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2003 USHA National Four-Wall Juniors

13 slammer Linnik sets up.  The Irish juniors took home plenty of hardware.

USHA National Juniors, Sportsmen of Stanislaus, Modesto, CA.

Modesto, CALIF. - Allan Garner pulled off the upset of the tournament, defeating Sean Lenning in the final of the 19-and-under singles. “It feels good,” was all Allan could say after his big win, but the thrill didn’t get to set in too long. Allan and his brother Aaron were back on the court playing doubles against Sean and Luis Moreno shortly after.

Sean got a bit of revenge in the doubles semifinal but came up short in the final against Noel McHugh and Johnny Willoughby. Irish players dominated the 17 and 15 events with Robbie McCarthy taking the 17 and Richie Hogan the 15.

Hogan slammed with Joey Petersen in the 15 doubles.

Tom Linnik slammed in the 13 singles and doubles with Ryan Sutherland as his partner.

Brant Bidegain won the 11 singles while Pat Sutherland won the 9-and-under singles.

Courtney Peixoto ended her junior career with a win in the 19-and-under singles over Maria Daly of Ireland. Daly got her title in the doubles with Aisling Reilly over Peixoto and Tina Apolonario.

The Sportsmen of Stanislaus has a rich handball history and added to it this weekend with one of the best junior events ever. Host Tom Sove and the SOS Handball Club took very good care of the youngsters once they arrived in Modesto.

19-and-under singles:
 First Round: Marcos Pena (Phoenix) d. Mike Perkins (Hinsdale, Ill.), (19), 13, 7; Arturo Herrera (Anchorage) d. Nico Patron (Stockton), 2, 9; Luis Diaz (San Jose) d. Colin Clement (Seattle), 20, 15; Johnny Willoughby (Wicklow) d. Marcello Campa (Phoenix), 14, 6; Manuel Diaz (Phoenix) d. Seamus Lavan (Waterford), 4, 1; Edgar Medina (Phoenix) d. Billy Walsh (Waterford, Ire.), 7, 0; Ivan Ruiz (Los Angeles) d. Donnacha Maguire (Meath, Ire.), 10, 9; Michael Browne (Waterford, Ire.) d. Armando Nevarez (Phoenix), 7, 6; Richard Quiroz (Phoenix) d. Joe Manola (La Grange, Ill), 5, 1. Round of 16: Sean Lenning (Shoreline, WA) d. Pena, 8, 8; L. Diaz d. A. Herrera, 13, 13; J. Willoughby d. Ray Cota (Commerce, 12, 5; Ricardo Diaz (San Jose) d. M. Diaz, 7, 2; Allan Garner (San Antonio) d. Medina, 1, 4; I Ruiz d. Antonio Fuentes (Phoenix), (11), 17, 5; M. Browne d. Rene Ortiz (Norwalk), 7, 7; Noel McHugh (Galway, Ire.) d. R. Quiroz, 0, 1.
Quarterfinals: Lenning d. L. Diaz, 9, 7; R. Diaz d. J. Willoughby, 9, 9; A. Garner d. I. Ruiz, 7, 5; McHugh d. M. Browne, 11, 3.
Semifinals: Lenning d. Diaz, 16, 7; Garner d. McHugh, 15, 15.
Final: Garner d. Lenning, 16, 7.
Cons.: Antonio Fuentes d. Manuel Diaz, (8), 19, 3.

