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Welcome to the United States Handball Association

USHA National 4-Wall Final Results

Multnomah Athletic Club PORTLAND, Ore. - Yvonne August saved her best game for this year's Women's Pro Singles Final as she beat Courtney Peixoto in two games, 21-12 and 21-5.

After a disappointing showing in Winnipeg at the Women's Pro Stop last month, August was determined to earn her first National Championship Singles title. This year, she may have had some help.

August’s six-month-old son, Dillon accompanied Mom on the trip and may just be the key to her winning. “I think he’s my good luck charm.” said August when receiving her trophy (Dillon was also in attendance at the Women’s Classic in Tucson- where August also defeated Peixoto before losing to Lisa Gilmore in the final).

In the Men’s Open Doubles Final, Marcos Chavez and Vince Munoz defeated Tommy Little and Dan Armijo in two games, 21-5, 21-9. Chavez had to earn the repeat championship with a different partner since 2003’s partner, Norm Dunne, is sidelined with an injury. Chavez joked after the match, “Vince wouldn’t let me play in there. He was on top of every ball, almost as worse as Norm was.”

In addition to his second 4-Wall Doubles Title, Chavez is also the defending 3-Wall Champ (partnered with Sean Lenning).

In the 55 Doubles, Dave Morones and Tim Ryan defeated Rod Gaspar and Skip McDowell, 21-20, 21-7.

Marc Penick earned the slam in the 45 Doubles, teaming with Ken Eng to defeat Jim Ward and Jess Lopez, 21-11, 15-21, 11-5.

Also, local player Ed Grossenbacher slammed in the 65 Division, winning the Doubles Title with Fred Chapman over Mike Ferber and Bob Harris, 21-11, 21-9.

Final results:

Pro Singles

First Round: Richard McCann (Belfast, N. IRL) d. Ricardo Diaz (San Jose, CA), 20, 13; Tommy Little (Mound City, KS) d. Carlos Chavez (Buena Park, CA), 10, 14; Emmett Peixoto (Watsonville, CA) d. Cesar Sala (Brooklyn, NY), 8, 10; Tyler Hamel (Houston, TX) d. Pat Flanagan (Springfield, MO), 3, 1; Allan Garner (San Antonio, TX) d. Matt Steele (Forest Grove, OR), 3, 14; Poncho Monreal (Gilbert, AZ) d. Chris Tico (San Francisco, CA), (4), 19, 0; Danny Bell (Quebec City, QC) d. Charlie Garcia (El Paso, TX), 3, 9; Dan Armijo (Albuquerque, NM) d. Jeff Kastner (Tillamook, OR), 3, 4; Paul Brady (Co. Cavan, IRL) d. Jeremy Morton (Bozeman, MT), 3, 10; Ryan Grossenbacher (Hillsboro, OR) d. Dane Szatkowski (Itasca, IL), 11, 20.

Round of 16: McCann d. John Bike (Hesperia, CA), (12), 20, inj. def; Little d. Peixoto, 13, (17), 8; Marcos Chavez (Fullerton, CA) d. Hamel, 20, 17; Vince Munoz (Whittier, CA) d. Monreal, 1, 1; Naty Alvarado Jr. (Victorville, CA) d. Garner, 8, 6; Tony Healy (Co. Cork, IRL) d. Bell, 5, 14; Brady d. Armijo, 6, 14; David Chapman (St. Louis, MO) d. Grossenbacher, 7, 3.

Quarterfinals: McCann d. Little, 17, (8), 9; Alvarado d. Chavez, 1, 8; Healy d. Munoz, 14 ,14; Chapman d. Brady, 9 , 6.

Semifinals: Chapman d. Healy, 17, (20), 0. Alvarado & McCann, 14, 3.

Final: Chapman d. Alvarado, 7, (11), 4.

Open Singles

Preliminary Round: Jon Hohol (Southworth, WA) d. Charles Garcia (El Paso, CA), 9, 2; Alfredo Herrera (Anchorage, AK) d. John Berger (Salem, OR), 17, 20; Bill Hayes (Kent, WA) d. Jeff Cardinal (Vacaville, CA), (15), 11, 4.

First Round: Ryan Grossenbacher (Hillsboro, OR) d. Hohol, 20, 7; Cesar Sala (Brooklyn, NY) d. Andy Nett (Winona, MN), (10), 11, 2; Dave Vincent (Vacaville, CA) d. Richard Berger (Salem, OR), 12, 11; Joe Harris (Las Vegas, NV) d. Phong Nguyen (Booklyn, NY), 7, 1; Matt Steele (Forest Grove, OR) d. Herrera, 15, 15; Pat Flanagan (Springfield, MO) d. Armando Ortiz (Norwalk, CA), 9, 19; Vince Martinez (Livermore, CA) d. Jeff Kastner (Tillamook, OR), 11, (17), 9; Carlos Chavez (Buena Park, CA) d. Hayes, 11, 14.

Quarterfinal: Grossenbacher d. Sala, 14, 18; Vincent d. Harris, (18), 8, 5; Flanagan d. Steele, 17, 14; Chavez d. Martinez, 10, 16.

Semifinals: Grossenbacher d. Vincent, 19, 3; Flanagan d. Chavez, (10), 12, 9.

Final: Grossenbacher d. Flanagan, 6 ,2.

Open Consolation Winner: Jon Hohol

Open Doubles

First Round: Marcos Chavez/ Vince Munoz (CA) d. Richard Berger/ John Berger (OR), 2, 7; Allan Garner/ Dane Szatkowski (TX/IL) d. Joe Harris/ Scot Harris (NV), 10, 13; Dan Armijo/ Tommy Little (NM/KS) d. Brett Plummer/ Eric Plummer (ID), 14, 13; Emmett Peixoto/ Ricardo Diaz (CA) d. Bill Hayes/ Jon Hohol (WA), 14, 10.

Semifinals: Chavez/ Munoz d. Garner/ Szatkowski, 18, 10; Armijo/ Little d. Peixoto/ Diaz, 13, 19.

Final: Chavez/Munoz d. Armijo/Little, 5, 9.
B Singles

First Round: Robin Cooke (Co. Derry, N.IRL) d. Tim Dean (Rogue River, OR), 7, 1; Suhn Lee (Glenview, IL) d. Cal Caldwell (Klamath Falls, OR), 3, 8; Luis Diaz (San Jose, CA) d. TK Morris (Las Vegas, NV), 1, 4; Greg Tomasyan (Burbank, CA) d. Edson Raymundo (Phoenix, AZ), 10, 16; Mike Perkins (Hinsdale, IL) d. Doug Makey (Salem, OR), 14, 15; Benson (Portland, OR) d. Gregory Carr (Stockton, CA), 8, 15; Joe Tierney (San Francisco, CA) d. Garrett Powless (Klamath Falls, OR), 5, 9; Barry McWilliams (San Francisco, CA) d. Bill Spence (Olympia, WA), 5, 10; Joe McBride (Klamath Falls, OR) d. Steve Sheldon, 7, 9; Phong Nguyen (Brooklyn, NY) d. Stephen Williams (Galt, CA), def.; Mike Semplice (Pittsburgh, PA) d. Will Hutchinson (Lincoln, NE), 12, (17), 2; Jaimie Fabian (Stockton, CA) d. Laren Hale (Beaverton, OR), 11, (15), 4; Jake Kaiser (Des Plaines, IL) d. Tim Fry (Kirkland, WA), 11, 11; Jim Ken Goe (Hood River, OR) d. Jesse Aranda (Phoenix, AZ), 5, 8;

Round of 16: Eric Hillgren (Lincoln, NE) d. Cooke, 5 ,2; Lee d. Diaz, 14, 11; Perkins d. Tomsyan, 19, (5), 10; Tierney d. Benson, 10, 9; McWilliams d. McBride, 3, 19; Semplice d. Nguyen, 9, (12), 3; Fabian d. Kaiser, 17 ,5; Garner d. Goe, 17, 17.

