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Welcome to the United States Handball Association

Sports Courts, Lincoln, Neb. 

November 19, 2000 


LINCOLN - The spectators at the Sports Courts in Lincoln, Neb. witnessed one of the best pro stop finals in recent years. 

Octavio "Tati" Silveyra (Camarillo, Calif.) man handled Dave Chapman (St. Charles, Mo.) in the final of the first SIMPLE GREEN/USHA Pro stop of the year. The pro stop was held in conjunction with Lincoln's annual Capitol City Handball tournament. 

Silveyra won the first game 11-10, lost the second 11-5 and won the remaining two 11-6, 11-7 to capture his first pro stop in over two years. The last time Silveyra and Chapman met in a pro final was the 1998 USHA Four-wall nationals in Fountain Valley, Calif. Chapman won in an 11-8 tiebreaker to win the national title. 

After the '98 four-wall nationals, Silveyra took a two-year break from the tour due to being hired on with the Los Angeles Fire Department. Silveyra returned to the pro tour last year qualifying in Fort Worth. 

The Lincoln pro stop marks Silveyra's first return to a pro stop final since '98. 

Chapman and Silveyra's played against each other last year in the quarterfinals at the San Francisco pro stop, where Chapman was the victor. 

Silveyra had a rough road this weekend to the final. Silveyra beat Naty Alvarado Jr. (Hesperia, Calif.) in five games in the quarterfinals and then defeated John Bike Jr. (Hesperia) in another five game battle in the semifinals. 

Chapman on the other hand was not challenged until the final, when he had walked through the draw not playing more than three games each round. 

The next SIMPLE GREEN/USHA pro stop will be in Milwaukee, Dec. 1-3, in conjunction with the 20th Annual Milwaukee Handball Classic. 

The pro tour would like to thank Don McPherson and the generous contributors who brought the pro stop to Lincoln. The pro tour would also like to thank the staff at the Sports Courts who did everything to make the pros and handball players feel welcome at the tournament. 


First Round: Dave Chapman, St. Charles, Mo. d. Chris Rusing, Seattle 3, 2,

2; James Komsthoeft, San Francisco d. Kendell Lewis, Brooklyn 4, 3, 8; Dan

Armijo, Albuquerque d. Danny Bell, Quebec, Canada 9, (10), (1), 2, 9; Tyler

Hamel, Houston d Dave Wyrsch, Millbrae, Calif. 7, 5, 1; John Bike Jr.,

Hesperia, Calif. d. Allie Abdulla, Rancho Cordova, Calif. 7, 2, 1; Anton

Wilson, Fresno d. Matt Hiber, St. Paul, Minn. 2, 3, 2; Tati Silveyra,

Oxnard, Calif. d. Tom Little, Mound City, Kan. 5, 2, 10; Naty Alvarado Jr.,

Hesperia, Calif. d. Sal SantaAna, Tucson (7), 7, (7), 5, 0.

Quarterfinals: Chapman d. Komsthoeft 1, 0, 5; Armijo d. Hamel (5), 5, (3),

6, 7; Bike d. Wilson 9, 6, (5), 5; Silveyra d. Alvarado (8), 5, (3), 8, 1.

Semifinals: Chapman d. Armijo 4, 3, 5; Silveyra d. Bike (10), (6), 2, 9, 5.

Final: Silveyra d. Chapman 10, (5), 6, 7.

Third Place: Armijo d. Bike inj. default.


(Two games to 15, tiebreaker to 11 if necessary)

First Round: Bell bye; Rusing d. Wyrsch forfeit; Abdulla d. Little 14, (1),

10; Lewis d. SantaAna (10), 9, 2.

Semifinals: Bell d. Rusing 6, 3; Lewis d. Abdulla 9, (14), 10.

Final: Bell d. Lewis 5, 9.

The Simple Green/USHA Pro Tour professionals would like to thank Simple Green for their generous support. If there is a possibility you can use Simple Green products at your home or business, please call the USHA or Simple Green direct for product samples, a catalog and prices. Please support our sponsors. Thank you. 

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