19-and-under doubles:
First Round: Jason O’Brien/David Hickey (Ire.) d. Armando Nevarez/Richard Quiroz (AZ), (11), 8, 9; Arturo Herrera/Alfredo Herrera (AK) d. Joe Manola/Donnacha Maguire (IL/Ire.), 5, 10; Danny Alvarez/Will Hutchinson (NE) d. Michael Brennock/Darren Hamilton (Ire.), 3, 19; Rene Ortiz/Ivan Ruiz (CA) d. Ian Sutherland/Jerome Willoughby (KS/Ire.), (14), 14, 5; Patrick Hogan/Bryer Bidegain (Ire/CA) d. Michael Browne/Seamus Lavan (Ire.), 19, (11), 3; Edgar Medina/Marcos Pena (AZ) d. Brian Connolly/Mike Perkins (IL), 18, 13; Patrick Hurney/John Kindregan (Ire.) d. Manuel Diaz/Edson Raymundo (AZ), 19, 12; Jake Kaiser/Mike Mehilos (IL) d. Steve Ripplinger/Thomas Salinas (Can/AZ), 19, 5; Steve Buchanan/Ivan Buchanan (CA) d. Israel Campa/Jonathan Carrillo (AZ), 3, 11.
Round of 16: Sean Lenning/Luis Moreno (WA/AZ) d. O’Brien/Hickey, 0, 17; Herrera/Herrera d. Alvarez/Hutchinson, 18, 19; Ortiz/Ruiz d. Antonio Fuentes/Marcello Campa (AZ), (20), 15, 10; Allan Garner/Aaron Garner (TX) d. Hogan/Bidegain, 9, 8; Ricardo Diaz/Ray Cota (CA) d. Medina/Pena, 10, 7; Brian Carroll/Robt. McCarthy (Ire.) d. Hurney/Kindregan, 9, 5; Luis Diaz/Colin Clement (CA/WA) d. Kaiser/Mehilos, 7, 13; Noel McHugh/John Willoughby (Ire) d. Buchanan/Buchanan, 4, 5.
Quarterfinals: Lenning/Moreno d. Herrera, inj. def.; Garner/Garner d. Ortiz/Ruiz, 12, 3; Carroll/McCarthy d. Diaz/Cota, 16, (18), 4; McHugh/Willoughby d. L. Diaz/Clement, 3, 5.
Semifinals: Lenning/Moreno d. Garner/Garner, 14, 12; McHugh/Willoughby d. Carroll/McCarthy, 16, 6.
Final: McHugh/Willoughby d. Lenning/Moreno, 15, 10.

17-and-under singles:
First Round: Edson Raymundo (Phoenix) d. Darren Hamilton (Waterford, Ire.), 7, 5; Mike Mehilos (Addison, Ill.) d. Israel Campa (Phoenix, AZ), 4 (20), 1; Will Hutchinson (Lincoln, NE) d. David Hickey (Waterford, Ire.), 13, 9; Alfredo Herrera (Anchorage) d. Thomas Salinas (Phoenix), 4, 0; Jonathan Carrillo (Phoenix) d. Michael Brennock (Waterford, Ire.), 9, 3; Jake Kaiser (Des Plaines, Ill.) d. Jason O’Brien (Waterford, Ire.), 16, (18), 10; Ian Sutherland (Mound City, KS) d. John Kindregan (Waterford, Ire.), 11, 15; Patrick Hurney (Waterford, Ire.) d. Steve Ripplinger (Calgary, Can.), 7, 4; Steve Buchanan (Benicia, CA) d. Brian Connolly (Lemont, Ill.), 14, 5. Round of 16: Brian Carroll (Meath, Ire.) d. Raymundo, 2, 4; Alvarez d. Mehilos, (17), 20, 3; Aaron Garner (San Antonio) d. Hutchinson, 2, 9; Herrera d. Jerome Willoughby (Wicklow, Ire.), 15, 19; Bryer Bidegain (Jamul, CA) d. J. Carrillo, 12, 5; Patrick Hogan (Kilkenny, Ire.) d. Kaiser, 1, 6; P. Hurney d. I. Sutherland, 1, 8; Robert McCarthy (Westmeath, Ire.) d. Buchanan, 0, 2.
Quarterfinals: Carroll d. Alvarez, 10, 2; Aaron Garner d. Alfredo Herrera, 5, 8; Bryer Bidegain d. P. Hogan, 7, (15), 7; R. McCarthy d. P. Hurney, 0, 2.
Semifinals: Carroll d. Aaron Garner, (17), 10, 5; McCarthy d. Bryer Bidegain, 5, (20), 4.
Final: McCarthy d. Carroll, 18, 17.
Cons.: Edson Raymundo d. Ian Sutherland, (15), 14, 8.