Quarterfinals: Hillgren d. Lee, 9, 18; Tierney d. Perkins, 9, 4; McWilliams d. Semplice, 15, 9; Garner d. Fabian, 5, 12.

Semifinals: Hillgren d. Tierney, (14), 20, 1; Garner d. McWilliams, 14, 8.

Final: Garner d. Hillgren, 14, 13.

B Consolation Winner: Ken Goe

B Doubles

First Round: Finbar Rafferty/ Robin Cooke (IRL) d. Derk Frew/ Eric Frew (WA), 3, 5; Steve Eustice/Mike Wecker (OR) d. Gerard Chok/David Goldbary (CA), 18, 5; Jim Crews/ Lee Meyer (CA) d. Matt Krueger/Joel Martin (AZ/WA), 6, 5; David Graham/ Gabriel Noriega (AK) d. Jeremy Mucha/ Joseph Mucha (OR), 9, 9; Curtis Irwin/Dave Ramsey (CA) d. Mike Haley/ Robert Price (WA), 7, 13; Steve Buchanan/ Zach Buchanan (CA) d. Jeff Stier/ Bill Spence (WA), 13, 8; Rodney Fink/ Mike Semplice (PA) d. Mike Fendrick/ Bob Meyer (UT/BC), 8, 11; Ian Sutherland/ Steve Stanich (WA) d. Tim Fry/ Mike Holland (WA), 20, (13), 1.

Second Round: Rory Moore/ Barry McWilliams (CA) d. Rafferty/ Cooke, 19, 7; Wecker/ Eustice d. Jim Merritt/ Matt Zehnder (WA), 10, 12; Peter Bidegain/ Greg Stansbury (CA) d. Crews/ Meyer, 15, 16; Dan Laxdall/ Louis Mancini (WA) d. Graham/ Noriega, 18, (17), 10; Conor Casey/ Robert McCarthy (OR/IRL) d. Irwin/ Ramsey, 7, (5), 5; Terry O’Rielly/ Jose Ortega (CA) d. Buchanan/ Buchanan, 14, 15; Fink/ Semplice d. Sam Ortega/ Kris Ortega (AZ), 8, 14; Alex Wilson/ Jim Peixoto (CA) d. Ian Sutherland/ Steve Stenrich (KS/OR), 11, (12), 4.

Quarterfinals: Wecker/ Eustice d. Moore/ McWilliams, 9, (13), 9; Bidegain/ Stansbury d. Laxdall/ Mancini, 2, 10; Casey/ McCarthy d. O’Rielly/ Ortega, 1, 9; Wilson/ Peixoto d. Fink/ Semplice, 20, (9), 2.

Semifinals: Bidegain/ Stansbury d. Wecker/ Eustice, 7, 12; Casey/ McCarthy d. Wilson/ Peixoto, 5, 17.

Final: Casey/McCarthy d. Bidegain/Stansbuy, 9, 17.

C Singles

Preliminary Round: Garrett Powless (Klamath Falls, OR) d. Abraham Otoupal (Redmond, WA), 7, 18; Richard Quiroz (Phoenix, AZ) d. Angel Frutos (Salem, OR), 6, 1; Ramiro Rodriguez (Hillsboro, OR) d. Travis Coronado (Fresno, CA), 9, 4; Karl Carstensen (Talent, OR) d. Curtis Christensen (Bay City, OR), 16, 6; Evan Brown (Eugene, OR) d. Gayle Fletcher (Conroe, TX), 6, 16; Higinio Mejia (Cornelius, OR) d. Bob Helfrich (Laguna Woods, CA), def.;

First Round: Travis Hoover (San Francisco, CA) d. Powless, 9, 11; Antonio Villanueva (Portland, OR) d. Feliz Rocha (Fresno, CA), 2, 0; Edgar Medina (Phoenix, AZ) d. Matt Zehnder (Seattle, WA), 9, 7; Joe Diaz (Morgan Hill, CA) d. Dennis Garbarino (Vancouver, BC), 11, 3; Quiroz d. Lawrence Aguiar (Hayward, CA), 17, 19; Gregory Carr (Stockton, CA) d. Michael Olson (Kapaa, HI), 7, 17; Isreal Campa (Phoenix, AZ) d. Kyle Jones (Lake Balboa, CA), 11, 12; Rodriguez d. William Garcia (Tempe, AZ), 10, 6; Marcelo Campa (Phoenix, AZ) d. Carstensen, 5, 2; Geoffrey Aguiar (Hayward, CA) d. Matthew Brunkow (Portland, OR), 8, 16; Rick Benevento (Tigard, OR) d. Ed Corrigan (Daly City, CA), 17, 9; Brown d. Mike Holland (Vancouver, WA), 20, 11; Kris Ortega (Goodyear, AZ) d. Eric Frew (Tacoma, WA), 16, 8; Finbar Rafferty (Co. Cork, IRL) d. Pat Aguiar (Hayward, CA), 16, 3; Angel Villa (Phoenix, AZ) d. Michael Casey (Portland, OR), 2, 4; Jim Merritt (Bellevue, WA) d. Mejia, 4, 3.

Second Round: Hoover d. Villanueva, 8, 8; Medina d. Diaz, 11, 7; Quiroz d. Carr, 18, 19; Rodriguez d. I. Campa, 17, (13), 9; M. Campa d. G. Aguiar, 9, 16; Brown d. Benevento, 20, 20; Rafferty d. Ortega, 2, 5; Villa d. Merritt, (6), 15, 7.

Quarterfinals: Hoover d. Villanueva, 8, 8; Medina d. Diaz, 11, 17; Quiroz d. Carr, 18, 19; Rodriguez d. I. Campa, 17, (13), 9; M. Campa d. Agiuar, 10, 16; Brown d. Benevento, 20, 20; Rafferty d. Ortega, 2, 5; Villa d. Merritt, (6), 15, 7.

Semifinals: Hoover d. Medina, (15), 10, 1; Rafferty d. M. Campa, 6, 9.

Final: Rafferty d. Hoover, 15, 7.

C Consolation Winner: Travis Coronado.

35 Singles

First Round: Phil Damino (Hayden Lake, ID) d. Doug Makey (Salem ,OR), 20, 4; Scot Harris (Las Vegas, NV) d. Peter Spiekerman (Portland, OR), 10, 10.

Quarterfinals: Rob Pearse (Chattanooga, TN) d. Diamano, 5, 15; Jon Flynt (Dallas, TX) d. Manny Resendez (Commerce, CA), (8), 6, 3; Jaimie Fabian (Stockton, CA) d. Brent Reaves (Beaverton, OR), 9, 11; Dean Crispen (San Francisco, CA) d. Harris, 9, 7.

Semifinals: Pearse d. Flynt, 12, 4; Crispen d. Fabian, 8, 7.

Final: Crispen d. Pearse, (7), 7, 10.

35 Doubles

First Round: Jeff Cardinal/ Vince Martinez (CA) d. Brendan McDevitt/ Curt Heiting (CA/OR), 14, 7; Len De La Torre/ Mike McDonald (CA) d. Manny Resendez/ John Henning (CA/AZ), 13, 9.

Semifinals: Brian Neveau/ Mike Panko (WI) d. Cardinal/ Martinez, 18, 10; Chris Tico/ Dean Crispen (CA) d. De La Torre/ McDonald, (11), 13, 6.

