Acevedo, 11, 7.
Final: Calderon/McCourt d. McConney/Floyd, 17, 7.

B Singles:
First Round:   Miguel Cano (New York) d. Adam Gittlitz (New York), 14, 5.
Round of 16: Phat Kat Soriano (New York) d. Cano, 0, 9; Angel Vega (New York) d. Patrick Chiu (New York), 10, (17), 7; Carlos Espinal (New York) d. Stan Zavoyskiy (New York), 15, 1; Jonathan Iglesias (New York) d. Jim Flynn (Akron), 2, 11; Cristobal Ramos (New York) d. Ron Pescatore (New York), (15), 12, 10; Paul Angel (New York) d. Vicente Wilson (Bayonnde, NU), 20, 14; Paul Yaguarl (New York) d. Sal Coticelli (New Yort), 15, 6; Armando Duchesne (New York) d. Juned Khan (New York), 12, 7.
Quarterfinals: Vega d. Soriano, 7, 16; Iglesias d. Espinal, (10), 14, 2; Angel d. Ramos, 15, 17; Yagual d. Duchesne,, 6, 17.
Semifinals: Vega d. Iglesias, 12, 4; Yagual d. d. Angel, 15, 8.
Final: Yagaul d. Vega, 8, 0.

B Doubles:
First Round: Vicente Wilson/Cristobal Ramos (NJ/NY) d. Sal Coticelli/Luis Quinones (NY), 1, 7.
Semifinals: Wilson/Ramos d. Phat Kat Soriano/Paul Yagual (NY), (8), 12, def.; Giovanni Vasquez/Jonathan Iglesias (NY) d. Aaron Rodriguez/Aaron Velez (NY), 17, 9.
Final: Iglesias/Vasquez d. Wilson/Ramos, 16, (11), 3.

C Singles:
First Round: John Roca (New York) d. Miguel Cano (New York), (19), 20, 8; Anthony Grimm (New York) d. Dave Gurman (Brentwood, CA), 1, 5; Adrian Granite (New York) d. Chralie Girkin (Houston), 3, 5; Larry Tse (New York) d. Adam Gittlitz (New York) 6, 13.
Round of 16: Aaron Rodriguez (New York) d. Roca, 4, 0; Michael Lopez (New York) d. David Cooper (New York), 15, 15; Tiankin Li (New York) d. Grimm, 5, 2; Granite d. Jurell Bastidas (New York), (19), 2, 3; Bill O’Donnell (New York) d. Tse, 10, 0; Alan Sanchez (New York) d. Juned Khan (New York), 12, 16; Richard Barquero (New York) d. Steve Tice (Winnipeg, CAN), 2, 6; Aaron Velez (New York) d. Jim Flynn (Akron, OH), 6, 16.
Quarterfinals: Lopez d. Rodriguez, 17, 14; Li d. Granite, (14), 13, 6; Sanchez d. O’Donnell, 10, 15; Barquera d. Velez, 14, (14), 8.
Semifinals: Lopez d. Li, 20, (18), 10; Sanchez d. Barquero, 11, 10.
Final: Sanchez d. Lopez, 2, 7.

C Doubles:
First Round: Wm. O’Donnell/Anthony Grimm (New York) d. Jim Peixoto/Bill Conlon (CA) 7. 5; Larry Tse/Tiankin Li (New York) d. Steve Tice/Robt. Ti, 2, 5.
Semifinals: Adrian Granite/Alan Sanchez (New York) d. Richard Barquero/Jurell Bastidas (New York), 8, 19; O’Donnell/Grimm d. Tse/Li, 11, 16.
Final: Granite/Sanchez d. O’Donnell/Grimm, (13), 18, 2.

Masters Singles:
First Round: Mike Angley (New York), d. Abe Mantell (New York), 19, 10.
Semifinals: Angley d. Dan Vera (Fishkill, NY), (10), 13, 5; Angel Maldonado (NJ) d. Chris Roberts (Evanston, IL), 16, 1.
Final: Maldonado d. Angley, 10, 17.

Masters Doubles:
First Round: Chris Roberts/Ron Pescatore (IL/NY) d. Angel Maldonado/John Baez (NY), (18), 16, 6.
Semifinals: Paul Lonergan/Pete Pellegrini (NY) d. Roberts/Pescatore, 3, 4; Al Torres/Alex Rodriguez (NY) d. Dan Vera/Mike Angley (NY), 11, 20.
Final: Lonergan/Pellegrini d. Torres/Rodriguez, 7, 5.