First Round: Ramiro Leon (San Jose) d. James Phelan (Waterford, Ire.), 10, 10; Daniel Perez (Tucson) d. David Walsh (Waterford, Ire.), 19, 15; John Walsh (Waterford, Ire.) d. Riley Kloss (Mt. Prospect), 2, 1; Luis Moreno (Tucson) d. Clinton Spinelli (Merced, CA), 2, 1; Adam Roberts (Tucson) d. Andris Jurevics (Lombard, IL), 4, 5; David Power (Waterford, Ire.) d. Rogelio Luna (Hayward, CA), 6-6, inj. def.
Round of 16: Richie Hogan (Kilkenny, Ire.) d. Leon, 3, 9; Evan Brown (Eugene, Ore.) default; Armando Ortiz (Norwalk) d. Dex Gittens (Calgary, Alberta), 7, 7; Nikolai Nahorniak (Des Plaines, IL) d. Perez, 1, 12; Joey Petersen (Des Moines) d. J. Walsh, 11, 7; Moreno d. Conor Casey (Portland), 6, 10; Sam Kass (San Jose) d. Roberts, 7, 12; Suhn Lee (Glenview, IL) d. Power, 5, 2.
Quarterfinals: Hogan d. Brown, 2, 8; Ortiz d. Nahorniak, 9, 7; Moreno d. Petersen, 16, 10; Lee d. Kass, 6, 5.
Semifinals: R. Hogan d. Ortiz, (8), 11, 2; Moreno d. Lee, (20), 7, 9.
Final: Hogan d. Moreno, 15, 17.
Cons.: Daniel Perez d. Ramiro Leon, 20, 9.

15-and-under doubles:
First Round: Suhn Lee/Nikolai Nahorniak (IL) d. Dex Gittens/Daniel Perez (Can/AZ), 13, 14; Evan Brown/Conor Casey (Ore.) d. James Phelan/David Power (Ire.), (11), 17, 5; Sam Kass/Ramiro Leon (CA) d. David Walsh/John Walsh (Ire.), (19), 15, 4; Joey Petersen/Richie Hogan (IA/Ire.) d. Andris Jurevics/Riley Kloss (IL), 0, 0.
Semifinals: Brown/Casey d. Lee/Nahorniak, 16, 20; Petersen/Hogan d. Kass/Leon, 11, 13.
Final: Petersen/Hogan d. Brown/Casey, 3, 9.

13-and-under singles:
First Round: Derek Alcantar (Hayward) d. Tommy Torres (Commerce), 15, 10; Luis Ramirez (Tucson) d. JJ Sotomayor (Watsonville), 14, 6; Bob Schooler (Campbell, CA) d. Matt Mussar (Des Plaines), 4, 5.
Quarterfinals: Thomas Linnik (San Jose) d. Alcantar, 10, 15; Ramirez d. Adrian Ortiz (Norwalk), 8, 11; Ricky Ortiz (Norwalk) d. Armando Diaz (San Jose), 0, 3; Schooler d. Ryan Sutherland (Mound City, KS), 4, 13.
Semifinals: Linnik d. Ramirez, 16, 5; Schooler d. Ricky Ortiz, 7, 7.
Final: Linnik d. Schooler, 2, 10.
Cons.: Derek Alcantar d. J.J. Sotomayor, (12), 14, 5.

13-and-under doubles:
First Round: Luis Ramirez/Tommy Torres (AZ/CA) d. EricMatiasek/Bob Schooler (IL/CA), 8, 15; JJ Sotomayor/Derrick Alcantar (CA) d. Adrian Ortiz/Ricky Ortiz (CA), 1, 2; Keith Kavanaugh/Brant Bidegain (Ire/CA) d. Scott Robinson/Loren Collado (CA), 5, 1. Semifinals: Thomas Linnik/Ryan Sutherland (CA/KS) d. Ramirez/Torres, 17, 6; Sotomayor/Alcantar d. Kavanaugh/Bidegain, 4, 18. Final: Linnik/Sutherland d. Sotomayor/Alcantar, 9, 9.

11-and-under singles:
First Round: Lindsey Sotomayor (Watsonville) d. Zach Nass (Overland Park, KS), 10, 6; Eric Matiasek (Park Ridge, IL) d. Scott Robinson (Santa Clara, CA), 8, 9; Brant Bidegain (Jamul, CA) d. Loren Collado (Santa Clara), 3, 4.
Semifinals: Keith Kavanagh (Ire.) d. L. Sotomayor, (16), 10, 0; Brant Bidegain d. Matiasek, 10, 9.
Final: Bidegain d. Kavanagh, 6, 7.
Cons.: Zach Nass d. Scott Robinson, 3, 2.

Coed 9-and-under Round Robin:
First Place: Patrick Sutherland (Mound City, KS) d. Brittyn Bidegain (Jamul, CA), 5, 0; Christy Ortiz (Norwalk, CA), 0, 2; Anthony Collado (Santa Clara, CA), 4, 4.
Second: Brittyn Bidegain (Jamul, CA) d. Anthony Collado (Santa Clara, CA), 1, (15), 0; Ortiz, 4, 2.
Third: Collado d. Ortiz, 0, 1.