Final: Neveau/Panko d. Tico/Crispen, 14, 8.

40 Singles

First Round: Ken Patterson (Ft. Collings, CO) d. Ernie Fistolera (Kalama, WA), 13, 3; Tom McGrath (San Francisco, CA) d. Jay Miller (Washington, DC), 8, 4; Brent Reaves (Beaverton, OR) d. Aladin Litzer (Tuttle, OK), 13, 17; Scott Morey (Pleasanton, CA) d. Kent Morrill (Tacoma, WA), 7, 19; Andy Kangas (Portland, OR) d. Ron Roberts (Neenah, WI), 1, 12; Charles Lindemuth (Anchorage, AK) d. Mike Poffinroth (Vancouver, WA), 20, 10.

Quarterfinals: Marc Penick (Poway, CA) d. Patterson, 17, 18; McGrath d. Brent Reaves (Beaverton, OR), 4, 8; Morey d. Kangas, 14, (7), 5; Jim Wainwright (Bremerton, WA) d. Lindemuth, 11, (20), 3.

Semifinals: Penick d. McGrath, 12, (14), 8; Wainwright d. Morey, 8, 19.

Final: Penick d. Wainwright, 5, 19.

40B Singles

First Round: Jeff Gauch (Ballwin, MO) d. Mike Wecker (Portland, OR), 13, 13; Derek Grewatz (Missoula, MT) d. Brad Marker (Boise, ID), 8, 20; Rory Moore (San Francisco, CA) d. Dan Laxall (Redmond, WA), 4, 6; Luis Cordova Sr. (Phoenix, AZ) d. Todd Zilbert (Portland, OR), 12, 5; Stephen Stanich (Bothell, WA) d. Charles Rector (Stafford, VA), 19, 7; Jim Wohl (Cincinnati, OH) d. Mike Haley (Sammamish, VA), 11, (20), 8; John Egbert (Houston, TX) d. Jimmy London (St. Louis, MO), 2, 2;.

Quarterfinals: Gauch d. Kent Berkey (Pittsburgh, PA), 10, 6; Moore d. Grewatz, 14, (16), 9; Cordova d. Stanich, 9, 16; Wohl d. Egbert, (9), 4, 4

Semifinals: Gauch d. Moore, 18, 15; Cordova d. Wohl, 10, (8), 6.

Final: Gauch d. Cordova, 12, (17), 3.

40 Doubles

First Round: Ken Patterson/Lloyd Garcia (CO/WY) d. Charles Lindemuth/George Brandeburg (AK/NY), 12, 12; Tom McGrath/ Joe Tierney (CA) d. Michael Poffinroth/ Ernie F
isterola (WA), 7, 9.

Semifinals: William Cervantes/ Mark Zamora (NM/CA) d. McGrath/ Tierney (CA), 7, 13; Bob Bersanti/ Jim Wainwright (WA) d. Patterson/ Garcia, def.

Final: Cervantes/Zamora d. Bersanti/Wainwright, 15, 12.

45 Singles

First Round: J Stender (Sheridan, WY) d. Mike Olson (Kapaa, HI), 6, 6; Tom Pomroy (Butte, MT) d. Lou Barberini (San Francisco, CA) 12. 19; Dan Acosta (Richmond, TX) d. Dan Fredrickson (Fullerton, CA), 8, 8; Jack Prather (Mason, OH) d. Ron Koscielak (Calistoga, CA),4, 10; Bill Layton (San Antonio, TX) d. Ben Liebman (Clackamas, OR), 7, 9; Dave Ramsey (Long Beach, CA) d. Rick Ryerse (Meridian, ID), 9, (12), 3; Lloyd Garcia (Cheyenne, WY) d. Michael Linnik (San Jose, CA), 17, (17), 4; Jeff Jamison (Missoula, MT) d. Peter Bidegain (Jamul, CA), 20, 12; Steven Meyer (Ft. Collins, CO) d. Gary Hughes (Amarillo, TX), 14, 12; Ernie McGarry (Seattle, WA) d. John Egbert (Houston, TX), 18, 6.

Second Round: Jim Spencer (Bremerton, WA) d. J Stender, 7, 9; Acosta d. Pomroy, 13, 18; Ray Graham (Oakland, CA) d. Prather, 10, 2; Kurt Meis (Lewiston, ID) d. Layton, 4, 14; Matt Murphy (Spokane, WA) d. Ramsey, 11, (16), 7; Garcia d. George Brandeburg (Fishkill, NY), 9, 14; Jeff Jamison (Missoula, MT) d. Meyer, 15, 10; Jeff Wesson (Wauwatosa, WI) d. McGarry, 10, 9.

Quarterfinals: Spencer d. Acosta, 19, 9; Meis d. Graham, 16, 8; Garcia d. Murphy, 11, 13; Jamison d. Wesson, 10, inj. def.

Semifinals: Meis d. Spencer, 6, (17), 9; Jamison d. Garcia, 12, (17), 8.

Final: Meis d. Jamison, 12, (18), 6.

45 Doubles

Preliminary Round: J Stender/ Dan Price (WY) d. Bill Usher/ Tom Oliphant (OR), 15, 17; Gary Danno/ Tony Ortiz (IL) d. Joe Mancuso/ Curt Scott (WA), 4, 7.

First Round: Landon Curry/ Chuck Reeve (TX) d. Stender/ Price, 8, 8; Jim Ward/ Jess Lopez (SC/CA) d. Jeff Jamison/ Tom Pomroy (MT), 18, 13; Bill Layton/ Manuel Raymond (TX) d. Brad Marker/ Rick Ryerse (ID), 15, 17; Marc Penick/ Ken Eng (CA) d. Danno/ Ortiz, 13, 12.

Semifinals: Ward/ Lopez d. Curry/ Reeve, (10), 18, 8; Penick/ Eng d. Layton/ Raymond, 5, 6.

Final: Penick/Eng d. Ward/Lopez, 11, (15), 5.

50 Singles

First Round: Michael Barragan (Lakeside, MT) d. Greg Negard (Bemidji, MN), 4, 7; Lance Meyer (San Ramon, CA) d. John De Haven (Aloha, OR), 0, 1; Jim Brock (Salem, OR) d. Ron Sylwester (Vancouver, WA), 2, 1; Greg Pearce (Palouse, WA) d. John Graves (Colton, OR), 6, 9; Gary Pezzi (Watsonville, CA) d. Mark Harris (University Place, WA), 19, 12; Robert McMahon (Belfast, IRL) d. Doug Campbell (Woodinville, WA), def.; Jeff Jasperson (Ridgefield, WA) d. John Padden (Castro Valley, CA), 2, 5; Rich Fernald (Bend, OR) d. Steve Currey (Provo, UR), 7, 2.

Second Round: David Steinberg (Portland, OR) d. Barragan, 12, 17; Rich Goosmann (San Jose, CA) d. Steve Birrell (Bozeman, MT), 9, (7), 6; Jack Crick (Santa Cruz, CA) d. Danny Schmitt (Tucson, AZ), 17, (11), 0; Jim Westerman (Tucson, AZ) d. Jim Brock (Salem, OR), 5, 5; Walt Kastner (Tillamook, OR) d. Ray Arriola (Austin, TX), 16, 15; Greg Trull (Lake Oswego, OR) d. Gary Maushardt (Santa Cruz, CA), 11, 7; Jim Ward (Columbia, SC) d. Pearce, 6, 6; Glenn Carden (Bremerton, WA) d. Pezzi, 6 ,3; Mike Hollander (Eugene, OR) d. Octavio Martinez (Riverside, CA), 9, 3; Dan Jones (Lake Balboa, CA) d. Steve Grow (Portland, OR), 3, 9; Lon Stalsberg (Salt Lake City, UT) d. McMahon, 6 ,3; Robert Dyke (Alton, VA) d. Jasperson, (12), 14, 9; Michael Barna (Los Gatos, CA) d. Jim Slavin (Spokane, WA), 5, 19; Dave Delaney (Portland, OR) d. Jerry Travens (Thousand Oaks, CA), 5, 6; Chuck Reeve (Houston, TX) d. Fernald, 18, 10.