Golden Singles:
First Round: Carl Cohen (New York) d. Fred Feit (NJ), 8, 9; Stu Kirzner (NJ) d. Rick Jackiw (Toronto, CAN), 1, 3.
Semifinals: Joe Agosto (NY) d. Cohen, 15, 3; Roger Casuso (NY) d. Kirzner, 18, 10.
Final: Agosto d. Casuso, def.

Golden Doubles:
First Round: Dan Daniczyk/Ray Clark (New York) d. Pete Stefano/Steve Rosenberg (NY), 18, 15; Rick Jackiw/Artie Diamant (CAN/NY) d. Rocco Vignola/Joe Dionisio (NY), (16), 18, 1.
Semifinals: Sal Cataudella/Mike Grabowski (NY) d. Danilczyk/Clark, 16, (8), 10; Joe Agosto/Abe Haiman (NY) d. Jackiw/Diamant, 8, 4.
Final: Agosto/Haiman d. Cataudella/Grabowski, 5, 10.

Super Singles:
First Round: Graham Palmore (NY) d. Charlie Girkin (Houston), 4, 3; Dennis Uffer (Syracuse) d. Al Tomba (NY), def.; Steve Kraft (Grand Forks, ND) d. Tom Hopkins (NY), 16, 15-16, inj. def.; Dan Flickstein (NY) d. Bill Flowers (Portland, OR), 5, 10.
Semifinals: Uffer d. Palmore, 11, 7; Kraft d. Flickstein, 6, (7), 4.
Final: Kraft d. Uffer, 16 ,12.

Super Doubles:
First Round: Art Fischer/Cecil Franco (NY) d. Bill Flowers/Howie Solow (OR/NY), 19, 12.
Semifinals: Graham Palmore/Dennis Uffer (NY) d. Fischer/Franco, 16, 12; Steve Kraft/Joe Jacaruso (ND/NY) d. Jim Lonano/Tim O’Sullivan (NY/NJ), 16, 6.
Final: Kraft/Jacaruso d. Palmore/Uffer, (12), 16, 7.

Veteran Super Singles:
Round Robin:
First: Max Forcht (NY) d. Tom Vitale (NY), 20, 13; Tom Adams, 10, 14; Bill Fitzpatrick, 5, 10.
Second: Tom Vitale (NY) d. Tom Adams (NY), 4, 7; Bill Fitzpatrick (IL), def..
Third: Tom Adams d. Bill Fitzpatrick, def.

Veteran Super Doubles:
First Round: Anthony D’Auria/Gil Hendler (NY) d. Joe Amato/Bernie Convery (NJ), (12), 14, 2.
Semifinals: Artie Reyer/Tom Vitale (NY) d. D’Auria/Hendler, 12, 6; Mike Ferber/Mike Driscoll (NJ/TX) d. Dennis Sumner/Max Forcht (NY), 9, 14.
Final: Reyer/Vitale d. Driscoll/Ferber, 9, 16.

Diamond Singles:
Round Robin:
First: Anver Suleiman (St. Pete Beach, FL) d. Karl Diamond (NY), 6, (18), 6; Dennis Sumner (NY), 3, 2
Second: Karl Diamond (NY) d. Charles Danilczyk (NY), 11, inj. def.; Sumner, def.
Third: Dennis Sumner d. Danilczyk, def.

Tracy Davis opened her title defense with a win over Lori Acevedo. 
USHA National One-Wall Championships - Saturday's Results

Tomorrow will be the sixth year in a row that a new men's champion is crowned in the National One-Wall Championships and the first time Tracy Davis isn't crowned in the women's in four years. First-time finalists will square off in both the men’s and women’s singles events. Satish Jagnandan and Rookie Wright will square off for the men’s title while Brenda Pares will meet Veronica Figueroa for the women’s title.

Rain threatened at times, but play was never stopped.

 Rookie Wright edged Cesar Sala.  Veronica Figueroa ended Tracy Davis' four-year run as Open champ.
USHA National One-Wall Championships - Friday's Results

Defending champ Tony Roberts advanced to the semis of the Open singles on Friday and then grabbed a tiebreaker win over Cesar Sala and Joe Kaplan in the doubles with George Figueroa as his partner.

Current Women’s Champ Tracy Davis also opened her title defense with an impressive win on Friday.

It was a full day of sunshine and great play on Surf Ave. in Coney Island.

USHA National One-Wall Championships - Thursday's Results

Action got underway on Thursday in the national one-wall championships under cloudy skies and several spells of light drizzles. In spite of two play stops, all but three matches were completed on Thursday. The rest of the weekend has been forecasted as great handball weather.

Nos. 3 and 5 seeds Joe Kaplan and Robert Sostre met early demises in the round of 16, as did four-wallers David Chapman Emmett Peixoto.




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