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2015 World Championships

3wal2014web     Aug. 11-21, 2015
      Calgary, Alberta
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2015 USHA National One-Wall Championships

  danielle_over_sandy BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Saturday saw great weather and amazing action at the USHA One-Wall Naitonals, where most matches went to the tiebreaker.  At left, lefty Danielle Daskalakis edged Sandy Ng to snare her first small ball title and keep Ng from winning the small ball and big ball this year, a record breaking feat.  And, yes, Danielle's a lefty and that's her right!

Cesar Sala rallied from 5-10 in the tiebreaker to beat Billy O'Donnell and face Tyree Bastidas for the Men's Open title on Sunday.  Tyree will be looking to score an elusive singles and doubles slam with O'Donnell. 

Andy Rousseau, Dan Flickstein, Mike Schneider and more won titles on Saturday.  Follow the Draws on site HERE.  

2015 National 3-Wall Juniors / 24th LaGrange 3-Wall

fri_web_v1p0275 fri_web_v1p0275LA GRANGE, Ill.  --  The 24th Annual LaGrange 3-Wall Tournament held in conjunction with the 2015 National 3-Wall Junior Championships , hosted by the Illinois Handball Association .

There were weather delays on all days but Sunday when Nikolai Nahorniak (left with IHA's Jamie Simon and Dane Szatkowski) slammed in the Open events in LaGrange.  Nahorniak is back on top of his game after knee surgery, as evidenced by his win over Dane Szatkowski in the singles and teaming with Bill Mehilos to beat Dane and Adam Szatkowski in the doubles.  Adam teamed with Mike Munson to win a tough seniors doubles final over Shane Conneely and James Komsthoeft.  

Weather was an issue for the event but Leo Canales beat Michael Gaulton outside for the 19 title on Friday, 8, 11. Anthony Sullivan (hitting in photo) and Michael Gaulton (far left) came up just short in the 18 doubles to Leo Canales, who slammed in the singles and doubles, and Anthony Collado (right).

Sullivan and Gaulton, 17, 16) took the first game, 14, and lead 19-11 In the second when Collado tightened his defense and Canales went on a serving spree to run out the game.  The tiebreaker was nip and tuck with the 19-year-olds pulling it out 11-8.  “I got a little tired,” Sullivan admitted.

Jon Gutierrez went through the 15 and under round robin undefeated, beating Joe Coman in the final match in two close game.

19 Doubles results:

Leo Canales/Anthony Collado d. Devin Peters/Patrick Cooke, 4, 12; Anthony Sullivan/Michael Gaulton d. Chandler Straw/James Teuber, 6, 5.

Final: Collado/Sullivan d. Sullivan/Gaulton, (14), 19, 8.       

To view draws, start times and scores on the tournament's r2sports site CLICK HERE.

Study of Protective Eyewear for Handball

The accompanying “Study of Protective Eyewear for Handball” was conducted last winter at Pacific University. Principal investigators were Benjamin Schmid and David Steinberg. Consultants were Karl Citek, MS, O.D., PhD, and Professor Fraser Horn, O.D., chairman of the Sports Vision Council of the American Optometric Association. Videographer was Jeff Kastner.
See the unabridged Study for Protective Eyewear for Handball report HERE.pdf

If interested in providing feedback for the ASTM subcommittee to write a standard for handball CLICK HERE.pdf  

The purpose of the study in March was to test the efficacy of several common types of protective eyewear used for handball.

The laboratory at Pacific University’s School of Optometry in Forest Grove, Ore., was the site for the study. The lab offered the basic testing apparatus, tools and equipment, and several professors of optometry provided expert opinion, oversight, comments and feedback to the experimental design and testing process.This study simulated how sample eyewear products react to being struck by a handball and observed effects on eye anatomy using data obtained from high-speed video and a force-measuring system.There are numerous variables to consider testing in a dynamic sport like handball. The investigators chose three to control: launch velocity, impact angle and ball type. Three “shots” are done for each variable while collecting data from the video and force-measurement equipment for each eyewear model.

To be effective, eyewear must be able to prevent direct ball contact with the globe, lessen and disperse the impact energy, remain intact and in place, fit comfortably and minimize view obstruction.

CLICK "READ MORE" to see videos and the rest of the report...

Support TEAM USA for the 2015 World Handball Championships
Get behind Team USA!

The 2015 World Handball Championships now have over 700 playersTeam USA will be represented in 4-wall, 1-wall Small Ball and 1-wall Big Ball at the 2015 World Handball Championships in Calgary.  The USHA is raising funds to help send our champions to Calgary to compete and needs your support.   

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Your contribution will help support travel for Team USA athletes as they compete this August!

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