Round of 16: Steinberg d. Goosmann, 5, 10; Meyer d. Crick, 4, 5; Westerman d. Kastner, 4, 12; Ward d. Trull, 11, (16), 8; Carden d. Hollander, 8, 10; Stalsberg d. Jones, 1, 7; Barna d. Dyke, 5, 13; Reeve d. Delaney, 12, (18), 10.

Quarterfinals: Steinberg d. Meyer, 3, 8; Westerman d. Ward, 10, 19; Carden d. Stalsberg, 2, 5; Reeve d. Barna, 10, 15.

Semifinals: Steinberg d. Westerman, 7, 12; Carden d. Reeve, 5, (15), 4.

Final: Steinberg d. Carden, 18, 15.

50B Singles

First Round: Dan Ho (Columbia, MD) d. Brad Komsthoeft (Clayton, CA), 7, 10; Jeff Stier (Olympia, WA) d. Doug Carson (Republic, MO), 11, 18; Brian Davis (Kappa, HI) d. Bob Meyer (Langley, BC), 0, 9; Barry Bray (Salem, OR) d. Jim Peixoto (Watsonville, CA), 17, 4; Bill Bonbrake (Byron, GA) d. Jim London (St. Louis, MO), 0, 1; Frank LeBlanc (Los Angeles, CA) d. Mike Steele (Forest Grove, OR), 10, 1; Mike Fendrick (South Ogden, UT) d. Ron Harder (Hood River, OR), 5, 12; Sam Ortega (Goodyear, AZ) d. Stephen Williams (Galt, CA), 16, (5), 9; Roy Bukstein (Hillsborough, CA) d. Craig Hubler (Portland, OR), 17, 1; Tom Junta (Bellevue, WA) d. James Fowler (Portland, OR), 10, 12; Tom Wenrich (Lake Oswego, OR) d. Joel Martin (Bellingham, WA), 11, 5; Graves (Colton, OR) d. TK Morris (N. Las Vegas, NV), 8, 8; John Nikula (Santa Rosa, CA) d. Roger Swanson (Portland, OR), 10, 10; Larry Brown (Eugene, OR) d. Robert Price (Snohomish, WA), 7, 11; Sean Beall (Cheshire, OR) d. Durk Frew (Tacoma, WA), 19, 7; Bob Housman (Beverly Hills, CA) d. David Heard (Seattle, WA), def.

Second Round: Ho d. Stier, 1, 12; Bray d. Davis, (20), 13, 5; LeBlanc d. Bonbrake, 7, 9; Ortega d. Fendrick, 9, 6; Bukstein d. Junta, 8, 8; Graves d. Wenrich, 20, 18; Nikula d. Brown, 14, 6; Housman d. Beall, 6, 18.

Quarterfinals: Bray d. Ho, 18, 11; LeBlanc d. Ortega, 12, (12), 1; Bukstein d. Graves, 1, 6; Nikula d. Housman, 16, 13.

Semifinals: LeBlanc d. Bray, 19, 12; Nikula d. Bukstein, 13, 10.

Final: Nikula d. LeBlanc, 20, 17.

50 Doubles

Preliminary Round: Randy Multach/ Bruce Zelazoski (CA/WA) d. Sean Beall/ Phil Horton (OR), 13, 8; Octavio Martinez/ Lance Meyer (CA) d. Gunner Lester/ Stephen Williams (CA), 15, 18; Gary Maushardt/ Gary Pezzi (CA) d. Tom Oliphant/ Bill Usher (OR), 18, 10.

Round of 16: Michael Bock/Tom Fitzwater (CA) d. Multach/ Zelazoski, 3, 8; Dave Delaney/ Steve Grow (OR) d. Daniel Woods/ Ed Werstein (WI), 17, 9; Brian Nelson/ Michael Woods (CA) d. Jerry Ruth/ Bruce Young (WA), 8, 4; Ken Eng/ Rex Melton (CA) d. John De Haven/ Ron Sylwester (OR/WA), 0, 2; Danny Carillo/ Greg Sizemore (CA) d. Martinez/ Meyer, 12, 14; Charlie Charvoz/ Jeff Healam (AZ) d. David Graham/ Greg Noriega, 11, 5; Jess Lopez/ Dan Jones (CA) d. Greg Negard/ David Wells (MN/ ND), 5, 9; Jim Brickell/ Robert Dyke (TN/ VA) d. Maushardt/ Pezzi, (CA), 2, 8.

Quarterfinals: Bock/ Fitzwater d. Delaney/ Grow, 5, 8; Eng/ Melton d. Nelson/ Woods, 15, (11), 8; Carrillo/ Sizemore d. Charvoz/ Healam, 8, 8; Lopez/ Jones d. Brickell/ Dyke, 17, (5), 6.

Semifinals: Bock/ Fitzwater d. Eng/ Melton, 2, 17; Carillo/ Sizemore d. Lopez/ Jones, 11, (20), 8.

Final : Bock/Fitzwater d. Carrillo/Sizemore, 5, 5.

55 Singles

First Round: Richard Wheelock (Alpine, CA) d. Bob Snyder (Newport News, VA), (1), 20, 8; Joe Cox (Seattle, WA) d. Rusty Hooten (El Paso, TX), 1, 10; James Mazuca (San Antonio, TX) d. Joe Driscoll (Monterey, CA), 12, 13; Terry Nett (Bellevue, CO) d. Bill Kelly (Fargo, ND), 1, 5; Chico Aguiar (Hayward, CA) d. David Lingren (Klamath Falls, OR), 9, 12; Dennis Starin (Butte, MT) d. William Garcia (Phoenix, AZ), 2, 4; John Nett (Winona, MN) d. Brent Somner (Troutdale, OR), 8, 5; Alan Sherrill (Watsonville, CA) d. Don True (Portland, OR), 8, 1; Burt Repine (San Diego, CA) d. Dave Rios (Rio Linda, CA), 14, 7; David Wells (Fargo, ND) d. Joe McBride (Klamath Falls, OR), 7, (14), 3; Steve Sand (Tacoma, WA) d. Steve Graham (Reno, NV), 8, 7; Dan Price (Gillette, WY) d. Jim Garner (San Antonio, TX), 7, 5; Dan Scilley (Red Lodge, MT) d. Michael Starrett (Truckee, CA), 8, 10; Ed Werstein (Milwaukee, WI) d. Tom Sove (Modesto, CA) 10, 2; Greg Raya (Delray Beach, FL) d. Rick Ness (Minot, ND) 2. 8.

Second Round: Ernie Virgili (Kenosha, WI) d. Wheelock, 9, 3; Mazuca d. Cox, (14), 10, inj. def.; T. Nett d. C. Aguiar, 4, 9; J. Nett d. Starin, (18), 4, 0; Sherrill d. Repine, 5, 7; Sand d. Wells, 14, (14), 9; Scilley d. Price, 14, 9; Raya d. Werstein, 2, 8.

Quarterfinals: Virgili d. Mazuca, 2, 3; J. Nett d. T. Nett; Sherrill d. Sand, 5, 19; Raya d. Scilley, 12, 17.