Women’s 19-and-under singles Round Robin:
First: Courtney Peixoto (Watsonville) d. Maria Daly (Kerry, Ire.), 14, 16; Katie Sedgwick (Lake Forest, IL), 12, 8; Tina Apolonario (Watsonville), 4, 16.
Second: Maria Daly (Kerry, Ire.) d. Tina Apolonario (Watsonville), 0, 1; Sedgwick, 2, 2.
Third: Sedgwick d. Apolonario, 10, 1.

Women’s Doubles Round Robin:
First: Aisling Reilly/Maria Daly (Ire.) d. Courtney Peixoto/Tina Apolinario (CA), 1, 12; Sotomayor/Diaz, 2, 1. Sedgwick/Lawlor, 4, 5; Ulbert/Makos, 7, 0.
Second: Courtney Peixoto/Tina Apolinario (CA) d. Lindsey Sotomayor/Crystal Diaz (CA), 13, (18), 5; Aimee Ulbert/Stephanie Makos (IL), 19, 14; Katie Sedwick/Karen Lawlor (IL/Ire), 19, 8;
Third: Katie Sedgwick/Karen Lawlor (IL/Ire) d. Aimee Ulbert/Stephanie Makos (IL), (11), 2, 10; Sotomayor/Diaz, 2, 10.

Women’s 15-and-under:
First Round: Stephanie Makos (Park Ridge, IL) d. Crystal Diaz (San Jose), 3, 5; Aimee Ulbert (Des Plaines, IL) d. Christina Barberini (San Francisco), 1, 1.
Semifinals: Karen Lawlor (Kerry, Ire) d. Makos, 12, 6; Aisling Reilly (Belfast, Ire.) d. Ulbert, 10, 5.
Final: Reilly d. Lawlor, 10, 6.
Cons.: Ulbert d. Diaz, 0, 2.

Hogan rallied to defeat Ortiz  Lindsey Sotomayor won the first game against Kavanaugh in the 11-and-under. 

USHA National Four-Wall Juniors - Sunday Results

Modesto, CALIF. - Up-and-coming pro hopefuls Sean Lenning and Allan Garner, both 18 years old, will square off for the 19-and-under National Junior title on Monday. Lenning overpowered Ricardo Diaz and Garner did the same to Noel McHugh in the semifinals. It will be an all-Irish final in the 17-and-under as 16-year-old Robbie McCarthy will meet 17-year-old Brian Carroll for the title. The 15-and-under lived up to the hype in the semis when Richie Hogan and Luis Moreno rallied from first-game losses to advance to the title game on Monday. With all four 17 and 19 finalists still competing in doubles, it was decided to play the singles finals prior to the doubles semifinals on Monday. Action will commence at 9 a.m. The highlights of the banquet were the new awards for graduating 19-year-olds who have competed in four national junior events. Recipients were Ray Cota, Ricardo Diaz, Courtney Peixoto, Noel McHugh, John Willoughby and Ivan Ruis. The Vince Gabriele Sportsmanship Award went to Suhn Lee. The Newcomer award went to Bob Schooler and the Most Improved went to Luis Moreno.

Doubles play started Saturday  When they weren't playing, they were playing....

USHA National Four-Wall Juniors - Saturday Results

Modesto, CALIF. - In what may be the most talented junior event ever, advanced to the semis. Everyone in Modesto agrees there has never been a group with as much potential as the top 8 in this year’s 15-and-under singles. Time will only tell but these young men are certainly the brighter stars for the future of the sport. Advancing to the semifinals were Richie Hogan, Adrian Ortiz, Luis Moreno and Suhn Lee. Of course, the last match of the evening was the most exciting as Ivan Ruiz and Rene Ortiz rallied from a 10-5 deficit to defeat Antonio Fuentes and Marcello Campa.

Players and fans gathered at the Sportsmen of Stanislaus  Fans take in the first-round action

USHA National Four-Wall Juniors - Friday's Results

Modesto, CALIF. - The annual holiday highlight for Junior handball players got underway on Friday night as preliminary play got underway in the 15, 17 and 19-under events. Action continues through Monday with over 30 players from Ireland competing, along with U.S. phenom, Sean Lenning. In the closest match of the day, Jake Kaiser of Des Plaines, Ill., survived an 11-10 tiebreaker in his opener against Waterford, Ireland’s Jason O’Brien.

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