Semifinals: Virgili d. J. Nett, (19), 18, 1; Sherrill d. Raya, 9, (16), 6.

Final: Virgili d. Sherrill, 19, (8), 7.

55 Doubles

Preliminary Round: Brad Komsthoeft/ Ken Moeller (CA) d. Gary Cruz/ Larry Walker (CA), (7), 12, def.; Tom Sove/ Larry Brown (CA/ OR) d. Jim Donnelly/ Jerry Mohar (OR), 7, 9; Mike Miller/ Chuck Kathrens (OR) d. Bill Kelly/ Dick Nelson (ND/ MN), , ; Chico Aguiar/ Larry Aguiar (CA) d. Gary Bartman/ Ed Means (CA),

Round of 16: Allan Sherrill/ Mike Kelly (CA) d. Komsthoeft/ Moeller, 1, 9; Dan Ho/ Bob Snyder (MD/ VA) d. Burt Repine/ Richard Wheelock (CA), 1, 18; Terry Nett/ Lewis Lambert (CO) d. Gunner Lester/ Dave Rios (CA), 9, 6; Dave Morones/ Tim Ryan (CA) d. Sove/ Brown, 5, 4; Rod Gaspar/ Skip McDowell (CA) d. Miller/ Kathrens, 2, 9; Ron Ewing/ Carl Mattson (WA) d. Tom Kelly/ Steve Sand (NV/ WA), 3, 7; Wayne Black/ Roberto Chavez (CA) d. Doug Blankmeyer/ Dennis Dupps (OH), 4, 4; Jack Hulick/ Mike Kogan (CA) d. Aguiar/Aguiar, 7, 9.

Quarterfinals: Sherrill/ Kelly d. Ho/ Snyder, 18, 10; Morones/ Ryan d. Nett/ Lambert, 7, 7; Gaspar/ McDowell d. Ewing/ Matson, 9, 8; Black/ Chavez d. Hulick/ Kogan (CA), 20, 3.

Semifinals: Morones/ Ryan d. Sherrill/ Kelly, 13, (17), 4; Gaspar/ McDowell d. Black/ Chavez, 11, 12.

Final: Morones/Ryan d. Gaspar/McDowell, 20, 7.

60 Singles

First Round: Travis Poindexter (Hillsborough, OR) d. Joe Cassidy (Jersey City, NJ), def.; Larry Waldrop (Los Alimitas, CA) d. Dennis Zoet (Vancouver, WA), 5, 9; Ron Sapp (Mukilteo, WA) d. Dick Nelson (Bemiji, MN), 8, 13; Dennis Moser (Atherton,CA) d. Ed Means (Fresno, CA) 12, 15; Larry Janssen (La Canada, CA) d. Dave Parson (Conroe, TX), 8, 10; Don Hurd (Helena, MT) d. Chuck Nichols (El Cajon, CA), 12, 9; Jim Smith (Watsonville, CA) d. Fred Banfield (Tucson, AZ), 12, 9; Alvin Edwards (San Diego, CA) d. Louis Chinske (Missoula, MT) 20, 8; Pete Willis (Chamblee, GA) d. Doug Clark (Tucson, AZ), (14), 10, 2; Dave Ross (Port Coquitlam, BC) d. Jim Crews (Riverside, CA), 16, 10; Harry Scott (Dallas, TX) d. Felipe Rosendo (South San Francisco, CA), 11, 12; Steve Lee (Portland, OR) d. Larry Walker (Anaheim, CA), 3, 7; : Tommy Burnett (Springfield, MO) d. Bill Bonbrake (Byron, GA), 11, 18.

Quarterfinals: Hulbert d. Sapp, inj. def.; Bailey d. Willis, 7, (20), 3; Flowers d. Scott, 10, 6.

Semifinals: Moser d. Hulbert, 7, 11; Flowers d. Bailey, (12), 9, 1.

Final: Moser d. Flowers, (15), 15, 4.

60B Singles

First Round: Frank Ikard (Eugene, OR) d. Charles Girkin (Houston, TX), def.; Phil Horton (Eugene, OR) d. Jerry White (Colorado Springs, CO), 18, (14), 3; Terry Comina (Des Plaines, IL) d. Jim Londergan (Sunnyvale, CA), 6, 12; Chuck Davis (Altadena, CA) d. Mike Colgate (Colorado Springs, CO), 10, 5; Tim Kitch (Boise, ID) d. Ken Moeller (Lafayette, CA), (19), 13, 4; Steve Shirey (Ridgefield, WA) d. R.G. Williamson (Santa Rosa, CA), (9), 15, 7; Rod Finkle (Tumwater, WA) d. Steve Hall (Mill Valley, CA), 4, 3; Tony Heiting (Des Moines, IA) d. Rocky Benevento (Portland, OR), 1, 9; Bill Nye (Wilmington, NC) d. Andy Rux (Hillsboro, OR), 4, 4; Charles Doyle (Swartz Creek, MI) d. Rom Emmerson (Portland, OR), 8, 2; Frank Redondo (Fresno, CA) d. Greg Byrne (Lake Oswego, OR), 12, 10;

Second Round: Vince San Angelo (Tucson, AZ) d. Ikard, 7, 6; Horton d. Comina, (17), 18, 5; Jay Maxwell (Portland, OR) d. Davis, 0, 3; Kitch d. Dave Barnett (San Diego, CA), 18, 12; Dave Coulie (Albuquerque, NM) d. Shirey, 7, 6; Heiting d. Finkle, 16, 12; Doyle d. Nye, 7, 8; Ira Goldberg (Encino, CA) d. Redondo, 7, 16.

Quarterfinals: San Angelo d. Horton, 9, 13; Maxwell d. Kitch, 5, 10; Coulie d. Heiting, 7, 6; Goldberg d. Doyle, 5, 4.

Semifinals: San Angelo d. Maxwell, 2, 11; Coulie d. Goldberg, 7, 16.

Final: San Angelo d. Coulie, 10, (13), 3.

60 Doubles

First Round: Larry Janssen/Harry Robertson (CA/ID) d. Fred Banfield/Doug Clark (AZ), 12 ,13; Wally Palmberg/ Steve Lee (OR) d. George Bennett/ Bill McGuire (WA), 16, (10), 2; Al Edwards/ Chuck Nicholas (CA) d. Felipe Rosendo/ Travis Poindexter (CA), (11), 17, 5; Harry Scott/ Jim Smith (TX/CA) d. Gary Zatkocvitch/Marsall Stapp (CA), 7 ,19; Mike Dunne/ Tom Smock (CA) d. Bill Nye/Vince San Angelo (CO/AZ), 14, 12; Sanford Robbins/ George Kelley (FL) d. Ken Marks/ Jerry Wilhelm (CA), 12, (8), 9; Jerry Schiffman/ John Bailey (CA/KS) d. Charles Doyle/ Steve Hall (MI/CA), def.

Quarterfinals: Gary Rohrer/ Paul Schulz (MN) d. Janssen/ Robertson, 18, 16; Edwards/ Nicholas d. Palmberg/ Lee, 17, 14; Scott/ Smith d. Dunne/ Smock, 11, 14; Schiffman/ Bailey d. Robbins/ Kelley, 14, 14.

Semifinals: Rohrer/ Schulz d. Edwards/ Nicholas, 3, 3; Schiffman/ Bailey d. Scott/ Smith, (8), 15, 9.

Final: Rohrer/Schulz d. Schiffman/Bailey, 2, 1.

65 Singles

First Round: Jerry White (Colorado Springs, CO) d. Bruce Oakley (Chelsea, MI), 6, 14; Dave Mackin (San Francisco, CA) d. Jerry Bristow (Tillamook, OR), 12, (13), 3; Bob Delaney (Tucson, AZ) d. Rocky Benevento (Portland, OR), 4, 8; George Kelly (Miami Shores, FL) d. Leroy Gmazel (Vader, WA), (14), 13, 3; Tim Hindman (Sacramento, CA) d. Doug Hulett (Fountain Valley, CA), def.; Terry Comina (Des Plaines, IL) d. Ernest Kevin (Mercer Island, WA), def.; Ray Leidich (Corvallis, OR) d. Tom Glubrecht (Tucson, AZ), 5, 7; Mike Ferber (Edgewater, NJ) d. David McTaggart (Indian Harbor Beach, FL), 7, 12; Bruce Brenedict (Portland, OR) d. Ruben Nunez (Fresno, CA), 7, 2.

Second Round: Tom Kezlan (Kansas City, MO) d. Jerry White (Col. Springs, CO), 12, (17), 2; Delaney d. Mackin, 16, 18; Mike Driscoll (Dallas, TX) d. Kelly, 3, 3; Bob Harris (Las Vegas, NV) d. Hindman, 0, 6; Ed Grossenbacher (Portland, OR) d. Comina, 6, 4; Jim Story (Saratoga, CA) d. Ray Leidich (Corvallis, OR), 2, 16; Mike Ferber (Edgewater, NJ) d. Butch Roper (Glide, OR), 17, 15; Norm Young (Lansing, MI) d. Benedict, 6, 3.

Quarterfinals: Kezlan d. Delaney, 10, 7; Driscoll d. Harris, 12, 5; Grossenbacher d. Story, 14, 5; Young d. Ferber, 15, 3.

Semifinals: Driscoll d. Kezlan, 8, 13; Grossenbacher d. Young, 15, 7.

Final: Grossenbacher d. Driscoll, 16, 3.

65 Doubles

First Round: Greg Byrne/ Jay Maxwell (OR) d. Bill Haley/ Ernie (WA), (11), 15, 5; Mike Driscoll/ Tom Kezlan (TX/MO) d. Tim Hindman/ R. Benito, 2, 1.

Semifinals: Fred Chapman/ Ed Grossenbacher (MT/OR) d. Byrne/ Maxwell, 4, 8; Mike Ferber/ Bob Harris (NJ/NV) d. Driscoll/ Kezlan, 14, 8.

Final: Chapman/Grossenbacher d. Ferber/Harris, 11, 9.

70 Singles

Preliminary Round: Jack Pritchard (Portland, OR) d. John Suslo (Apopka, FL), 7, 1.

First Round: Kevan Del Grande (Los Gatos, CA) d. Pritchard, 5, 12; Ron Stopka (Frankfort, IL) d. Ed Novak (Las Vegas, NV), 5, (12), 5; Mike Baggetta (Huntington Beach, CA) d. Lew Morales (Long Beach, CA), 9, 5; Duncan MacDonell (Tucson, AZ) d. Ralph Weil (Cincinnati, OH), 6 ,4; Bernie Leiter (Sparks, NV) d. Ray Howie (Portland, OR), 5 ,3; Carl Porter (East Lansing, MI) d. Pete Linden (Newport Beach, CA), 5, 9; Jack Cherrington (Bellevue, WA) d. Dave Thoreson (Gold River, CA), (16), 16, 3; Bill Strawn (Leawood, KS) d. Bob Helfrich (Laguna Woods, CA), 1, 6;.

Quarterfinals: Del Grande d. Stopka, 6, 9; Baggetta d. McDonell, 15, 14; Porter d. Leiter, (12), 19, 0; Strawn d. Cherrington, inj. def.;

Semifinals: Del Grande d. Baggetta, (15), 14, 3; Strawn d. Porter, 15, (20), 2.

Final: Del Grande d. Strawn, 13, 5.

70 Consolation Champion: Dave Thoreson.

70B Singles

First Round: Hector Flores (El Paso, TX) d. Dan Rivas (Sacramento, CA), 1, 6; Roy Bower (Irvine, CA) d. Dick Ford (Corvallis, OR), 7, 2; Jim Read (Pleasant Hill, CA) d. Ron Jones (Boise, ID), 7, 15; Al Birkland (Lakewood, WA) d. Ken Forman (Morgana, CA), 0, (14), 0.

Semifinals: Flores d. Bower, 16, (12), 8; Birkland d. Read, 14, 15.

Final: Flores d. Birkland, 5 ,6.

70 Doubles

Preliminary Round: Ralph Weil/ Lew Morales (OH/ CA) d. Al Birkland/ John Suslo (WA/ FL), 5, 1.

First Round: Duncan MacDonell/ Charlie Wicker (AZ) d. Weil/ Morales, 5, 4; Ray Bower/ Pete Linden (CA) d. Ron Stopka/ Ed Novak (IL/NV), (16), 14, 9; Bernie Leiter/ Dave Thoreson (CA) d. Ken Forman/ Jim Read (CA), def.; Mike Baggetta/ Bill Strawn (CA/KS) d. Michael O’Brien/ Ron Jones (ID), 3, 3.

Semifinals: MacDonell/ Wicker d. Bower/ Linden, 16, 5; Bagetta/ Strawn d. Leiter/ Thoreson, 11, 13.

Final: MacDonell/Wicker d. Bagetta/Strawn, 19, 11.

75 Singles

First Round: Charlie Malone (Prescott, AZ) d. Rod Slade (Klamath Falls, OR), 15, (18), 4; Alan Spencer (Albany, NY) d. George Balch (Tacoma, WA), 9, 13.

Quarterfinals: Al Crosat (Menlo Park) d. Malone, 2, 7; Ted Hilgenstuhler (Simi Valley, CA) d. Bob Maletich (Springfield, IL), 19, 11; Milt Joffe (Palm Desert, CA) d. Dick Brouwer (Portland, OR), 12, (9), 9; Spencer d. Bill Heaston (Modesto, CA), 1, 10.

Semifinals: Crosat d. Joffe, 12, 16; Spencer d. Hillgenstuhler, 14, inj. def.;

Final: Crosat d. Spencer, (15), 20, 3.

75 Doubles

First Round: Walt Middlecamp/ Dick Brouwer (OR/ WA) d. Luis Trevino/ Bud Wineburgh (IL), 18, 8.

Semifinals: Middlecamp/ Brouwer d. Bob Nedd/ Dave Rott (CA/MI), 13, 15; Bill Heaston/ Bob Maletich (CA/IL) d. Ben Glenner/ Milt Joffe (CA), 20, 17.

Final: Middlecamp/Brouwer d. Heaston/Maletich, 13, 15.

80 Singles

First Round: Alvis Grant (Dallas, TX) d. Ward Duarte (El Cajon, CA), 5, 9; Michael Chiappetta (Bloomington, IN) d. Gene Perret (Foster City, CA), 10, 17; John Paulette (La Mesa, CA) d. Bruce Taylor (Valley Center, CA), 8, 2; Max Lasskow (Smallwood, NY) d. Tom Makey (Salem, OR), 5, 1.

Semifinals: Grant d. Chiapetta, 14, 20; Lasskow d. Paulette, 3, 2.

Final: Lasskow d. Grant, 2, 8.

80 Doubles – Round Robin

First: Max Lasskow/ Sol Aber (NY/ CA) d. Alvis Grant/ John Paulette (TX/CA), 18, 3; Mike Chiappetta/ Ward Duarte (IN/ CA), 2, 0; Tom Makey/ Gene Perrett (CA), def

Second: Alvis Grant/ John Paulette (TX/CA) d. Mike Chiappetta/ Ward Duarte (IN/ CA), 9, 7.

Third: Chiapetta/Duarte d. Makey/Perret, def.

85 Singles

First: Sol Aber (San Jose) d. Ben Glenner (Thousand Palms, CA), 4, 10; d. Wafe Risner (Pasadena, CA), 2, 1.

Second: Glenner d. Risner, 0, 0.

Women’s Pro Singles

First Round: Holly Jonely (Amarillo, TX) d. Sydell Smith (Brooklyn, NY), 17, (11), 2; Jessica Gawley (Regina, SK) d. Beth Rowley (Austin, TX), 8, 9; Jenny Schmitt (Tucson, AZ) d. Theresa McCourt (Brooklyn, NY), 4, 8; Courtney Peixoto (Watsonville, CA) d. Stefanie Vanderpool (Sandy, OR), 8, 8; Lavonah Madden (Antigonish City, NS) d. Tracy Davis (Brooklyn, NY), 10, 5; Anna Calderon (Brooklyn, NY) d. Stephanie Lowe (Fullerton, CA), 8, 7; Allison Roberts (Lake Forest, IL) d. KC Ferguson (San Antonio, CA), 1, 5.

Quarterfinals: Yvonne August (Castro Valley, CA) d. Jonely, 16, 6; Schmitt d. Gawley, 19, 13; Peixoto d. Madden, 16, 10; Roberts d. Calderon, 12, 19.

Semifinals: August d. Schmitt, 16, 16; Peixoto d. Roberts, 14, 6.

Final: August d. Peixoto, 12, 5.

3rd Place: Schmitt d. Roberts, 18, 12.

5th Place: Calderon d. Gawley, 20, 20.

7th Place: Madden d. Jonely, 1, 15.

Women’s Pro – 9th & 10th Place Playoff (First Round Dropdown)

First Round:  McCourt d. Rowley, 3, 13; Davis d. Vanderpool, (12), 15, 9; Lowe d. Ferguson, 5, 3.

Semifinals: Smith d. McCourt, 12, (16), 4; Davis d. Lowe, (7), 14, 2.

9th: Davis d. Smith, def.

Women’s Open Doubles

First Round: Anna Calderon/ Theresa McCourt (NY) d. Debbie Forester/ Stephanie Lowe (CO/CA), 15, 18.

Semifinals: Allison Roberts/ Jennifer Schmitt (IL/AZ) d. McCourt/ Calderon, (20), 3, 7; Jessica Gawley/ Courtney Peixoto (SK/CA) d. Tracy Davis/ Sydell Smith, 12, 2.

Final: Gawley/ Peixoto d. Roberts/Schmitt.

Women’s B Singles

First Round: Jennifer Hinman (Hood River, OR) d. Jean Kasamoto (Honolulu, HI), 7, 0; Julie Dennis (Eugene, OR) d. Stephanie Castro (San Jose, CA), 0, 9; Pam Ness (Minot, ND) d. Tina Apolinario (Watsonville, CA), 8, 5; Katie Sedgwick (Lake Forest, IL) d. Leah Dean (Rogue River, OR), 5, 12; Angela Lum (Napa, CA) d. Roxanna Hall (Springfield, OR), (14), 17, 10.

Quarterfinals: Alethia Mendez (Sunnyside, NY) d. Hinman, 2, 16; Ness d. Dennis, 10, 4; Betty Gutierrez (Stockton, CA) d. Sedgwick, 14, 20; Kristen Bowerly (Forest Grove, OR) d. Lum, 5, 10.

Semifinals: Mendez d. Ness, 2, 4; Bowerly d. Guitierrez, 8, 6.

Final: Mendez d. Bowerly, 17, 17.

Women’s B Consolation Champion: Julie Dennis.

Women’s B Doubles:

First: Jennifer Hinman/Julie Dennis (OR) d. Kristin Bowerly/Jean Kasamoto (Ore), 16, 12; Pam Ness/Jacqueline Broverman ND/CAN), 8, 10.

Second: Bowerly/Kasamoto d. Ness/Broverman, 7, 13.

Women’s 35 Singles Round Robin

First: Lavonah Madden (Antogonish, NS) d. Beth Rowley (Austin, TX), 6, 6; Betty Gutierrez (Stockton, CA), 4, 3; Stefanie Vanderpool (Sandy, OR), 7, 3.

Second: Rowley d. Vanderpool (Sandy, OR), 6, (18), 5; d. Gutierrez, 6, 8.

Third: Vanderpool d. Gutierrez, 2, 6.

Women’s 50 Singles Round Robin

First: Debbie Forrester (Ridgway, CO) d. Randall Platt (Gig Harbor, WA), 4, 6; d. Roxanna Hall (Springfield, OR), 2, 3; Marjorie Peixoto (Watsonville, CA), def.

Second: Platt d. Hall, 15, 10.

Coed 11& Under Singles

First Round: Madeline Gauch (Ballwin, MO) d. Taylor Schmitt (Tucson), 0, 0.

Quarterfinals: Brant Bidegain (Jamul, CA) d. Gauch, 0, 1; Daniel Cordova (Phoenix) d. Ricky Ness (Minot, ND), (17), 12, 2; Alex Ikard (Springfield, OR) d. Eric Campbell (San Jose), 11, 14; Aoife McCarthy (Co. Meath, IRE) d. Patrick Sutherland (Mound City, KS), 1, 1.

Semifinals: Bidegain d. Cordova, 4, 8; McCarthy d. Ikard, 3, 12.

Final: Bidegain d. McCarthy, 3, 2.

Cons.: Ricky Ness

Boys 13&Under Singles

First Round: Daniel Starin (Butte, MT) d. Eruc Campbell (San Jose), 8, 4; Luis Cordova Jr. (Phoenix) d. T. J Stender (Sheridan, WY), 4, 13; Brant Bidegain (Jamul,CA) d. Nicholas Flores (Portland), 1, 4.

Semifinals: Ryan Sutherland (Mound City, KS) d. Starin, 0, 2; Cordova d. Bidegain, 4, 5.

Final: Cordova d. Sutherland, 2, 5.

Cons.: Nick Flores.

Boys 15&Under Singles

First Round: Armando Ortiz (Norwalk, CA) d. Cole Westerman (Tucson, AZ), 1, 0; Evan Brown (Eugene, OR) d. Steven Caro Jr. (Phoenix, AZ), 13, 15; Chris Maldonado (Tucson, AZ) d. Conor Casey (Portland, OR), (18), 12, 7; Suhn Lee (Glenview, IL) d. Bob Schooler (Campbell, CA), 0, 19.

Semifinals: Ortiz d. Brown, 15, 1; Lee d. Maldonado, 8, 20.

Final: Ortiz d. Lee, 9, 12.

Boys 17&Under Singles

Preliminary Round: Angel Villa (Phoenix, AZ) d. Tom Nett (Winona, MN), 18, 2; Kyle Jones (Lake Balboa, CA) d. Thomas Salinas (Tucson, AZ).

First Round: Robert McCarthy (Co. Westmeath, IRL) d. Villa, 2, 5; Alfredo Herrera (Anchorage, AK) d. John Iglesias (Elmhurst, NY), def.; Steve Buchanan (Benicia, CA) d. Isreal Campa (Phoenix, AZ), (19), 13, 1; Ian Sutherland (Mound City, KS), def.; Aaron Garner (San Antonio, TX) d. Ruben Caro (Phoenix, AZ), 5, 7; Chris Maldonado (Tucson, AZ) d. Jake Kaiser (Des Plaines, IL) (14), 9, 7; Edson Raymundo (Phoenix, AZ) d. Will Hutchinson (Lincoln, NE), (8), 14, 4; Luis Moreno (Tucson, AZ) d. Jones, 4, 5.

Quarterfinals: McCarthy / Herrera, Sutherland d. Buchanan, 10, (9), 5; Garner d. Maldonado, 3, 5; Moreno d. Raymundo, 12, 9.

Semifinals: McCarthy d. Sutherland, 4, 4; Garner d. Moreno, 8, 11.

Final: McCarthy d. Garner, 12, 17.

Boys 19&Under Singles

First Round: Geoffrey Aguiar (Hayward, CA) d. Mike Perkins (Hinsdale, IL), 12, (15), 4; Luis Diaz (San Jose, CA) d. Richard Quiroz (Phoenix, AZ), 9, 12; Edgar Medina (Phoenix, AZ) d. Gustavo Diaz (San Jose, CA), def.

Quarterfinals: Victor LoPierre (Forest Hills, NY) d. Aguiar, 14, 3; Paul Garcia (El Paso, TX) d. Marcelo Campa (Phoenix, AZ), 18, (17), 3; Eric Hillgren (Lincoln, NE) d. Luis Diaz (San Jose, CA), 15, 11; Luis Moreno d. Medina, 2, 9.

Semifinals: LoPierre d. Garcia, 7, 18; Moreno d. Hillgren, 12, 6.

Final: LoPierre d. Moreno, 11, 19.

Girls 19&Under Singles

First: Katie Sedgwick (Lake Forest, IL) d. Tina Apolinario (Watsonville, CA), 2, 9; Crystal Diaz (San Jose, CA), 3, 11; Katie McCarthy (Co. Westmeath, IRL), 3, 2; Lisa Ault (Los Angeles, CA), def.

Second: Apolinario (Watsonville, CA) d. Diaz, 19, 7; McCarthy, 4, 3. Third: Diaz (San Jose, CA), d. McCarthy, 14, 12.

54th USHA Four-Wall Nationals - Saturday's Results

DelGrande scoops one out of the corner in Diamond final. Referee and 50-plus champ David Steinberg congratulates Open finalists Flanagan and Grossenbacher.

Multnomah Athletic Club PORTLAND, Ore. - Ryan Grossenbacher repeated as Open Singles champ with a dominating performance in the final over Pat Flanagan, 21-6, 21-2.

Doubles and Singles action continued throughout the day with more local players keeping National Titles in Portland.

David Stienberg of Portland edged Glenn Carden of Bremerton, Wash. in the 50 Singles final, 21-18, 21-15.

Portland's Ed Grossenbacher defeated Mike Driscoll of Dallas in the 65 Singles, 21-16, 21-3.

Also, Lewiston Idaho's Kurt Meis turned in a gritty performance in the 45 Singles with a tiebreaker win over Jeff Jamison from Missoula, Mont., 21-12, 18-21, 11-6.

54th USHA Four-Wall Nationals - Friday's Results

Chapman goes to his knees for a rekill in final against Alvarado. President Hickman presents David Steinberg with his Grand Masters sweater. Joan and Charlie Wicker enjoy a ball game after the banquet with their Kendler Award.

Multnomah Athletic Club PORTLAND, Ore. - David Chapman raised the Traveling Trophy over his head as he reclaimed the USHA National 4-Wall Title with a tiebreaker win over Naty Alvarado Jr., 7, (11), 4.

The second game maintained a torrid pace, and with the score deadlocked at 12-6, Alvarado began to pull away from Chapman to force the tiebreaker.

In the tiebreaker, Chapman matched Alvarado’s intensity and earned his 8th USHA Singles Title.

In the 35 Singles, Dean Crispen (San Francisco) found himself down 10-7 in the tiebreaker against defending champion Rob Pearse (Chattanooga). Crispen earned the serve, and pounded out 4 straight points to win the championship.

In the 40 Singles, Marc Penick (Poway, Calif.) defeated Jim Wainwright of Bremerton, Wash. for the championship. Said Penick after the match, “I’m not sure what I’ll do with this big plate…my trophy display is the perfect size for second place ones--since I have so many of them.”

Al Crosat of Menlo Park, Calif. defeated Albany, New York’s Al Spencer in a tiebreaker, (15), 20, 3.

 54th USHA Four-Wall Nationals - Thursday's Results

Multnomah Athletic Club PORTLAND, Ore. - Handball fans were wondering if history would repeat itself in the semifinal match between David Chapman and Tony Healy. Chapman erased any doubts with an 11-0 drubbing in the tiebreaker. Winning the first game 21-17, Chapman looked as if he would win match point at 20-15, but Healy mounted an amazing comeback, which included an incredible diving kill and won 21-20. But Chapman was solid in the tiebreaker, and Healy never really got the opportunity to score.

Chapman will face Alvarado in tomorrow's final. Naty Alvarado Jr. continued to punish his opponents with his service game as he beat Ricky McCann in two games, 21-14, 21-3. Finals will be held 12:15 AM, Fri. In the 70B Singles Hector Flores defeated Al Birkland 21-5 and 21-6 for the championship.

54th USHA Four-Wall Nationals - Wednesday's Results
Fans enjoying the well-played quarterfinal win by Chapman over Brady. President Hickman, Paula Dau and host Chatten enjoying the social aspects at nationals. Sol Aber is first national champ crowned.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Sol Aber of San Jose, Calif. became this year’s first National Four-Wall Champion with a two-game win over Wafe Risner (Pasadena, Calif.). Aber won the Veteran Platinum Division (85+) by beating Risner and Ben Glenner in the round robin format.

Said Risner, “I gave it my best shot in there, but what can I say? I’d hoped we’d have a 90+ Division, but we had to combine into the 85s. These kids are just too tough.”

 In Pro Singles, Naty Alvarado Jr. thrashed Marcos Chavez in two games, putting on a serving clinic winning the first game 21-1. Between games, fellow pro Vince Munoz offered advice by telling Chavez to step closer to the short line in order to handle Alvarado’s tough serves. The counsel helped, but only yielded Chavez 7 more points as he lost 21-8.

Ricky McCann continued his run into the semis with a tiebreaker win over Tommy Little. In a highly anticipated match-up, Chapman defeated Brady in two games, 21-9, 21-6.

54th USHA Four-Wall Nationals - Tuesday's Results

Portland hosts get together to stuff welcome bags.

PORTLAND, Ore. - For the second consecutive year, a new champion will claim the USHA National 4-Wall Championship.

 Defending champ John Bike took the first game over Ricky McCann, 21-12, and jumped to a lead in the second before he aggravated a two-week old shoulder injury. Bike played on as McCann mounted a tremendous comeback tying the game 20-20 and winning to force the tiebreaker.

Bike, who looked uncomfortable at the start of the match, could not continue, and McCann earned the win by default.

Another shocker came in the same bracket as Tommy Little pushed Emmett Peixoto to a tiebreaker and ousted the No. 8 seed 21-13, 17-21, 11-8.

Match play continued in other age division brackets.

 PORTLAND, Ore. - Nearly 600 handball players will be playing at the 54th National Four-Wall Tournament, which began on Monday at the Multnomah and the Sunset Athletic Clubs. Both clubs offer exceptional services to all participants. Handball players played their matches at the Multnomah AC and then enjoyed Beaver Baseball (AAA) from the observation deck connected to the club.

In the Pro Singles, local favorite Ryan Grossenbacher edged Dane Szatkowsi 11, 20. Szatkowski looked as if he would force the tiebreaker, but Grossenbacher earned match-point and qualified in his second straight National Four-Wall Tournament. Action continues throughout the week.




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